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Plot/easter eggs/memos guide

Post by nur_ein_tier on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:11 am


---------------Version Notes------------------

v2.9 8/04/10: Added to several interpretation sections, some more
file transcripts, references.


I..................Phone messages (incoming text/voice)

II.................Recurring themes & Plot Analysis

II.................Other characters & Analysis

IV.................Phone numbers (outgoing)


VI.................Raw Shocks



IX.................Easter Eggs/References

X..................Street Name/Location References



Since you sometimes get messages that are grouped together
or from the same person in very different parts of the game,
I have arranged these semi-alphabetically by person/topic.
a. Babes in the Wood
b. Big Bear
c. Bryant Overlook
d. Celebration
e. Choking game
f. Cybil
g. Cycle of Death
h. Day Trippers
i. Dahlia
j. The Experience
k. Family Vacation
l. Family Pet
m. Frigid
n. Gossip
o. Gumballs
p. Happily ever after
q. Hospital Visit
r. Michelle
s. Pigtails
t. Playground
u. Problem Child
v. Prom
w. Stranded
x. UFO


It's so cold (1)
It's so cold, but I'm happy because
I know I will see my brother again soon.
Lying down now. Cold. A bird
just put a leaf on me, or did I dream it?
Love you all.

Don't worry (2)
Don't worry about looking for me. I'll be with my brother
again soon. I hope he forgives me. It's so cold.
It had to end like this

Pump Station (1)
It's my brother! I was just playing, trying to scare
him. I shut him in. But now the water's filling up.
He can't get out. I can't get him out!

Pump Station (2)
Help! It's my brother! We're playing in the pump
station. But the water's come up and he's trapped.
His hands are closed. His head is in the water!

Pump Station (3)


Big bear (1)
So now as we move across the sky,
we see another familiar face. this will be ursa
minor or as we like to call him, little bear.
what's so funny? very good. Well, if
Mandy doesn't mind waiting until
after class to make a call, let's continue.

Big bear (2)
So now as we move across the sky, we see another familiar
face. This will be Ursa Minor, or as we like to call
him "Little Bear." What's so funny? Can't you horny
little animals save this kind of thing for after class?


Car (1)
Stop it! Please, or I'll tell my dad.
Your dad? Your dad isn't here right now.
Come on, you've been leading me on all night.

Car (2)
No! Please!
Come on. You been giving me that look all night.
Oh that dress. That dress got me all hot and bothered.
Car (3)
Take your hands off me! You've had too much to drink.
Yeah, I'm drunk on your love. Give it up, baby.
Get off! No!

What was the code again buddy What, this one? [strings] and,
this one? [jazz] that's too easy.


Choking Game (1)
Oh yeah... Oh...

Choking Game (2)
That's a nice new belt, Todd.
Oh, thank you mom.
You have a nice day at school.
Thank you mom.
Don't do anything
I wouldn't do.
Sure Mom.
[whipping sounds]

Choking Game (3)
The power of mind over matter. I control my destiny.
Death is an allusion. Death is a buzz. [choking sounds]

Rick (1)
Man that was awful. Why didn't anyone tell me
Rick was Todd's best friend? Man, that
joke is all over the school anyway.

Rick (2)
Was Rick upset because of Todd? Man I didn’t
think that kid has any friends..

Rick (3)
I can’t believe they made that joke in front of
Rick. Everyone knows how close he was to his brother.

All students (1)
All students. There is a craze at the moment for
young adults to try what is often called the
choking game. Don't be stupid. Don't risk
your young lives, or your health. The kids
who have died playing this ;game; died senseless,
tragic deaths. Heed their
warning and don't join them.

All students (2)
All students. There is a craze at the moment
for young adults to try what is often called
The Choking Game. Don’t be stupid. Don’t risk
your young lives. Or your health. No parent
should have to bury their child.

All students (3)
All students. There is a craze at the moment
for young adults to try what is often called
The Choking Game. Don’t be stupid. There is
plenty of sensation and stimulation out in
the world without needing to starve your brain
of oxygen.


Mugshot (1)
This your cute 7 year old?
[attached photo of older Cheryl mugshot]

Mugshot (2)
This your poor 7 year old?
[attached photo of older Cheryl mugshot]

Mugshot (3)
This your "little" 7 year old?
[attached photo of older Cheryl mugshot]

Mugshot (4)
This your seven year old Cheryl?
[attached photo of older Cheryl mugshot]

Harry, answer your phone. I want to help you.
Please Harry.
(If you ignore her calls)


Cycle of Death (1)
Stop crying Joel, stop being such a pussy.
Finish the damn thing, if you had better in the
first place he wouldn't be
suffering like that. Just point and shoot.
It's right in front of you.

Cycle of Death (2)
Come on Joel. You'd think that it was you shot
and dying, not the deer. Get your hands outta your
pants and be a man. My son the queer.
shoot the damn thing. Shoot, you queer.

Cycle of Death (3)
Come on son. Finish it. I am ashamed to be your
father. You got it in the leg. Now you gotta
kill it. This is what we do. This is how the
world works. Shoot!

Joel Jr.(1)
Joel Jr.'s first kill! it was a
biggie too, 190 lbs field dressed. Got him
in the neck, went down like a dead weight.
My son is a man now!

Joel Jr.(2)
Joel Jr’s first kill! He shot like he was
born with a rifle in his hands.
He’s gonna make his grandpa proud!

Joel Jr.(3)
Joel Jr’s first kill! Field dressed weight
180lbs. He’s a natural born KILLER!


Map on car (1)
Here finally. Place hasn't charged a bit.
Unlike us. Have you SEEN the lake? C'mon, let's go.
She's got the right idea. Let's just go with the flow.
We're on vacation.

Map on car (2)
We're here now. Let's try and enjoy ourselves!
Glad to.
Hey, look at the lake! Dad, I bet you could go
fishing there. Mom, you could take some pictures!
Fishing? Now you're talking! Come here and I'll
use you for bait! The fish here like little girls!

Map on car (3)
You can be such an asshole sometimes.
Hey, take it easy. We're here now.
Hey, stop chit chatting!
We're here! Let's go get some FOOD!
Food. What kind of food?
Chili dogs!

Map on car (4)
We're here now. So let's enjoy ourselves.
Yeah! Let's explore! Let's have fun!
Fun, I can do that.
So we've heard. Hey wait up!

I'm sorry (1)
I'm sorry. I ruined your ride.
I'm sorry if I ruined everything.
It's not ruined. We're just glad you're safe.
Those swans pack a mean peck. They do? Yeah, like this!

I'm sorry (2)
What the hell did you think you were doing?
I wanted to watch you being happy.
Do we look happy?
Let's go. I don't know why you're mad at HER.

Swan ride (1)
I remember that first date so clearly. It was fun.
You were a good date. It was easy to be happy back then.
How about a kiss for old times sake? for old time's sake
the ride has been temporarily closed due to a
guest in the tunnel.
That ruined it.
Since when did a little privacy ruin a kiss?

Swan ride (2)
This brings back memories. Our first date.
It was so exciting...
You were pretty forward, back then. A real animal.
Oh, I still am. Give me a kiss.
Hey, this I like!
Please remain inside your carriage.
This ride has been temporarily halted due
to a guest in the tunnel.
What the hell.
Come on animal. I'm still waiting for that kiss.

Swan ride (3)
I swear these swans are the same ones.
Remember the date? You were so quiet.
I was nervous! I'd drank half my dad's
liquor cabinet to relax myself.
Wasn't the last time a date started with you dead drunk.
Sorry. So would it be too pushy to ask for a kiss?
Since you were such a gentleman, I don't see why not.
Please remain inside your carriage. This
ride has been temporarily halted due to
a guest in the tunnel.
What? They want us to stay put? Is it safe?
I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.

Swan ride (4)
Feels like a long time ago. Our first date.
You were a horny young man.
Like you weren't.
I was young. Lots of energy.
Let's be young again.
Please remain inside your carriage.
This ride has been temporarily halted
due to a guest in the tunnel.
Lights out. You'll have to use your hands to find your way.
Shame. I prefer to see what I'm getting into...

