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Silent Hi// / (writing project)

Post by ashatteredmemory on Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:34 pm

A mother takes her child to Silent Hill for a simple day vacation, which quickly turns awry.
Shocked by a car crash, Hannah Sannings wakes up in Alchemilla Hospital, helped by the charming Dr. King.
Her head still addled by the crash, Hannah notices strange things, and not before long, everyone in the hospital suddenly vanishes. She goes on a quest to find her son back, traversing between reality and darker, storming versions against her will. Reuben, a deranged mental patient, is an unexpected ally in her ordeals. In the mean-time, dark details surrounding Dr. King emerge.

Pretty much the pitch for a book project I started.
Due to the lack of a better title, the holding title for my planned book is called Silent Hill: ///
EDIT: Due to some changes, I have decided to call the work Silent Hi// / .
Although it's just a slight difference, I felt it to be better. It was going to be either that, or The Storm, and I feel like this one had this smidge of mystery I felt it needed. This also ties in with the aesthetic I had in mind: since I'm a large fan of Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves', I wanted to go in something of the same direction.

The Otherworld features extreme stormy weathers, slanted hallways with rivers of water raging through them, metal beams and large pieces of cloth blocking the way. (You can figure out the thematic behind it :P )
Something unusual to the Silent Hill universe is switching to reality too, outside of Foggy World and Otherworld.
I felt like contrasts would even feel starker, that the danger and loneliness of the Otherworld would become stronger. Plus, of course, it makes you doubt the mental status of the main character ;)

A large array of monsters lie in wait in the flooded corridors:
DOCTOR = a hunched over bipedal creature with no facial features but a grate. Carries around a needle and a cane. One of its legs looks like it has had rotationplasty.
Hiisi: A very small creature, somewhat larger than a chihuahua. A horrible malformed torso without heads or arms on a malformed pair of legs. Due to their small stature, they tend to swarm together. They make child-like cries. (see TRAP sequence)
Hell: is it a monster? An old slightly hunched woman. Her right half is painted white, her left half is painted black. She carries around a bucket (of paint? ) and a paintbrush.
Näcken: A black creature somewhat resembling a diver. Its eyes glow light, the body is black and sleek. It hides in the water, sometimes peeking his head, showing its glowing eyes.
Strandvaskaren: a humanoid suspended in the air by cords, resembling a dead body in water. It attacks by swinging his arms or spitting acid from a mouth-like hole in its otherwise featurless face. They sometimes lie in water, waiting for someone to come close, after which it will rise and attack.
The Draug: A large hulking creature, covered in seaweeds. Ropes seem to hang from its back.
PLAGUEDOCTOR: An odd creature based on the Plague doctor, with a very weird posture. From the side, the head and the cloak form a wave. In its hand it holds a lamp.

I played a lot with Scandinavian folklore for the monsters, but added a more modern and Silent Hill twist on most of them, and as with the otherworld, I tried to stick to certain themes.

Just wanted to pitch this to you guys and see your reactions. The basic story layout is complete, but I lack decent enough writing capability (in English) so actual progress on the story is going extremely slow ^^'

If anyone wants some history/earlier ideas on this project:
It started out as an adaption of the original SH movie script (not the actual movie script) in a more SH-game universe. Loads got changed in the meantime, except for the 'mother searching for her sick child' aspect, which was spared through all the different drafts of the stories. Details were added, others were dropped, and in the meantime, it has become a completely independant entity from the original script. The cult was one of the story aspects that was dropped immediatly though.

First drafts had Hannah Sannings be an inhabitant of SH, but (according to typical SH stories), she forgot. This was waaay to cliché and had to be dropped, alongside other details and characters, including her father, who got scrapped altogether. However, this caused a severe lack of dialogue, and was thus replaced with dr. King, who took over a lot of story and had gotten a completely new background (he was just a background character first).
The story no longer features the 'looking for a healer' aspect of the original movie script, which didn't feel like it was something the main character would do. Instead, it got changed to a fun family day, which, coincidentally, is like the SH game.

The earliest story was that the father was falsely suspected of having a part in the 21 sacrifices or having killed some before Walter was caught. However it felt like an overly contrived way to try to tie into the SH universe and was so completely absurde and thus had to be canned :P The character himself stayed for a long time until I changed Hannah's background altogether to something less 'oh, of course'
Another dropped detail was that Hannah had a brother who died in SH, but she forgot that part of her life too.

I'm proud to say: Writing is the art of scrapping :P (Dutch idiom: Schrijven is de kunst van het schrappen)
If you want more random trivia, I'll happily share.
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Silent Hi// / (writing project)

Post by Oohfakanorus on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:21 pm

I'd like to read it sometime!
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Silent Hi// / (writing project)

Post by ‎‎‎‎ on Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:38 am

Wait, What?
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