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Silent Hill Radio (concept compilation album)

Post by YITT on Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:44 am

Hi all! I set out to make a radio play style compilation of music all set in the spirit of the Silent Hill series, and the idea took on a life of its own. Here is the finished product, which ended up being a full length (1 hour 40 minutes) concept album that's part radio show, and part psychological horror story (which doesn't reveal itself until the end). After reaching the climax, the next playthrough will be heard in a different way. :twisted:

Thanks for tuning into Silent Hill Radio, music for your rainy Sunday evening...

(set to 720p to almost escape YouTube's horrible large video compression)

(Sorry Germany and U.K. A Vimeo upload is on the way by at least next Sunday, since YouTube is a pest)

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