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Technical Info fetish

Post by Takezo on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:31 pm

Hello everyone.

I don't really want to disturb this calm and peaceful subforum, but I've got (another) one of those itching feelings down there making me want to learn about technical stuff behind Silent Hill 2 in particular.

I've diligently searched the forum with the keyword "damage" and it showed nothing.

Basically, I want to learn wiki-related stuff and how the code works behind it.

- What are the damage values of weapons?
- What are the damage values of "monsters"?
- Health values of "game characters" (including monsters)
- Speed values for different actions of different "game characters"
- How many "monsters" are "instantiated" at current location and their corresponding coordinates
- Same about items that can be picked up
- Listening or seeing distance for "monsters" to notice James/Maria
- Same for James to notice items/monsters
- maybe some other things

This is the info I found so far:
- bit at certain memory location to enable certain item/map/memo
- health drink restores 1/4 of amount of health you need to get fully restored, first-aid restores 1/2 and ampoule 1 (I think)
- pistol damage is 120, shotgun damage varies around 450, haven't checked other projectile weapons yet
- wooden plank single hand damage is 100, double hand is 140, steel pipe is 80/160, haven't checked other clubbing/cutting weapons
- lying figure health varies around 650, mannequin around 670 (not sure, since I was checking only the 1st mannequin near the flashlight and its health was always 670, probably because it is scripted), mannequin restores 70 hp after lying around
- lying figure damage is 7, mannequin is 18
- it's trivial, but still.. James's health shows "red cross" icon when it becomes less than half (less than 50 to be exact).

In a sense, this information may help with modding.. maybe..
If we learn how many monsters are generated in a certain location, maybe we can increase their number, and also their health and damage values? Maybe add "potion/ammo drops" to monsters?

I'm using Cheat Engine, but without Ultimap I can't do much (unfortunately my Win 10 crashes). Also, using IDA.

What do I want to know in the end? Maybe class structures of different objects in the game? Maybe tomorrow (or next week) I'll get bored and the itching feeling will disappear, but until then..

SH2 hacking hype is long gone, I know.

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