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Promise (Reprise) Cover/Remix by Shea Bilé

Post by sheabile on Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:23 am


Greetings all. I've been a fan of the Silent Hill series since the first installment and like many others, have spent hours contemplating the multitude of complex, somber imagery presented in the well-written storylines.

I've always been attracted to the music of SH, and this is especially true of the second installment - SH2. I believe the music is powerful and Akira Yamaoka is well-deserving of the accolades he's recieved for the soundtrack. The song 'Promise (Reprise)' really caught me as having simple melodies, but arguably the most potent track in the game (and the first film).

I decided to extrapolate some of the elements of the song and adapt some of the piano melodies for a track I created called, 'Summertime Diamonds'. It is one of the songs off of my upcoming debut album, 'Tzimtzum'.

Please take a listen at your leisure.

You can find the track at my Bandcamp page here:

And if you so desire, you can listen further -

|::Bandcamp ~

|:: Soundcloud ~

Sincere thanks for the listen, and Hails.



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