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SH1 and SH2 2D and 3D maps

Post by Sparagas on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:16 am

I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I'l just drop the bombs:

2D maps
3D maps (mesh only for fast download)
3D maps

I'll explain everything later - happy valentines day!


This is data about 2D and 3D maps:
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2D maps:
SH1 original resolution 320x480
SH2 original resolution 1024x1024
SH1 original aspect ratio 2x3
SH2 original aspect ratio 1x1
corected aspect ratio 4x3
minimal resolution for losless map for SH1 640x480
minimal resolution for losless map for SH2 4096x3072
SH1 1 original pixel size - 2x1 pixels
SH2 1 original pixel size - 4x3 pixels

3D maps:
1  indoor tile is the size of 0.8 unit
1 outdoor tile is the size of 1.0 unit
1 outdoor file size in 3D space - 40.0 units tile
indoor position for rooms in SH1 - in the middle of 40.0 unit tiles
indoor position for rooms in SH2 - in the middle of 80.0 unit tiles
sea level in SH1 - 3.0 and 4.0 units
sea level in SH2 - 7.0 units
1 unit = 1 meter

2D and 3D maps relationship:
Old Silent Hill           - 1 3D tile (1.0) - 1 2D pixel
Central Silent Hill       - 1 3D tile (1.0) - 2x2 2D pixels
Resort Area               - 1 3D tile (1.0) - 1 2D pixel
Midwich Elementary School - 1 3D tile (0.8) - not determined yet
Midwich Elementary School - 1 3D tile (1.0) - not determined yet
Alchemilla Hospital       - 1 3D tile (0.8) - 12x12 2D pixels
Sewers                    - 1 3D tile (1.0) - 4x4 2D pixels
South Vale                - 1 3D tile (1.0) - not determined yet
South Vale East side      - 1 3D tile (1.0) - not determined yet
South Vale West side      - 1 3D tile (1.0) - not determined yet
Apartments                - 1 3D tile (0.8) - 26x26 2D pixels
Brookhaven Hospital       - 1 3D tile (0.8) - 48x48 2D pixels
Toluca Prison             - 1 3D tile (0.8) - not determined yet
Labyrinth                 - 1 3D tile (0.8) - not determined yet
Lake View Hotel           - 1 3D tile (0.8) - not determined yet
Lake View Hotel           - 1 3D tile (1.0) - not determined yet
Baldwin Mansion           - 1 3D tile (0.8) - not determined yet


Whats this is all about?
I always was fascinated with architecture and urbanism. So I always like to explore video game maps (like Dark Souls, Batman Arkham series, The Witcher series, Gotham in Lego Batman 2 etc.). And because Silent Hill town is the main character and attraction point in the series, it was only natural, that I wanted to explore it and and make a complete map (like many others)
But I approach this thing differently. I never try to make anything approximately or with artistic freedom. I always do it with precise calculations as much as possible, so all maps are precise in size, shape or aspect ratio.

How I do it?
First is to use only the official assets. Official assets are: in-game areas (3D maps), in-game 2D maps (including radar maps), and 2D maps from other official sources.
When I do this, there is a lot of errors in almost any game even from official assets (like building being bigger from inside, than from outside, or 3D and 2D maps not matching)

Silent Hill is not an exception, but I will talk about it a little bit later. You thought that Sagan street in SH:H was a stupid error made by western developers and not taking enough attention to source material? Well the same thing did Team Silent not only between games, but also between the same game! (looking at you SH1)

Anyway, back on track. So how to deal with errors? You have to have priorities what is more accurate.
There is nothing more accurate than in-game area where you can walk. Period. But anything else in 3D areas, where you can't go are usually not correct in size, shape or perspective (like big mountain in background, or buildings in distant). Where are a lot of reasons, why developers do that. So in areas where you can't explore physically on foot are more accurate in 2D maps (usually radar maps are more precise and accurate, but only in approximation to walking area. Distant objects are more accurate in traditional maps)


How I ripped it and credits:
To be precise you need to rip 2D and 3D maps from game files, and not by ripping in-game assets with ripping apps.

SH1 archive:
Before any work I needed to extract all files from archive file. I did it with SHExtract by horror_x.

SH1 2D maps:
SH1 uses PlayStation standard texture format, witch is well documented and a lot of apps can rip it. So I ripped it with Tim2View by [Lab313]

SH1 3D maps:
SH1 was silent (pun intended) with mods and extraction tools / viewers because it is an old game and was released only on original PlayStation. It's a lot harder to mod non-PC games. Especially PS1. But one day I was very furious by this situation, and began to learn hex editing, programming and tried to document SH1 3D format. With the help from colleagues from this forums (you can all read it in Silent Hill1 Modding section) We cracked the code and made a few apps to extract 3D assets! I used ipd2obj by belek666. Some textures are incorrect, but overall, it is very good rip.

SH2 was released on PS2, Xbox. PC, and PS3/Xbox360, but only PC version is modable at this point. So all assets are from PC version. All versions have similar but not identical file systems, slightly different textures and almost identical 3D meshes.

SH2 archive:
PC version is already extracted, so you don't need to do anything here. But if you want to explore PS2 files, you need to export it from archive like SH1 from PS1. To do this I used sh2ex by Nisto. Xbox and Xbox360/PS3 versions are also extracted, but you can't access files from optical disk in PC drive, because PC's can't read it. So you have to rip it to your HDD with third programs. I used Xbox Backup Creator by Redline99 for Xbox/Xbox360 version. Don't know alternative for PS3 version

SH2 2D maps:
You can rip SH2 textures with shtexplorer by John_Modest Production (C) 2005 But only PC and Xbox textures. It opens few PS2 textures (but usually just hangs or opens error dialog). PS3/Xbox360 version also just hangs, or opens error dialog, but sometimes it opens textures. but in incorrect / corrupted format

SH2 3D maps:
Almost the same can be said about 3D assets. There is one mystical app with dozen versions that can view SH2-3 and 4 3D models but with a lot of gliches. The latest version is SH_initial_loader by (I think). And this is the only version, that can actually export 3D maps! But only for SH2 unfortunately. As I mentioned it's very glitchy and exports only the first model you try to rip, and only if you press rip button very quickly. So I had to open program, rip it, and close it for every file! Also, as I said it, if you press rip button two times ar more, ar simply press it for too long - textures will not export! So it was actually very time consuming to rip everything. Oh by the way some exported .obj models were glitched out, so I had to manually correct it with notepad++. Also exported models for some reason were exactly 500 times bigger and flipped!
This rip is definitely not perfect - it misses several objects, shadows are transparent, and some rooms in Prison map are glitched, and one room (elevator shaft) was corrupted, and I couldn't fix it with notepad++.
Also it could only open PC files. Actually it can open extracted files from other versions, but all rooms will be almost empty, because this app can't understand other version formats.
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SH1 and SH2 2D and 3D maps

Post by Coconut on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:19 pm

This is a gold mine. Happy valentines and have a good evening. I'm most likely going to spending my time in Blender and Unity tonight. Excellent work, organized and nicely compiled.

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