Dragon (1)
Why does he have to KILL the dragon?
It was going to eat the princess.
Maybe he was hungry. Maybe she was a bad princess.
Knights save princesses. That's how it works.
I guess.

Dragon (2)
M' lady. I hope you are unharmed
from your brush with death.
That ferocious dragon... you were
almost consumed. Such a hideous beast.
Dad, it's just a painting. It's
not real. Stop being silly!
You embarrassing your daughter again?


Sorry (1)
Sorry about last night. I was upset,
you were upset.
I get it.

Sorry (2)
Sorry about last night.
I was too forward. I know.

Sorry (3)
Sorry about last night.
I was upset when you ran off.

Sorry (4)
Sorry about last night.
I guess I scared you off?

Miss you (1)
Miss you Harry. Miss your touch,
your kiss, your smell. XXX -Dahlia

Miss you (2)
Miss you Harry. It’s boring without you.

Miss you (3)
Miss you Harry. Easy to forget how good
you make me feel, but not tonight. XXX -Dahlia

I feel terrible (1)
I feel terrible after last night.
You were a lousy date.
Where did we leave Annie's SUV?

I feel terrible (2)
Oh man, I feel awful. What did we
do last night? Where the hell did
I leave Christina’s SUV?

I feel terrible (3)
What was up with you last night?
I have the worst headache.
Where the hell did you leave Sue’s SUV?

I feel terrible (4)
I have the mother of all hangovers.
Last night was too much for little ol’ me.
What happened with Linda’s SUV?

BORED xo - Dahlia

Horny (2)
Horny. Where are you? xxx -Dahlia

Thirsty (3)
sigh… Thirsty and bored. xo -Dahlia.

Check out (1)
Check out the new outfit. HOT. xxx - Dahlia

Like my new look? (2)
Like my new look?
[Photo attached]

Wake up (3)
Wake up and look at my new outfit!
xo -Dahlia


Models (1)
The store was closed all afternoon.
They had photographers in, in doing
photos for the brochures and all that
shit. they don't use real customers,
they got models. damn, these girls are hot.
I mean even the old ones, like really
sexy. better than real girls, any day
of the week. my eyes are sore.

Models (2)
Yeah, I haven't lifted a finger all afternoon.
The store was closed so they could take photos
in there--for marketing. I don't know why they need
to even be there... Why they can't just "computer"
the whole thing or whatever. They weren't real
customers. Models and actors, I guess. And the food?
The food they showed was like, all, brought in
special and sprayed with a spritzer to make it look tasty.

Models (3)
Yeah, I got the afternoon off. Those mall marketing
goons were all over the store taking photos. Had a
bunch of stupid models pretending to be customers!
Happy families, these smiley smiley moms, dads and
kids. You KNOW the customers we get in are not that

Store managers (1)
Store managers and retail staff! It's been another great
month at Toluca Mall, but we're not stoppping yet!
The job of provuiding the perfect
shopping experience is never done. This month we are
focusing on "fun" - random mystery
shoppers will be dep;loyed to ensure that each store
in the mall is focusing on this key
part of the experience. Make your store an exciting
place to be. After all, shopping is all
about having fun and it's a hobby that just
about everyone can enjoy! When people are
having fun, the profits look after themselves.
Stores who fail to satisfy our mystery
shoppers will be contacted by the brand
manager. Keep up the good work!

Store managers (2)
Store Managers and retail staff!
It’s been another great month at Toluca Mall,
but we’re not stopping yet! The job of providing
the perfect shopping Experience is never done.
This month we are focusing on retail attitude –
random mystery shoppers will be deployed to ensure
that each store in the mall is focusing on consumer-
orientated service. Making your customer happy is a
science, and one we hope you are perfecting! With a
carefully calculated mix of pricing store layout,
display dressing, and staff training, you can do
great things. It’s not rocket science – but it’s
not far off! Stores who fail to satisfy our mystery
shoppers will be contacted by the brand manager.
Keep up the good work!

Store managers (3)
Store managers and retail staff! It’s been another great
month at Toluca Mall, be we’re not stopping yet! The job
of providing the perfect shopping Experience is never done.
This month we are focusing on customer emotions – random
mystery shoppers will be deployed to ensure that each
store in the mall is focusing on lifting the mood of their
customers. Always remember, you’re not here to sell, you’re
here to make people happy. The happier they are, the more
money they will spend. Stores who fail to satisfy our mystery
shoppers will be contacted by the brand manager. Keep putting
smiles on those faces!

Store managers (4)
Store managers and retail staff! It’s been another great
month at Toluca Mall, but we’re not stopping yet! The job
of providing the perfect shopping Experience is never done.
This month we are focusing on retail attitude – random
mystery shoppers will be deployed to ensure that each store
in the mall is focusing on consumer-orientated service. Make
sure your customer feels like No. 1 – they’re not shopping,
they’re experiencing. The happier they are, the more money
they will spend. Stores who fail to satisfy our mystery
shoppers will be contacted by the brand manager. Keep up
the good work!

The Experience (1)
Welcome to Toluca Mall – home of The Experience.
Ours is a world of shopping, dining, and entertainment
– a safe haven in the busy modern world. Pamper yourself,
treat family and friends and enjoy the calm and serenity
of the ultimate leisure destination. Relax and enjoy
The Experience!

The Experience (2)
Welcome to Toluca Mall – home of The Experience. As
the state’s premier boutique mall experience, we’re
glad to have you back! Everything you need under one
roof with so much to see and do, you’ll never want
to leave!

The Experience (3)
Hey girls! Welcome back to Toluca Mall – home of The
Experience. Whatever you’re looking for,we have
it here! The latest fashions, the greatest salons,
top eats, and the latest movies! Feel like a princess
for a day, every day – here at Toluca Mall!


Family pet (1)
I knew it! Look what I got! I named him Dylan. He is
the cutest puppy.So silly - keeps chasing his own tail!
[photo attached of girl and a dog]

Family pet (2)
Check out my dog! He’s so clever. I’ve only
had him for an hour, but he already knows
my voice and I’ve taught him a trick.
I’ve named him Chip.
[photo attached of girl and a dog]

Family pet (3)
Look what I just got!!! She’s so cute.
She LOVES me so much and keeps trying
to lick my face. I’ll call her Hollie!
[photo attached of girl and a dog]

Family pet (4)
Hey! Check out my new doggie! I’m going
to teach her to sit and beg. I called her
Obie because she is so obedient!
[photo attached of girl and a dog]

I'm looking for a dog (1)
Man #1: I'm looking for a dog. Here.
Man #2: Oh, you're looking for that dog?
Man #1: No, not this dog. One that looks the same.
Man #2: Exactly the same? you're in luck.

I'm looking for a dog (2)
Man #1: I need one that looks just like this. It's a present.
Man #2: We got lots of breeds... I can recommend...
Man #1: No no no. I need one that looks exactly like this!
Man #2: Okay, Come take a look in here.

I'm looking for a dog (3)
Man #1: No, wait. Here's a photo. I want one that looks
exactly like it.
Man #2: That breed is popular. Take a look at this one.
Man #1: That's perfect!

Dead dog (1)
Man: [sigh] We hit something.
Woman: [sigh] Oh shit. It's...
Man: Oh shit.
Woman: What do I tell her?

Dead dog (2)
Woman: [Giggle] Did we hit something?
Man: Oh crap. Let's take a look.
Woman: Oh no. Is it dead?
Man: Yeah... Oh shit.
Woman: What's wrong?
Man: I know this dog.

Dead dog (3)
Woman: I told you to keep your eyes on the road!
Man:If we hadn't been arguing, I would have!
Woman: You can't drive and talk? I suppose that
would be asking too much.
Man:Hit a dog...
Woman: A dog?
Man: Not just any dog.


Bleeding (1)
It's good to talk Diane. I feel pretty alone out here.
Hey mom. Be careful. Where's you dad? Mommy!
Oh Jesus.. you're bleeding?

