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Basic Guide to Maria's Skin

Post by Mercury on Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:35 am

I've always been meaning to do something like this, but I'm only now getting around to it. This is just a basic guide of what the pieces of Maria's skin are so that modders new and old can learn something new. I plan on adding more detailed segments, but that'll come in time. Here we go:

1. Maria's Head
a. The majority of skins made for video games include a hairline that wraps around the character's face. This ensures that the hair falls naturally and not onto a bald head. In the case of Silent Hill, the hair textures will usually cover most of this, but if you're going to change the hair color drastically, you should edit this to match as well. (NOTE: The hairline color doesn't always match the color of the rest of the hair. It's a slight difference, but when changing colors, you may have to do a bit of comparison for a look that matches.)

b. Maria's face. This is the most fun for me to edit. Her face consists of her forehead, eyebrows, her eyelids and waterline (the inside of her eye, where you can put eyeliner), her nose and nostrils, her lips, cheeks, chin, and jaw. You can contour her face to accentuate different features, paste or draw on new facial pieces, give her new makeup, anything you want. Just remember that this is her face as a flat image. When this skin is stretched over her model, I can guarantee that it will look different than what you've made. With that in mind, make sure that you give her features that are flattering to a 3D model and not a piece of paper. (NOTE: What looks like hair across her forehead is actually the shadow of her bangs. If you plan on coloring the hairline, MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT GET COLORED. It will look very strange.)

c. These don't appear in-game, so I'm pretty sure that they're just extra pieces of skin that are discarded on the model. Don't worry about them.

d. Maria's ear. If you're going to edit her skin tone, make sure to include her ears. You can also add stud earrings, but keep in mind that they will be flat.

2. Maria's Chest
a. This is Maria's bra. If you look closely at her in-game, she has a little piece of fabric that pokes out from the top and bottom of her cardigan. Whenever you change her clothing, don't forget to edit this.

b. Maria's chest. This covers the skin shown from her bra, all the way up to her choker. You can even see the shadow from the coin on her choker here.

c. These are the buttons on Maria's cardigan. If you change the color of her cardigan, remember to change the color of the fabric on this as well. You can recolor the button or paint over it and add a new image; it's up to you.

3. Maria's Waist
a. This covers the front and right side of Maria's midriff while
b. covers the left side, including her tattoos. These skins wrap around and meet full circle, so remember to edit them properly if adding additional clothing or tattoos so that they match up.

4. Maria's Eye
That's basically it. The one eye is replicated for the other, so it's impossible to create the effect of heterochromia.

5. Maria's Legs
Like her eye, Maria's legs are created from one image, meaning that whatever you do for this leg will appear on both. The shadows on her leg indicate where her boots and skirt meet the leg. She is also wearing stockings, so bear that in mind when editing. It's possible to erase her stockings as well by altering the color of her leg to match her skin tone. Like the waist, the leg also meets full circle, so if you're making patterned tights remember to place a proper seam. (NOTE: The Princess Heart costume in Silent Hill 3 uses this same leg texture to create panties instead of fading into darkness like you see here. I've seen it done before, so if you want to give Maria panties, copy and edit the texture from that skin.)

1. Maria's Skirt
Maria's skirt is one of the few general textures that wasn't carried over to Silent Hill 3. This means that none of Heather's skirts will work on Maria without being edited. Maria's skirt is difficult to work with because of the leopard-print pattern and needs a complete retexture to be plain. Her skirt wraps full circle and matching the placement of certain details can be a pain. With practice and patience though, anyone can conquer it.

a. Maria's belt. It's a good example of how her skirt contours and shows exactly where the skirt's "invisible" right seam is. Any fabric without the belt is excess and does not appear in-game.

b. The seams in Maria's skirt. If you're planning on retexturing the skirt, keep these seams in mind, as they indicate where Maria's hips are and where the new seams should be.

c. The shadow from Maria's belt. Do not forget to include this shadow in a retexuture, or else it will appear unnatural when the belt hangs.

