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Wanted - Flauros replica

Post by Aethryix on Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:23 am

Anyone know of any decent replicas of the flauros for sale online? I can't seem to find anything, and I think it would be neat to have my own little flauros for some.. whatever it does.


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Wanted - Flauros replica

Post by amurderousbeing on Wed May 17, 2017 12:25 pm

Why don't you make one? Epoxy resin isn't hard to use and you can make it into just about anything.
I literally just had the thought-
Make five 2 inch equilateral triangle pyramid molds, fill them with epoxy, then once are dry use a bit more epoxy to stick them all together, let it dry and then sand and paint it :) I imagine if you had a dremel tool or at least a butter knife, you could make those triforce looking bevels. But that's just me. I imagine thats how anyone selling one would make it.
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Wanted - Flauros replica

Post by nur_ein_tier on Wed May 17, 2017 12:44 pm

I don't sell the resin ones anymore, out of materials, but here is my template for the designs on the SH0 one if that helps. ... r-flauros/

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