Bleeding (2)
That's how I feel. The sooner, the better.
Mommy! What was that? Daddy! Honey, what have you done?
Mommy. Oh God, she's bleeding!

Bleeding (3)
Sure. Sorry about that, Diane.
Mom, look.
What now? You've broken a glass. Is that blood...
Oh Jesus.

Bleeding (4)
I know, that's the problem, Diane.
Mom, look.
Was that your glass? What was she doing...
Oh my God, is that blood?

On the phone (1)
I'm on the phone. Yeah, I'm coming back early. This was a
stupid idea. Not now honey Mom's on the phone. Get out of
bed and play with your daughter. Mommy!
[*sounds of music box playing*] Shush. Go show daddy.
This whole trip was a bad idea. A week picnicking and
cycling like that's gonna make it right. I'm still hurling.
It feels fake. I don't want to be with him. I won Mom I won.
Alright. In a minute. Give me a second Diane.

On the phone (2)
I'm on the phone, dammit! Yeah, I'm taking us back early.
This is not my idea of fun.
Not now! I'm on the phone.
Mommy! [music box playing]
Shh! Go show your daddy. This whole trip was a bad idea.
It's making me crazy. Nothing but trees, logs, and my
family. I'm trapped. Feel like I'm suffocating in here,
I won! Mom, I won!
Shut up! Or I'll smash that stupid thing.
Give me a minute, Diane.

On the phone (3)
I'm on the phone. Yeah, I'm coming back early.
This isn't working out.
Not now honey, Mommy's on the phone.
Put your damn drink down and look after her!
Mommy! [music box]
Shush. Go show Daddy. This whole trip was a
bad idea. He's not better here. Worse if
anything. I can't put up with it anymore.
I won! Mom, I won!
Alright! In a minute! Give me a second, Diane.

Favorite colors (1)
Man:We'll be back as soon as we can,
we've got lots of shopping to do.
Yes, I won't forget. Why are you shouting?
Yes, she's here.
Girl: Can i have some bubblegum?
Man: Sure. I can't buy here gum?
Stop being ridiculous.
Girl: I don't want those colors,
I want my favorite colors.
Man: What are your favorite colors?
Girl: I won't tell.
Man: I know the secret.
I saw you looking up at Tookie.
Girl: My favorite.

Favorite colors (2)
Man: You going to be home when we get back?
Sure. Sure. No, she's fine.
Girl: Can I have some bubblegum?
Man:Sure, here. She wanted some gum.
That's hardly spoiling her. Wait.
Girl: No. I don't want THOSE colors.
I want my favorite colors.
Man:What are your favorite colors?
Girl: Mom knows.
Man: I'm sure she does. You hear that?
Yeah, she won't tell me. The mascot? The cartoon bird?
Okay... Like this, sweetie?
Girl: Yes!


Frigid (1)
Why do you have to be like this, baby. I know
you're shy and stuff.
That's how you are. But we have a connection
Why don't you trust me?
All the other guys are gettin', yeah sorry,
that's cheap.
Frigid (2)
You know I love this thing we've got going.
But I'm only human baby. I look around, see what the
other girls are doing. And I got to ask myself,
why is she so frigid. and it's hard on me, baby.

Frigid (3)
Why can't you be relaxed with me, like you should?
Is it your parent's house? You don't want to do
it there? There's other places...
Why you got to be so frigid?

Breakup (1)
I know it's cold to do it this way, but you don't
listen when I talk. Sorry, it's over. I can't do
this is you won't open up to me.

Breakup (2)
Sorry for doing this like this, but… It’s
for the best. We aren’t working as a relationship...
let’s stay friends, right? -Steve.

Breakup (3)
You're not listening.
This frigid thing is just too big a deal.
if we can't be together like that
then we can't be together at all. Enjoy your space.

Hot Paparazzi spots (1)
Hot Paparazzi spots, the courtyard,
the parking lot, and the locker rooms.
Get some sizzlers!

Prime paparazzi spots (2)
Prime paparazzi spots. the courtyard,
the parking lot, and the locker rooms.
Move it!

Prime paparazzi spots (3)

Prime Paparazzi Spots: the courtyard,
the parking lot, and the locker rooms.
Snap snap!

Locked (1)
the doors locked? shit, i'm stuck out
here. I'll try and get the doors open.
you go take the photos. don't lose your
nerves. i told you she's with him.
get some photos and we'll catch the
asshole red handed.
and you get a kiss for every photo.

Locked (2)
dammit. the doors shut behind you . I guess you're
on your own. Show some balls, okay. They're inside,
so you just gotota find them and get photos. Gonna
nail that sleazy bastard. I'll try to get the doors moving.

Locked (3)
Oh, damn the door's shut. Look, I'll try to get
them open. You go get the photos. Don't lose
your nerve, I'm all out of motivation. No, wait...
[drinking] Now I'm all out. Okay, go get photos of them
together. You get a journalism credit if we
catch them red handed.

Car (1)
Who's in that car with teach? Dirty!
He's old enough to be her father!

Car (2)
Who's that in teacher's car? Yes it is!
She can't wait till they get to the motel!

Shower (1)
Check this out. Naked & wild for the camera!

Shower (2)
Check this out. Not as innocent as she acts!
Hot & soapy for the camera!

Staying late (1)
Now we know how she got her A.
Staying late after class.

Staying late (2)
You've got to see this.
Caught in the act... look who's getting
"extra credit!"


Gumballs (1)
Man: Come on, save some for later.
Girl: I'll keep this one for mom.
Man:That's a great idea.

Gumballs (2)
Man: come on, let's go. we haven't got much time to shop.
Girl: why not? it's saturday.
Man: yeah, but we need to get back to help mom.
Girl: mom sucks. Come on, you know that isn't true.


Happily ever after (1)
To have and to hold, from this day forward. I promise to
be true to you in good times and in bad. To sleep by your
side and be your faithful companion.

Happily ever after (2)
I promise to honor and respect you. To love you
for who you are. Our marriage will be a source of
strength, so you can go into the world and achieve
great things. I am your muse and your best friend.
But I will be much more. I will be your wife.

Happily ever after (3)
To have and to hold from this day forward.
For better, for worse, in sickness and in health.
Whatever ails us, whatever weaknesses our flesh
may suffer under, our love will cure all ills.
Our love will be our rock.


She's fine (1)
Yeah they say she'll be okay. she's in good spirits.
she liked the chocolate and the bear. though she says she'd
rather see you. yeah, I know I know.
Tell mom about the song.
Right the song.
Yeah, I got the radio to play her song. And now
she's going to go to sleep. visiting is almost up and she
needs her rest. You'll be in tomorrow?

She's fine (2)
Yeah, doctor says she's doing well. She's young and healthy,
so it'll heal quick. She's fine. All doped up on medicine
and she's eaten nearly all the chocolate I bought.
Dad ate some too!
No, don't... don't worry, she ate some fruit too.
Oh, oh, the radio!
Oh, and I got a song played for her on the radio. That
cheered her up. I'll be leaving soon. I'll try and be
home soon as I can. You don't need to worry about me.

She's fine (3)
I just spoke to the nurse and she says she's doing
fine. At this age, they heal easy. It won't even
scar. She's fine, she's fine. She's eaten half her
chocolates, she's getting bored of staying in bed.
Tell her about the song!
Oh, yeah, I got a song played for her on the
hospital radio. She loved it! I need to check
with that nurse about tomorrow's hours, but
I'll be heading out soon. I'll try to be home
soon as I can.

She'll be fine (4)
Yeah, they say she'll be fine. She's young, it'll heal
easy. She's fine. She liked the bear. And the
chocolates. Huh? It's hardly spoiling her.
And the song!
And the song, sweetie. I got the DJ to play her
a song on the radio. Yeah, well I'll be here for
another half hour, till visiting time is up.

She'll be fine (1)
She's fine. she's going to be fine. i want to go visit,
but he's doing a good enough job. Spoiling her as you'd
expect. don't want to cast a cloud over it. no use getting
her hopes up. I'm just glad she's okay.

