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Silent Hill 3 Texture Formats

Post by Quaker762 on Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:03 am

Hey guys,

I'm currently writing a few tools to rip/examine textures from Silent Hill 3 as, and I'm sure most of you are aware, the SH Texture tool doesn't work too well with SH3 (i.e corrupted textures, weird alpha channel on 24bpp textures etc). Something also interesting to note is it seems the SH Texture Extractor incorrectly detects the number of textures contained within the .arc file.

So far, I'm able to read the .arc files (based on the spec found here), but apart from that, I have absolutely zero idea as to how to interpret the data I'm collecting, and it seems Konami decided to not only switch plugins half way through development (lol) but used numerous formats for different parts of the game. So far, the current formats I gather they've used are:

  1. SoftImage PICT
  2. Good 'ol BMP
but apart from this, I have absolutely zero idea and can't find anything online...

Does anyone here [possibly another tool author???] possibly know more about the texture formats used?


P.S, I can upload the code to GitHub if anyone wants to add anything.

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