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Story/Fanfiction - Silent Hill: Nocturne Onto Joy

Post by Lord Zachariah on Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:54 am

Hopefully this is where fanfics/stories go. Sorry if it isn't.

Silent Hill
Nocturne Onto Joy

Chapter 1/Prologue?

His figure was fragile, his face sympathetic and tired. He shivered in my arms as I carried him through the doorway of his home. This boy, whom I had known for a year now, had almost never smiled. This image, this view of him, I had never seen before. So cold, so scared. Yet, as he saw me, saw what I had done, he whimpered the faintest whisper I’d ever heard… and he smiled.
“Thank you.”
The sirens still blared and there was commotion in the street, and an ambulance open and ready for the boy. I walked and he gripped my arm as hard as he could, tears smeared down his young face.
“Please,” He whispered, “Don’t… leave…”
I couldn't help the steady drizzle from my eyes, and the urge to just hold him longer was ever increasing, but he needed help.
I wouldn't leave him, though. I couldn't leave him.
I laid him on the stretcher, and the paramedics lifted him into the back, with me following in behind them. The automobile started with a loud roar as the doors closed, the back only containing me and the boy.
What did they do to him? His body was mostly bare, save for the white undergarments that concealed his pelvic area, and he was a mess. Each shoulder had patterns sliced into them, though they didn't seem to bleed as much as they should have. Along his chest were more lines and symbols, but instead of cuts, they seemed to be painted on with red paint, most likely the paint being an outline on where to slice.
“Gabrial, I need you to listen,” My words were stiff, almost monotone. He looked over to me, his eyes barely open and gleaming from tears, “I… I need you to tell me… what they did.”
His eyes squeezed shut, and his mouth slowly opened.
“I’m so… happy… you came,” He breathed in hard, and exhaled quickly, “I…”
I waited a little for him to finish, but he seemed to have passed out from the exhaustion his body was experiencing. My body slumped, and I looked at my hands. They were shaking. Shaking so hard. I guess even after seeing crime every other day or a murder or two, I couldn't have prepared for this. Being a shitty detective in this backwater “Quaint little resort town” isn't as easy as I would have hoped.

Obviously only a first part. Please tell me what you both like and don't like!
Also, I've realized that the forum format isn't the best for reading novel formatted text, so excuse that, please.

Edit: This is probably the only one that will be this short, since this is mostly an experiment/practice.
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