She'll be fine (2)
Apparently she's going to be okay. Thank God.
He's spoiling her rotten, you know. She's going
to get fat, sitting in bed all day eating chocolates.
He's trying to make me feel bad.

She'll be fine (3)
She's going to be okay. Says she's doing fine.
I was so mad when it happened, but I'm just
worried for her now. I don't know, surrounded by
nurses. I hear you... it's not that easy. I'll let you
know how it goes.

She'll be fine (4)
I spoke to him. She's going to be okay. Too
worried to be angry. I can't think about it yet.
He's spoiling her silly trying to make himself
better about it. I'm just relieved she's okay.

Hey Harry. (1)
Hey Harry. It's Michelle. Hope you got home OK.
STILL waiting for John here. What a lousy weekend! XXX M

Hey Harry (2)
Michele- Hey Harry. It's Michelle.
Hope you got home ok.
I'm still waiting for John to get
here. What a weekend... M

Missed call
Harry? I guess you're busy. Just wanted to touch base and
make sure you got home OK. John turned up finally. We're
headed out for a bite to eat. Okay, bye.


Pigtails (1)
you got all your books? Your lunch? good. how come you
changed your hair? The other girls tell you to do your
hair like that. I thought you looked great with pigtails.
Okay honey, you have a nice day.

Pigtails (2)
You all ready for school? Hey, look at me when I'm
talking. Daddy's little princess. You look so cute
with your pigtails. All the boys must be so distracted.
Okay, you can run off now. See you tonight.

Pigtails (3)
Look at you. Aren't you just about the most perfect
schoolgirl there ever was. With those pigtails,
I doubt there's any little girl in the world quite
as perfect as you.

Wig (1)
You damn whore. It's just a wig.
You're old enough to be my wife.
You ain't no school girl, you're old meat. Disgusting!

Wig (2)
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was so angry. I wanted it to be
so perfect. You know? Seeing the wig kinda killed the moment.

Wig (3)
Sorry I hit you. I guess I was just mad at myself. You remind
me so much of my daughter. Just put the wig back on and
let's go upstairs.


Swings (1)
Daddy, I need you.

Swings (2)
Daddy, help me.

Swings (3)
Daddy, I'm hurt.

Swings (4)
Daddy, where are you?


Problem Child (1)
Another profitable day at the mall!
Today I bagged myself:

nice top
Memory cards
2 CDs
3 lipsticks
cute hat

Was clocked by the security guard in the last place.
Though he didn't say a word. I think he's too nice a
guy to have a shitty job like that.

Problem Child (2)
Another profitable day at the mall! Today I bagged myself,

Nice top
Memory Cards
2 CDs
Cheap necklace
Pair of jeans
Pretty ring

That dopey guard spotted me again,
didn’t say a word. I hope he’s not
planning to make a career out of this…

Problem Child (3)
Another day of quality jacking!
Today I bagged myself

Nice skirt
Memory Cards
2 CDs
Expensive lipsticks
2 bras

Could have sworn that dopey guard saw me,
maybe he let me off cause he wants a kiss.
Dirty old fart.

Problem Child (4)
Another day of quality jacking!
Today I bagged myself:

Memory Cards
2 CDs
Bottle of Tequila
Pair of Jeans

Saw that dopey guard again. Let him
see me smoking in the no-smoking zone.
Too chickenshit to tell me to stop!

Problem Child (5)
Another profitable day at the mall! Today I bagged myself.

Nice top
Memory Cards
2 CDs
Bunch of books
Pair of jeans
3 DVDs

Was spotted in the last store by that guard.
I looked all innocent and just walked past him,
but I think he knew.

Malcolm (1)
Malcolm. Doing my rounds. I saw her again. I...
I, aw shit, you know, I guess I can say this.
I turned my back when she took something.
Pretended I didn't see it. Why? I dunno. I guess
I feel sorry for her. Last time we grabbed her,
when we were talking to her... I dunno, there was
so much sadness in those eyes. I felt sorry for her.

Malcolm (2)
Malcolm. Just after three in the afternoon.
A retailer called in a shoplifter on the first
floor. Sure enough, it's that girl again. Well
why am I holding off grabbing her? I guess I
feel sorry for her. When we took her in last
time she was so mad, so angry. Just kicking and
screaming. Clearly got her own share of problems.
I don't mind grabbing the kids who are just
messing about, don't mind grabbing those preppy
little shits who are just, you know, showing off.
But I feel bad with her. Oh, she's moving.

Malcolm (3)
This is Malcolm. Following the suspect. It's that
girl again. If I grab her, it'll be the third
time I've booked her. Why am I so reluctant? I
guess... I guess I feel sorry for her. When I
spoke to her last time, she seemed like such a
nice girl. Not altogether there, but nice. She's
not like the other kids, not doing this to show off.
Derek thinks she wants to get caught, that's her
thing. Maybe. Maybe not. Ah shit, she's taking
something. Oh man, I guess I have to go for it.

911 Call (1)
911? It's Malcolm the security guard, he's been stabbed!
Slow down, sir. Is there bleeding?
Yes. There's lots. He's not moving.
And the attacker? Is he still there?
She. It's a she. She's still here, she's sitting on
a bench. She's just staring into space.
The police and ambulance are on their way.
Do not approach the attacker.

911 Call (2)
911? Oh God. I think he's dead.
Sir, can you describe the emergency?
Who is dead?
Malcolm! He's a security guard here.
Oh my God, he didn't see it coming.
She had a knife, and just pulled it out
and cut him. Must have hit an artery or something.
Is Malcolm breathing? Can you find a pulse?
He'd tried to help her. Even afterwards,
he said to me: "it's not her fault."
Oh God, that was the last thing he said!

911 Call (3)
911? Oh God, he's bleeding everywhere!
Calm down sir. Who is bleeding? Can you describe the situation?
The security guard, Malcolm. He's been stabbed. He's dead!
Are you sure he is dead? Is he breathing?
Oh God, she just went crazy. She was spitting and screaming.
It's not right. Malcolm would never hurt a fly.
She just went insane.


Here's to us (1)
Here's to us. Never gonna get old. Never gonna be
like our parents. Never gonna stop loving.

Here's to us (2)
Here's to us. We're never gonna get old.
Never gonna be like our parents.
Never gonna blend in.

Here's to us (3)
Here's to our future.
We're never gonna get old.
Never gonna be like our parents.
Never gonna be apart.

Speech (1)
Speech! Speech. it's almost over, almost done. We're
almost done with high school. In many ways that's a
great thing, we're all excited about getting out in
the real world, carving our own paths. But before we
do, let's remember how great high school was.

Let's remember the friends we've made, the fun we're
had, the parties the ups and the downs

Apparently life gets worse from here on in, so let's
treasure these memories!
Now, let's dance!

Speech (2)
Speech! Speech.
You guys really want to hear me talk? You asked for it.
High school is a special place. It's a place where
you learn a lot of things. But the most important
thing you learn is about yourself. High School is
where you learn who you are, where you get to establish
an identity and an independence. But remember this:
you're not done learning; not about algebra, not about
yourself. You're going to change, you're going to
discover new things every day. That said, always
remember who you were, who you wanted to be back
in high school.

Speech (3)
Speech! Speech. Ok, Ok. Settle down, settle down. When
you start high school, a lot of us... We can't wait to
finish and get out there into the real world. But now we're
here, now we're done with high school... I bet a lot of us
maybe wish we had another year. There's nothing like it.
We've all made lifelong friends here. Some of us more than
that... I know that some of you couples out there on the
dance floor are going to spend the rest of your lives
together. Even if you don't end up married to your High
School sweetheart, I hope you will carry something of
your time here in your heart. Everyone ready for the
last dance?

Caitlin (1)
Hey Caitlin. You got til lunch is over to say yes...
the question, will you be my prom date?

