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[WIP] Silent Hill: In the Beginning

Post by R4Zi3L on Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:17 pm

Since end of summer i had an idea for origins of Silent Hill town (a prequel story for all SH media). I did a bunch of research attempting to reconnect games lore with something new, based on our world. I will atempt to tell this idea by short "movie trailer" like fashion. It will be rotoscope based animation. I made storyboard long time ago, but only recently i have wrote script and shoot 90% of video reference (it isnt the best cuz i had to film in indoors since its winter now).

Overal i wanted to be as much accurate to games and real world as possible so i start to wonder where real SH would be. Clues from original games pointed New England area. Idea would include a clash of pilgrims building the SH town and Native Americans living in this area. I have chosen Abenaki Tribe. Even that im from Poland i wanted to make international movie so i chose to include REAL indian dialog. So the dialog will be in Penobscot (subbed in English) and English. But since im Polish, my English accent is terrible. So here i am. Im old fan of VITS and WITD podcasts and im reaching to the community of both for helping with dubbing my little shitty animation with proper english dub.

Im open to questions. ... sp=sharing - draft script in polish ... sp=sharing - draft raw footage part1

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