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Help with Cam Hacks for SH2

Post by calculations on Wed Oct 21, 2015 6:13 pm

Hey there, creeps. I'm here to ask for your help with a cam hacking SH2.

I recently finished a portrait of Eddie Dombrowski, as seen here:, and now I'm planning on doing a portrait of James. I'm trying to get a few reference shots of James from right after he kills the first patient demon, and getting the camera to cooperate has been an ordeal.

I've searched high and low for decent guides for camhacking SH2, and I've come up empty handed. Do you know about a guide that could help me with this? Or could you find a moment to help me run the camera hack to get these reference shots?

I've tried Silent Fly, but it doesn't seem to re-update with new values when I move James around, so I can thin out the number of other values to determine which one is the camera. If someone gifted with the program could give me a hand, I'd be in your debt.

Thanks in advance!

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