Caitlin (2)
Caitlin. If you haven't already got someone, I was
thinking that maybe you'd like to be my prom date? - Mike

Caitlin (3)
Lovely Caitlan. The last few weeks have been incredible.
It’d be icing on the cake if you’d accompany me to the
prom? Say yes and I’ll be on cloud nine! -Mike

Dress (1)
Hey, it's Caitlin. I am looking at the world's most
beautiful prom dress. I am so excited! Mike will be
putty in my hands. Catch up tonight.

Dress (2)
Hi, Jenn. It's Caitlin. I am staring at the nicest
prom dress. If this and two months of starving myself
doesn't get Mike's attention, I give up.

Dress (3)
Caitlin here. Jenn, you should see the dress I'm wearing.
It's too hot. This dress, six inch heels, and no panties!
I am going to blow Mike's mind!


Call to mom (1)
Mom, it's Jackie. Look, I'm sorry about earlier.
You were right. I'm at the party. I don't feel good.
I don't know anyone and I'm nervous. Can you come get me?

Call to mom (2)
Damnit mom, why do you never pick up? I need you.
I'm at a party in the woods but I'm feeling
uncomfortable. I need you to come pick me up.

Call to mom (3)
It's Jackie. I've been stupid. I went to the woods
for a party, but I want to come home. I'm lost.
I don't know where I am. I'm outside a ranger's
station. I don't like the crowd here. I wanna come home!

Call to mom (4)
Mom? Its me Jackie. I'm at a party in the woods,
but I don't like it. The guys... I don't know.
I don't like the way they're talking.
You've gotta come find me.

Whoa (1)
Whoa. Someone slipped that new girl a Mickey
and things got out of hand. Wild and crazy.
Feel kind of bad for her.

Whoa (2)
We thought it would be fun to spike the new girl’s
drink. Didn’t know it would end up like this. We
thought she was still swimming, but… she wasn’t moving.

Whoa (3)
Hell, I told them not to go too far, but
they wanted to mess around with the new girl.
No one was supposed to get
hurt. I'm burning the trash - no
one will know we were here.

Whoa (4)
Crazy shit, man. We shouldn't have given
the new girl that stuff. She's running round
tearing her clothes off. Won't stop crying.
Damn. Shut up about who gave it to her, Lewis.


We can't talk yet. But you want in?
They've hidden 13 of their craft all around town.
If you get me the
photographic evidence I need,
we can meet face to face.

[photo of UFO]

Messages after taking UFO photos:
1 down. Keep looking.
That’s 2. the bastards are EVERYWHERE!
You got 3. Why doesn’t anyone else see it?
4 of them. What are they doing here?
5 snapped. This is OUR planet!
You got 6 trust NO ONE.
That’s 7. That’s half of them!
8 down. You’re doing well.
My wife doesn’t believe me.
You got 9. Almost there I think she’s one of them.
You made it to 10. How long have
they been here? I’ve locked her
in the cellar.
That’s 11. She wants food, but we KNOW
they don’t eat like us! The LIES!
12 done! My alien wife is
playing dead. I KNOW HER GAME.
That’s the last one! You’ve proven
yourself. Meet me at the
Lighthouse Clinic.


Car Wrecks
The game begins with a car wreck, which makes sense, since this is the reason
Cheryl doesn't have her father with her anymore. since the opening car wreck
may or may not be exactly as it was in reality, I'm not sure if Cheryl was
really there or not. It's easy to assume she was, based on SH1 and on Harry
believing she was there, but I still can't be certain.Later, Harry and young
Dahlia are in the SUV and they crash, which I think it Cheryl projecting
herself into the situation and making herself seem more guilty, since it
was Dahlia in the driver's seat this time. It still wasn't really Dahlia's
fault,they crashed due to the snow; but it is interesting that she's driving
and not Harry. Lisa has a car wreck, too; she fell asleep at the wheel.There
is yet another apparent car wreck in an echo message,not the message itself,
but when you take a photo of the car outside the school, it appears to be
crashing. There is an echo photo you can take on the street near the park,
and the accompanying message says that they've hit a dog. Also of possible
interest is the note about toy calls being recalled due to being a choking
hazard. This further drives home the idea of cars hurting people, and it
manages to refer back to choking as well.

Later, in the scene where Harry is swimming, you can look underwater and see
a statue of the original car wreck with Harry lying dead on the ground.

So we can tally this up: Harry is present in 3 car wrecks in the game, the
original one, the one with Dahlia, and the statue of the wreck. Lisa wrecks,
and the dog is hit by a car. What is real? Obviously the statue is not, but
it's clear that Harry originally died in a real car wreck. The pet dog was
hit by a car as well. Cars and death are linked all over the place here.
There is also a train wreck, if you count the toy train.

If you use the flashlight in the nightmare sequences, you can see many
cars frozen in big blocks of ice. One of the first buildings you enter
has a car jacked up so it can be worked on. There is an auto repair shop you
pass before getting to Clear Picture. At the mall, there's a singing contest
where you can win a car. Clear Picture's back room has a poster for a film
called "Night Drive." The Bryant Overlook echo is located in a car, and there
is a memento in the trunk. Near the school, there's another echo when you
get to the blue car. Then there's the echo on the car near the park, and
the dead dog echo in front of car. And of course, the game starts with a
car crash, and there's the underwater car crash. Lisa has a wreck.

I'm not sure about this, but they need to be mentioned because there are
a lot of references to dogs here. There is the "dead dog posse" graffiti,
probably just a reference to SH1. Then one of the password reminder
questions refers to a dog as the principle's one true friend. All the
humans mentioned in the password questions are cast in an unfavorable
light: the bitch ex-wife, the useless son. The dog is cast as the one
likeable and trustworthy being. There are some phone messages about dogs
as well, and the photo of Cheryl with a dog. There is a dog toy in an
office also. The dog was apparently later killed by a car, and then
secretly replaced. [Note: I really doubt that this deception could work.]


It is likely that Cheryl had a very beloved pet dog at some time, which
was killed, probably by getting hit by a car. The dog themes are important,
I think, or they wouldn't show up so much.

There's also that cat poster in the alley at the beginning of the game.
Some kid lost his cat and made posters. Cheryl lost her dog, due to it
being hit by Harry's car.

Drugs are a recurring theme in a few of the games. In SH1, there is
White Claudia. You can see some baggies of drugs in Indian Runner, and
there are some police station memos about drugs as well. Lisa is
addicted to drugs in SH1.

In SHSM, there are a lot of drugs references. There is a poster in the
school telling drugs facts, with a photo of marijuana leaves on it. There
is a pot leaf graffiti in a tunnel. There are also the messages about
the party in the woods, which involve drugging "the new girl," who
freaks out and various things might happen to her, depending on which
version of the messages you get. I don't think it's so much a
cautionary tale against drugs, the party messages, as illustrating that
mind-altering substances may have had a negative impact upon Cheryl in
her life. It probably doesn't matter much if the "new girl" represents
Cheryl or not; the point is, drugs and partying have had a negative
impact either in her own life, or it could refer to Harry being drunk
and mean. Certainly, in the Drunk Dad ending, he's hardly the ideal father,
and this would seem to be the result of overindulging in alcohol.

Alcohol is a major theme in SHSM. Some of the psychiatrist's questions are
about alcohol, and whether or not you use it to relax. One area you can
visit is the bar. Dahlia makes numerous references to "being wasted," she
says she's always drunk and Harry is always drunk when he's around her.
Michelle may fix Harry a drink in the club. One of the ending videos
suggest Harry was a drunk.


