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Recovered: True form of God?

Post by Xuchilbara on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:41 pm

lobsel vith wrote:First of all this post here contains no information about any outside religions, or anything outside of the game. This is all about something I noticed last night when watching the ending of Silent Hill 1 on YouTube.

I was watching the Good+ Ending on youtube last night when I noticed three pivotal things. The first thing I noticed was that the bottle of aglaophotis never actually breaks on Alessa/Incubator (Alizer). When you watch this part you will notice that the bottle hits the aura/shield around Alizer when it breaks. The glow surrounding Alizer disappears and the aglaophotis spills on her dress. This is when Incubus is born, and there's no glow surrounding the Incubus.

When Incubus is defeated it disappears in a glow of light and Alizer reappears now once again surrounded by that glow of light. When she's giving birth to Alessa (v. 2.0 aka Heather.) the glow grows stronger. When Alessa/Heather is born the glow is now gone.

But that's not all I noticed. I watched the clip again and made sure to pay careful attention to the part where the God is actually "born". That's when I noticed that after Dahlia says "My daughter will be the mother of God!" a bright yellow glow from inside the wombs of both Cheryl and Alessa appears.


I apologize for the crappy image quality.

It's this glow inside of their wombs that takes over Alessa and Cheryl and causes them to merge again.

What's the point of this post? I have absolutely no idea. Other than to maybe point out that the true form of God is actually a bright glowing sphere.


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Recovered: True form of God?

Post by Whitney on Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:01 am

Thanks Xuchilbara for recovering some of this old theory threads :)

Never thought the true form was that glowing orb lol
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