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need some help!!!

Post by Silent tHrILL on Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:10 pm

hello again folks its been a while...

my rig completely crashed down on me and i lost my huge collection of silent hill pics i had collected over years roaming the net for every cool piece of artwork, screenshot and moviescenes D:
so i am on a new mission to acquire an even better collection, and now itz up to you :

i can't seem to find the sites where i dug up many of the pics.
there was one particular page where you could download hundreds of pix at a time, concept art, movie pix, walls as rar. i believe. i most urgent am looking for pictures from the movie where this guy is hanging on the fence, his guts ripped out. ( don't judge me ;)
i checked most sites of the silent hill fever network and their affiliates, but who knows, maybe i am missing something.

i am looking forward to your replies.

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