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Make your own sh0 flauros template + how-to video

Post by nur_ein_tier on Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:59 pm

I thought I posted this but maybe I didn't or I didn't put it in its own post, dunno. Papercraft SH0 flauros with moving parts. Anyway, I made a video for the post today so here is that:

Video transcript behind spoiler tag. Go here for instructions with text+images and to download templates: ... r-flauros/
Hi, this is Amy from In this video, I will be showing you how to assemble a paper Silent Hill 0rigins Flauros with moving parts.

First, you will need to download and print the template. I made one based directly on the flauros textures in 0rigins, which is reddish. I also made one that has the symbols but is more yellowish brown like the flauros in the first game. You only need to print out one of them.

You will need to have scissors, glue or tape, and either paper fasteners or twist ties. I used twist ties from garbage bags, but fasteners would work better if you have them. Most craft stores and places that sell scrapbooking supplies probably carry them.

There are five separate pieces that need to be cut out: four of them are 4-sided and will make the moving parts, and the other is 8 sided and will make the base section. Once you have the 5 parts cut out, crease along all the black lines (between triangles and also the white tabs).

Then take scissors or another sharp object and poke a small hole in each of the black dots in the middle of the grey triangles. This is so you can attach the parts.

The first part you need to assemble is the 8 sided base. You only need to fasten two tabs at this point. See the diagram to see which ones (the arrows point them out). This will keep it open so you can fit your fingers inside.

Take a fastener (or a twist tie folded in half and twisted at the end so it won't go through) and poke them through the holes of the base section. Poke them from the inside white part so the 2 ends are sticking out of the printed side. Now you can start attaching the moving sections.

Make sure the letters match up! If they don't, you won't get the symbols to match on each side. Put the grey printed side with the letter A on it on the side of the base that also has the letter A, and so on with BC and D. Printed sides face each other, poke the fastener or twist tie through the hole and open up the fastener or twist tie to secure it so it won't come off. Repeat until all four parts are attached to the base.

Now you can start closing up the moving sections. Use tape or glue to close up the parts so you have 4 sided pyramids. The tabs should be hidden on the inside.

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