A lot of those TV-addiction counselors like to say how alcoholism and drug
abuse tends to run in families, and I think that's what's happening here.
RealHarry was probably a bit of a drunk. Cheryl probably drinks and parties
a bit, if you consider some of the echo messages. Or it could just
be a way of showing the way that alcohol/drugs have affected Cheryl

One thing you will notice when examining photos is that a lot of faces are
obscured. Sometimes it seems nonsensical, like in the photos of young Cheryl
playing with her dog. We know who it is, why obscure the face? I think it's
to draw attention to the fact that faces are often obscured. The most blatant
example are the photos that Dahlia sends you with text messages. In each of
the three photos, the camera flash obscures her face. Why? Because she's a
projection. She's anybody. She's you. She's faceless this draws attention to
the strange characterisations. You may not yet have seen the endings, but it's
weird that you can't see her face. Once you have played more than one time,
you probably notice that people's clothing, hair, and personality changes.
The characters start off as sort of blank slates, they then mold themselves
to a personality type based on what you do. And what's more, this Dahlia
doesn't really exist. There is no good reason that young Cheryl's face is
obscured except to link it with young Dahlia in your mind, I think. You start
forming these connections in your mind even before you realize it's all the
same person. See also the paparazzi photos. In two of them, Cheryl is
covering her face. Sure. it's also because of the fact that some nosy person
is spying on her, but it's also more face-obscuring. In the other photo,
she's naked (the shower photo), which also reinforces that something is
missing or a bit off here. These aren't the only photos, either. The
pigtails echo message girl has her head down. So does the girl in the car,
though that girl is obviously dressed like Cheryl. Cheryl outside the
cinema has her head down.

Of course, the mugshots contrast with this. Of course the face must be in
full view in a mugshot, but think about when you receive this photo. It's
at the moment before everything is revealed. The Dahlia cellphone photos
have a level of fantasy/unreality about them. She's not real, and the photos
serve to keep Harry locked in this denial/delusion. The mugshots of Cheryl
show the harsh reality of the situation. Harry's dead. Cheryl has had a
rough time over the years. It's part of the reality that she's trying to
avoid for most of the game. Dahlia calls him when he leaves the boat, telling
him to turn back (that is, to stay in the delusion). Cybil points him in the
opposite direction, she keeps him going. She sends him a photo and text
bringing him closer to the truth. He keeps on going to the lighthouse, and
Cybil pulls him out. At this point, she is steering him further toward the
truth. I don't want to argue how "real" anyone is at this point, but as a
cop, Cybil represents reality, facts, truth.

A lot of memos and imagery relating to Lakeside Amusement Park is related
to fantasy. " and your family are drawn into our make believe world."
The game's opening video shows Harry and Cheryl poking their heads through
the board with the knight and princess on them, thus becoming fantasy
characters. The tape suggests that this is probably one of Cheryl's last
memories of Harry, and probably one of the most vivid, since it's on
videotape and she can replay it over and over again. Unlike some of the
endings, it's also a seemingly good memory of Harry; they both appear

Film & Video
This ties in closely with memory, but I think it also needs
to be mentioned on its own. It is clear that, at a young age, Cheryl
had a video recorder and used it a lot. Just like in A Clockwork Orange,
I think Cheryl feels that things only really seem real when you view
them on a screen. Memories in your head are one thing, but
Cheryl is obsessed with memories that are recorded on video,
as well. It is clear that many events in the game are not real in
any objective sense. The tapes, and possibly photos, represent some
of the only insights into Cheryl's reality that we have.
The opening video seems rather quaint and pointless before you've
played the game. I remember wondering what the hell this had to
do with a Silent Hill game. what do we learn from it? Well, we
learn that Cheryl loves her daddy. And just in case we forget, it's
rewound and repeated a few times. And Harry loves his daughter.
They seem happy enough. It's a fairly normal-looking scene: a man
and his young daughter enjoying a day at the amusement park. It
is more than that to Cheryl, though. I am reminded of reading
about OCD and hoarding behaviors, and some people will hold
on to complete junk because it reminds them of a deceased loved
one. Throwing away the dead person's junk seems like they are
throwing away part of the person; the memories and feelings are tied
with meaningless junk rather than just having the
memories in one's head. This also goes back to the box of mementos;
the game even tells you they are pointless, but they once meant
something to somebody. Cheryl collects the mementos and obsessively
watches home videos.

What is a lighthouse's purpose? To guide ships to shore, especially
if they are lost, or when the weather is bad. The lighthouse points
the way. In SHSM, lighthouses are everywhere.

"A winter Beacon," and "A Beacon, A Key" are mementos that take
the form of lighthouses (a lighthouse in a snowglobe, and a
keychain, respectively). In the cafe or the bar, whichever
you enter, there will be a stand with a donation box to "save
our lighthouse." There is a framed painting of a lighthouse in
Lakefront Souvenirs, and lighthouses on various signs.

And of course, it's significant that the game ends at The Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse is the destination, it shows us the way. In the
nightmare scenes, a light, like the light from a lighthouse, can
be seen in the distance, showing us which way to run. In the
beginning, we are lost and in a fog (metaphorically, there's not so
much real fog in this game) and once we find the lighthouse, we
find the truth.

There are a lot of themes of marriage and divorce as well. Kaufman asks you
to put together three couples,then jokes about which ones are still together.
The principle's password reminder talks about his "bitch ex wife." Michelle
and John have problems in their relationship. Kaufman tells the story of
Wilhelm, who wanted to marry the princess, but she wasn't in love with him.
The king grants permission, she runs away, and is trampled by a bull. We are
then asked who is most guilty, the king, Wilhelm, the princess, or the bull.
I think the important thing about the story is that it emphasizes guilt, and
Cheryl feels guilt about her parents' marriage. In one of the end videos, we
see Harry saying that he and his wife don't love each other anymore,but they
both still love Cheryl. Cheryl feels guilty. Her father then dies, probably
before they get a divorce, since he's still wearing his ring, but maybe not.
After that, Cheryl villifies her mother and idolizes her father, and also
feels guilty about his death.

Dr. K. says Cheryl has conflicted feelings about marriage.Her own parents'
marriage was on the rocks before Harry died. Dr. K says she blamed herself,
"as all children do." The Love Lost ending illustrates the marriage breaking
up; Harry explains that he and Dahlia don't love each other anymore,but they
both still love Cheryl. Then Harry prepares to drive away. He tries to keep
cheryl from videotaping this; it's not something he wants to preserve.The
Adam and Eve mementos show the way Cheryl might view her parents, as sort of
the Ur-Man and the Ur-Woman, rather than just any man and woman.And yet,like
Adam and Eve, they are not infallible. Not everything works out for the best,
in Cheryl's eyes. Their marriage breaks up. Their love does not last forever.
Regardless of her seeming feelings about her mother, she still seems to view
her as a larger than life figure. She's conflicted about marriage because
her parents' marriage was not working out. This is reflected in her own life,
in situations like the "Frigid" messages. She apparently has trouble showing
affection properly, and boyfriends find this off-putting. She's looking for
a father figure, and seeks out older men, not seeing right away that this is
not appropriate and also won't end well; the older men don't want a long-
lasting relationship with her; they are sexually attracted to her because she
is young and cute and willing to sleep with them. Even if she has gotten over
her sexual inhibitions at this point, she still makes bad choices about what
men she is with. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, almost. She doesn't
expect relationships to ever work, and then she puts herself in situations
with men that are guaranteed not to result in a healthy relationship.


Dr. K mentions "abnormal sexuality," but what is this really referring
to? Is it Cheryl's seeking out older men? That's probably part of it,
but I think it's also her was of looking at sexuality and relationships.
Otherwise, I don't see the point of including the Choking Game stuff
or the pigtails wig messages. Relationships in the game are
problematic. Feelings aren't mutual between the parties involved.
There is role-playing and abuse, even death in some situations.
In her real life, Cheryl witnessed her parents not getting along any
more. In her own life, she doesn't seem to have had fulfilling
relationships. The Frigid messages suggest she is, well, frigid. She
is shy and not affectionate in the relationship and the guy wants to
break up for this reason. She seems to have trouble expressing her
emotions, especially affection. There is also the sexual encounters
with the teacher, but this, too, is not a healthy relationship. He's
in a position of power because of his authority figure status and
age; her power over him is because she is young and sexually
available to him, but it isn't really much power because she is
insecure and looking for a paternal figure.

Lisa is used to express some of Cheryl's sentiments, especially the
idea that she looks for men who remind her of her father, and then
regrets it the next day. Obviously, her feelings on the matter of
sleeping with older men are mixed. She feels guilty about it, but
that doesn't keep her from repeating the mistake.

