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Scarlet: SHH: PC Model Viewer

Post by nur_ein_tier on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:44 am

Harry Mason wrote:CLICK

maybe this is the first step of SHH modding :halo:

WisHouse wrote:Nice find Harry, never seen this site before,tough. He says that this program allows you to view models/textures
I would try this out,but I´m just to lazy to reinstall Homecoming..

looks awesome, yes. sad to say i haven't gotten around to really trying this out, though I downloaded a while ago.

fun program but it's a shame you cant reimport the textures (i dont think, anyway.)
quake_ger wrote:hi!
i'm watchin this forum for a while now since this is the only forum i found about modding in silent hill games :)
i already pasted my results on other forums too....i wanted to post the stuff here too but finishing registration took almost a week :D
i coded some small tool for replacing files within the bigfiles ;)
-xbox 360 / ps3 controller buttons
-white jacket,black trousers, blue face

i'd really like to see much much more modding ;)
when i release my replacer exe.
files can be edited with photoshop+dds plugin

Cool. =0)

Sorry about the registration, I didn't check the new members list for a few days.

Very cool that you have done that, and about the tool, though!

Would love to hear about the updates on this!
quake_ger wrote:sorry, that it took that long.
i havnt fixed+updated anything expect this as pre-alpha :) ... k.rar.html

plans to add are like:
-support for compressed files
-nice gui

for editing the textures rename them to .dds and use a dds-plugin for photoshop.
when u save some textures in photoshop make sure they use same dxt version. example:
alexjacket2_d is DXT1
alexjacket2_s is DXT1
alexjacket_tm is DXT5

actually its all just the same file saved under different DXT versions.
sry that this aint much more user friendly :)
after 1-2weeks i got lil bit more time for it.

mibi somebody can find the gamelogic for the riddles, characters so we can switch models ;)


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