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Mouths of the enemies

Post by Silenthill4life on Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:29 pm

Otherworld wrote:
Silenthill4life wrote: I thought so too but the only problem is that this idea doesn't fit well with Laura being in the fog world of SH2 without encountering any monsters.
Laura seems perfectly safe being in the fog world, therefore if the monsters were common for people in the fog world (as it appears to be for Murphy, Anne and DJ Bobby Ricks) then it should be too for Laura.

Shouldn't she see what James sees in the fog world?

I tend to interpret this in a sense that, separately, or at the same time, individuals on their own, or a general consensus collectively as a group ( cult ) or communally ( societal views as a whole ) can be manifested from the subconscious mind all at the same time.

So in a sense, in the otherworld you can see what I see ..... and you cannot see what I see depending on the situation. Because we equally share views and at the same time we may have completely different opinions and outlooks on things as far as morality ( etc ) as our own individual experiences shape our perceptions and point of view about things.

This makes a lot of sense.
This is a good reconciliation between the two games



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Mouths of the enemies

Post by Pieramid_Head on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:33 am

Well they're kind of messed up in more places that just their mouths, but I did notice that most of the monsters have a full set of teeth.
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