Michelle likes men who look like her father, too (though John does
not). She talks fondly of John and their relationship, so that, in
the beginning, we think everything is hunky-dory with them. When we
finally meet John, we learn that it's not. Michele has been
romanticising their relationship, it is not really working out all
that well. They break up. The "absence makes the heart grow fonder"
line is also important; it's what is happening in the game. Harry's
absence makes Cheryl romanticise his memory, just as Michele
romanticises about her relationship with John. The reality is not so
great; both cling to the fantasy person instead.

Though we never learn anything about Cybil's romantic relationships
with men, we do know she was fond of her father, to the extent of
wanting to be like him. Also, she doesn't mention him actually dying,
but she mentions a head injury, and that he was never the same after
that. She tells him to take care of himself, for his daughter's sake.
This is important because it refers very much to Harry's car crash
and actual death.

The principal's family is also pretty dysfunctional. He has divorced
his wife, and refers to his son as useless, despite the cute drawing
Otto made of himself and his father (it seems an unequal relationship;
the kid seems to like his dad). It seems that the principal has been
trying to contact his ex-wife, but she refuses to talk to him, and
seems very hostile toward him. It underlines the themes of divorce,
separation, love fading over the years, etc.

"Everything one invents is true" is printed on the Poetry as Precise as
Geometry pen memento. Certainly, Cheryl is very obsessed with the idea
of this idealized father she created because she missed her real father.

Just the idea of collecting pointless mementos (they don't affect your
game results in any way) shows how valued memories are to Cheryl. The
Adam memento says "never forget." The Memories untaken memento, a camera
or a roll of film, says "Capture the Fun! Memories to keep forever!"
There is also a Memories Undeveloped memento, a roll of film not yet
developed. The photo store is called "Photographic Memory," a phrase
Harry also uses when Lisa asks why he doesn't keep a notepad with him
at all times. This is interesting because, obviously, Harry's memory
in the game is terrible; he can never remember who people are or how
he got to certain places.

Another significant piece of dialogue occurs when you are walking with
Michelle, and she's talking about how she and John don't live together.
Harry: "They say absence makes the heart grow fonder." Harry then says
he believes that. It goes back to how Cheryl has idealized Harry. The
longer he's been dead, the more perfect he appears in her mind.


Cheryl is overly obsessed with her memories of Harry. Because she no
longer has the real Harry, the memories are all she has, and as time
passes, she idealizes these more and more.

Playing through the game, there are a few main branches you can take by
choice (not counting Diner/Bar, because one will be locked):
in the beginning you can go through the TV/electronics shop or the
dress shop. In the mall, you can go through the camera shop or the
hair salon. The types of shops here are interesting. TVs/VCRs that
are in the first shop represent memory; cheryl is obviously always
watching old home movies of Harry. Likewise, the camera shop
is also a way to preserve memories. What of the other two? They are
"girlier" choices, a dress shop and a hair salon. They could
represent sexuality in the sense of making oneself look good,
like the dress echo message in the dress shop. But according to
Dr. K, sex=death. Cheryl's delusions/fantasies are
related to the preservation of real and imaginary memories,
and point more toward denial of death.

Another thing is the choice of the planetarium vs. art studio.
The planetarium may not be a camera shop, but it does represent
science more than art.

I'm not entirely sure which choices affect the appearance of things
in the game.The sex- and alcohol-related questions are apparent enough,
but I don't know about the rest. I think it's likely that the choice
of shops you go into makes some sort of impact, though.

There is the hanging boy in the school and all the references to "The
Choking Game." In the forest, there is a echo about a boy who apparently
freezes to death and will soon be with his (apparently dead) brother. There
is a poster for a suicide hotline in the school.One of the momentos is a ring
that says "Ophelia" on it,and she died in "Hamlet" by drowning,then the other
characters aren't sure what kind of burial to give her in case it was suicide.
The knife memento says "all stories end in death."
Perhaps Cheryl was suicidal? Or it could just be another reference
to Harry's death. The Choking Game could be some attempt to alter one's
consciousness, or it could be autoerotic asphyxiation. The latter seems to
make more sense to me just because of the sexual themes.

Sex is a large theme in SHSM. Kaufman refers to sometimes to "strange
sexuality," or saying that to deny sex is to deny death itself. He says
it's not shrinks who are obsessed with sex, it's really the patients.
Insofar as "strange sexuality" goes, there are some fetishistic things
referred to in the game. The bit about the "choking game" and the photo
associated with it seems to refer to autoeroticasphiyxiation; the photos
in the Cat House seem somewhat bondage-y with the leather outfits. I
doubt these things mean much, especially the Cat House stuff, I think
it's more to just underline sexual themes in the game.

The biggest sexual "weirdness" is the Elektra-complex theme. Every woman
in the game seems to like men like their father. Michelle tells Harry he
dresses like her father. He's offended, but then she says she likes men
who look like her father. (John doesn't look like her father.) Lisa says
pretty much the same thing. Young Dahlia, who pretty much looks exactly
like the old Cheryl mugshot photo, has a sexual relationship with Harry.
When he forgets who she is, she asks him if he finds her attractive.
"You're young," he says. The videotape that is contstantly replayed
also reinforces this theme. "I love my daddy! I love my daddy! I love
my daddy!" It's even repeated ad nauseam, so you can't possibly ignore it.

Just like how John tells Michelle she's not really in love with him, she's
in love with the John in her mind, Cheryl is not really in love with Harry,
she's obsessed with an idealized version of him in her mind. The mementos
may give some insight into this as well.

Frigidity is also a recurring theme. There are voice mails about a woman
who is frigid. Kaufman talks about denying sex, and says people who are
getting enough don't need therapy. The whole idea of the ice worlds as
well as the snow could refer to frigidity.

Harry and Young Dahlia are presented more as archetypes than real people,
and this is further underlined by the Adam and Eve mementos, which have
pictures of Harry and Dahlia on them, respectively. Harry is being thought
of as Man, not just a Man, and Dahlia as Woman. This also helps to explain
why the women morph into one another and have similar attitudes on things
throughout the game. Harry goes to the club with Michelle, who then
turns into Dahlia, but they are both talking about the same SUV. Michelle
and Lisa are both attracted to men who look like their fathers. (The same
might be said about Young Dahlia, who has a sexual relationship with
Harry.) Harry as an archetype could also be seen in the opening video,
where he and Cheryl put their heads through the painted scene with the
princess and the knight; Harry as her knight in shining armor. "I love
my daddy." To progress in the game, you have to request a song called
"Daddy's Girl" on the hospital radio program. Harry says something about
Cheryl being daddy's little girl when talking to the bartender as well.
The pigtails voicemail about "daddy's little princess" is more of the
same. I don't think Cybil ever overtly says anything about men like her
father; however, she does reminisce on the times she spent driving around
with him in his patrol car (apparently he was a cop, too). Sure, that's
not the same thing, but it does make her a bit of a "daddy's girl" as
well, if she preferred to spend her time as a kid hanging around her
dad while he was working, and then she went on to have the same profession
as him. She wanted to be like him, so she probably idolized him in a way.
One of the "paparazzi" photos appears to be Dahlia in a car with a
teacher, and it says he's "old enough to be her father."


What can we extrapolate about the real life version of Cheryl from all
this? I think it's clear that she is attracted to older men and is looking
for "father figure" types. The "paparazzi" photos also allude to this, as
well as the "pigtails" messages. Young Dahlia/Cheryl is seen in a car with
a teacher, and the message says she can't wait to get to the motel. It
also suggests she's sleeping with the teacher and he gives her good grades.
The one "pigtails" message says the girl looks just like his daughter when
she's wearing her wig. The game relationship of Dahlia/Harry parellels
real-Cheryl's relationships with older men.

Addendum: After reading the interview with producer Tomm Hulett on, I am amazed he almost denies the Elektra complex
theme, saying she "loves her daddy," but not in a "creepy" way. As I
said above, I don't think she literally wants to marry her father,
either, but I just can't fathom denying a vaguely Elektra-ish
theme given the facts of all the woman being attracted to men
who remind them of their fathers, etc.

