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my silent hill dream (sleeping dream)

Post by The Butcher on Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:07 am

i had a dream a few nights ago where i was in silent hill and i wanted to know about my past (silent hill 3 right) so i was in the brookhaven hospital when i saw pyramid head. he gestured to come over and then...HE SLAPPED ME!!!
"dont you know not to come up to strangers?!?damn!" he said
when he spoke he freaked me out. i tryed to run but he grabbed the back of my neck and dragged me down a corridor ( what is with him and dragging stuff?). he made me sit in a shiciatrist office. he was the doctor and i was the insane person (note i dont think everyone who goes to a sciciatrist is insane). he wore giant glasses on his helmet ad we discussed my "problems". he told me that i lived there and i was 2 months behind on rent. afteri payed him we threw a house party, got drunk, sang crappy kareoki (yes i know i misspelled it), and did some breakdancing. eventually i passed out and woke up in the real world. over all it was fun.

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