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Jame's Dream FANFIC

Post by Deeply-Disturbed on Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:15 pm

Just a short oneshot I came up with within a few minutes, harsh criticism please!

Inside a huge, old relic of a library, a young man, named James, studied for his big test the next day. He checked his watch and blinked his eyes sleepily.

Soemthing large rushed by behind his turned back. His eyes grew wide as an unmatched fear washed over him, he spun around only to see an old man scuttle by with great effort.

James sighed and closed the book, slamming it back to the shelf before turning towards the exit. The librarian, an old lady whom was at least sixty years old, waved to him. He waved politely back and walked outside into the dark night.

He looked again to his watch and it read eight-thirty. He sneezed and covered his face, blocking his vision. He he pulled his hands from his eyes a shadow illuminated from the bright moonlight stood above him. He blinked and it disappeared.

The man ran a hand through his thick brown hair and tried the shake the fear from himself.

A bus pulled up in front of him, snapping him back to reality.

He climbed aboard and payed the exact change before sitting at the very back.

He leaned his head back and sleepily rubbed at his eyes before closing them.

What seemed like an eternity later, he stirred, feeling something cold and damp beneath him. He felt unbearably cold and was shivering, he opened his eyes and was shocked to see he wasn't on any bus, but rather laying in an old alleyway.

Something crawled across his foot and he screamed, kicking it away. The rat hit the wall in front of his and turned to ash, fluttering away in the cold, stale breeze. Something warm trickled down his face, he knew all to wee what it was.

He screamed from a terrible pain in his head, static noises around him.

The wall behind him felt as if it moved back and he opened his eyes.

He stood in a white room, his clothes were white also.

A feeling of dread washed over him. He looked up to see the ceiling saturate with red, a few drops staining the floor and his shirt.

The red washed down the walls and pooled on the floor, the room growing darker by the moment.

His legs became weak and he struggled to stand.

At the far end of the room, a door opened, casting in bright light.

A woman stepped through and a strange gray mist flowed around her feet.

She walked jerkily towards him, her skin growing pale and cracking before she screamed and tilted her head back to an impossible angle. Blood gurgle form her mouth and barbed wire erupted from her chest, quickly growing.

The wire carried bits of bone and gore from her opened chest and wrapped her head back, she brought her hands up to her throat and clawed the flesh away until it poured blood.

The gray mist reached james and he fell to his knees before collapsing into a heap.

His eyes fluttered and he saw the woman drawing nearer, he tried to scream but choked on nothing before closing his eyes, the lest thing he saw; the woman reaching for him.

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