2. Maria's Belt
a. This is the chain that hangs across her waist. The two chain pieces are attached in a similar way to Maria's midriff, so if you're retexturing it make sure to edit it to match so that it's seamless.

b. These are the clips that hang from Maria's skirt to hold the belt in place.

3. Maria's Hands
This is another replicated texture, so anything you do to this hand will affect both. The shadow marks where Maria's sleeve ends.

4. Maria's Mouth
a. Maria's teeth. The top row represents her top teeth and the bottom row represents her bottom teeth. The way that this texture works is that it is replicated and flipped to match the left seam, making a full set of teeth.

b. Maria's tongue. Like the teeth, you only edit one half of the tongue as the other half is created when the image is flipped and merged together.

5. Maria's Accessories
a. Maria's choker. It's very plain and needs to be retextured to remove the leopard-print. It meets full circle, but luckily it doesn't really need to be shaded unless you prefer to do so. It's ok to drop a solid color on it and call it good.

b. Maria's steel ring. It appears as if there should be a gem in the middle, but it's designed without one. Featured on her left hand.

c. Maria's golden ring. Featured on her right hand.

d. The bottom sole of Maria's boots. In-game, her boots are black with a red bottom sole.

e. The coins that hang from Maria's choker and her belt. If you cut or erase this coin off of the texture, it won't appear in game, removing it completely. You can also use this method to put a new image in its place and give her dangling hearts or stars instead. If you plan to replace it however, keep in mind that whatever extends past the original circle of the coin will be clipped.

1. Maria's Hair (Upper Layers)
a. The right side of Maria's hair, from scalp to tip.

b. The left side of Maria's hair, from scalp to tip.

c. There are a lot of little pieces like this. They're used to create strands, bangs, and things of that nature. I'll have a more detailed guide for these in time.

2. Maria's Boots
(NOTE: The whole boot is a replicated texture.)
a. The heel and top sole of her boots. The heel is evenly laid flat here, meaning that the white shine is dead in the center of the back.

b. The body of her boots. They're divided into leg and foot and lined evenly: the middle seam is the front of the boot and the very bottom (or far left, upright) of the leg piece is the back seam of the boot.

c. To be honest, I've never figured out what this is. I wanna say it's the second ring on her left hand, but I doubt it.

3. Maria's Cardigan
(NOTE: Recoloring her cardigan is easy, but don't attempt to retexture this--i.e. leather jacket--unless you like a challenge.)
a. The main torso piece of the cardigan. They connect at the shoulder and waist.

b. The sleeve of her cardigan. The very top (or far right, upright) is the seam that runs along the inside of her arm. The large hump at the top of the sleeve (or far left, tilted) is where her shoulder rests. The two dips at each side connect to meet her armpit.

1. Maria's Hair (Lower Layers)
a. Maria's red highlights. These can be recolored, but make sure to use the same process to color these as you did the upper layers so that they match evenly; even the slightest change can be noticeable. (NOTE: In addition to recoloring these, you can also trim them up. Any hair that has tips can be erased a bit--but not too much--to give the appearance of shorter hair. Remember though that like real life, uneven haircuts do happen.)

b. Another bang/extra piece of hair. Like I've said above, a more detailed description of these will come in time.

c. Maria's upper eyelashes (she has no lower). It's possible to color these, lighten or darken them, use gradients, etc. Like the hair, you can also play with the length, from completely removing them all the way to elongating them to give the appearance of false eyelashes.

Happy modding!
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Basic Guide to Maria's Skin

Post by nur_ein_tier on Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:45 pm

Awesome. Reposted in part at ... y-mercury/
and added to the Modding FAQ here.

Something that people could use. I was meaning to do this more with SH3/4 at some point, because finding some files is a pain in the ass, but I've been too lazy.



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Basic Guide to Maria's Skin

Post by Mercury on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:35 pm

Thanks for reposting it. :) It's definitely helpful to have a guide of things so that more experimentation goes on with concepts, rather than experimentation with finding out where the hell everything goes. haha

The textures for 3 and 4 are a huge pain in the ass. Everything is either hidden or repeated multiple times.
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