Since the main parts of this game take place in Cheryl's head, it would be
easy to just say they don't matter much because they aren't real. I don't
think it's that simple, though. During the course of the game, Harry
interacts with Cybil, Lisa, Michelle, Dahlia, and the bartender. So in this
section I am going to attempt to discuss the NPCs, whether they are real or
not, and their role in the game.

Later in the FAQ I discuss the purpose of the Raw Shocks, and I think some
of the characters serve pretty much the same purpose: to slow Harry down.
Rather than attacking him physically, they distract him and keep him away
from the lighthouse. Young Dahlia, Lisa, and Michelle, especially, mainly
serve as distractions.They are pretty young women, and Harry is attracted to
them. Not necessarily to the point of forgetting his real goal, but he does
end up getting with Dahlia, he may or may not check out Lisa in her underwear
while she's changing, and he seems to like Michelle a bit, also. Compare with
one of the ending bits when Dr K says, "You're obsessed with not having sex."
Sex is a distraction in the game.
Paying too much attention to the women around
could keep Harry from getting to the lighthouse and discovering the truth
right away. There is also Dr. K's "to deny sex is to deny death" statement,
suggesting Cheryl's "abnormal sexuality" stems from denying her father's

Apparently, Cheryl's projection of herself into this whole delusion/fantasy
using a younger version of her mother. Young Dahlia is the one that Harry
interacts with, mostly. Old Dahlia is the older version, Harry's apparently
estranged wife. Then there is Real Dahlia. She's the one in the locket, and
in the video endings. She's blonde but doesn't look much like the other two.

Dahlia v.1 - Young Dahlia
Young Dahlia's hair color and clothing varies depending on your gameplay.She
has blonde or dark hair, and she may be dressed more or less provocatively.
Dahlia is young. She emphasizes how she and Harry only are around each
other whenthey're drunk, and wonders if they'd even like each other sober.
She's flirtywith Harry and is having a sexual relationship with him.
Does this mean Cheryl actually wants to have sex with her father?
I don't believe so. Certainly, if the game is all fantasy, she
could just fantasize about herself and her father,
but she doesn't. She makes the relationship happen between her
father and an imaginary mother/self figure. I don't think the
YD/Harry sexual relationship is necessarily Cheryl wanting to
literally have sex with Harry; I think it's
the product of sexual confusion, idolizing her father, and
wanting to make him happy. Maybe Harry was a bit of a lecher
in real life, and maybe Cheryl thinks one way to please him
is for YD to have a sexual relationship with him.

This Dahlia seems to serve as a distraction. Otherwise, why would she end up
having sex with him?
He's got amnesia and he's worried about his missing daughter.
Not exactly a sexy situation. I think she's another character
to distract him and keep him from learning the truth.

Dahlia v.2 - Old Dahlia
Though not actually "old," I say "Old Dahlia" just to contrast her with YD,
upon whom she is clearly based.She is an older version of her, who is similar
in age to Harry, and they are/were married.Her appearance varies as well, but
in general,she's much less glamorous than YD. It's important to note that OD
is based on YD, and not Real Dahlia, because OD is aged more. OD is the
villified version of Dahlia, which, if you go by what Dr K says,
is also not real. He says her mother is not the monster she thinks she is.

This Dahlia also seems to be trying to get Harry closer to the truth, most
of the time. When Harry meets her at the Levin St house, she reminds him
that they are married, but before she can say much more, the world freezes.

Dahlia v.3 - Real Dahlia
Cheryl's real mother, the one in the endings and photos.We don't know a whole
lot about her, except that Cheryl's relationship with her is not all that
great.Cheryl might blame her mother somewhat for Harry's death,or just resent
her because she's alive and Harry isn't.

Some things about Lisa change based on your actions, but I need to think it
over more as to whether or not it's extremely important. I think it's likely
that Lisa is at least based on a real nurse. Sometimes she mentions being
attracted to older men and then regretting it the next day, which is more
of the theme of Cheryl going after older men who reming her of her father,
and then feeling conflicted about it. It's also interesting that Lisa is
disapproving of Cheryl's "bug collection." She "sees the creepy" in
everything. What is also interesting is that she says how she "doesn't
need a man" in her life, as opposed to some of the other characters
Michelle is clingy toward John, for example). While Michelle talks about
liking men who look/dress like her father, she doesn't put a value
judgement on it, and seems okay with this fact. Lisa, on the other hand,
is more negative about this and everything else, really. She's pessimistic
and disapproving. She likes older men, but she has regrets about it. When
she sees a butterfly, it's a "dirty, creepy bug" to her, not a "pretty

Lisa seems to distract Harry because she leads him to her apartment,
then calls him back after he's gone. She really doesn't help in
the search for Cheryl; she slows Harry down.

She dresses rather differently depending on your actions, but the general
sense is that she is an attractive, idealistic, romantic woman. Like Lisa,
she claims to like men who remind her of her father.Harry apparently dresses
like her father. She says, "You're younger than you look" or something to
that effect, further emphasizing the old/young, mature/immature themes. He
dresses like her father, but isn't really that old. (Related: Also bear in
mind that since Harry died 18 years ago, he obviously hasn't aged since
he's not alive. He's frozen in time at the age he was 18 years ago. I don't
know how old he was supposed to be, but while the age difference between
Cheryl and her mother remained constant over the years, the difference
between Cheryl and Harry got smaller. He's only alive in her memories, but
always at the same age. As time goes by, the gap between their ages closes
in. She might not only be attracted to men like her father unconsciously,
but as time goes by, her father seems more like an agemate of hers. He
remains youthful in her memory, while her mother grows older and Cheryl
grows into a young woman).

Michelle is helpful at times, though. She wants to help Harry get to his
house, she suggests he call the phone number, she and John start to drive
him but don't make it due to their argument. They lead him to a place that
is very important in Cheryl's memory, though: the amusement park.

Her looks and personality change drastically based on your actions, but
in general, she's the tougher female character here. She doesn't outright
say anything about being attracted to men who resemble her father, but she
seemed to idolize her father as a child, even growing up to work as a police
officer like him. The affection for her father is there, it's just not

What is interesting about Cybil is she's often leading Harry closer to the
truth. When she says she looked up the file on Harry Mason, and is about to
ask him about it, the world freezes up to keep her from telling Harry more.
The delusions often have to sort of attack Cybil, or Harry would progress
too quickly. Cybil could somewhat represent the conflict inside of Cheryl.
A lot of her wants to keep this delusion, to hold on to this image of her
father alive and well; but then another part knows it's not the truth and
that she must eventually let it go and move on. Cybil pushes her toward
this eventual acceptance of the truth.

The relationship between Cybil and Cybil's dad closely parellels the real
relationship between Cheryl and Harry. Cybil's dad didn't die in that way,
he was attacked and "not the same" after, perhaps brain damaged in some
way. However, the relationship changed then. In a way, it was like he died.
The relationship was one of admiration, not in any way sexual. Likewise,
I think Cheryl loved and admired Harry while he was alive, but didn't
actually want to have sex with him or anything like that. It was a normal
relationship. In contrast, the relationships between other characters in
the delusion are abnormal in some way.

Okay, not really an "other character," but there may be more to
say about her as well. What do we know about Cheryl? Dr. K says
she's been deluding herself since her father died, 18 years ago.
She was 7. That would make her about 25.
She doesn't get along with her mother.
She has an "abnormal sexuality," which
could refer to the Frigid messages, the Paparazzi messages,
Pigtails, and
being attracted to older men. She has been in trouble
with the law, according
to the Problem Child messages.

He's very much the opposite of Michelle. She's a singer; he's a lawyer.
She's more of a romantic/dreamer, and John is more realistic. He
came back to Silent Hill to break up with Michelle, saying their
relationship is "running off of fumes" and really isn't a relationship.
Michelle still clings to the idea of moving in with him and maybe
having a family. I think the John/Michele scenes
mainly serve to show us that Cheryl has conflicted feelings about

Certainly, this partly exists so you can figure out how to use the cellphone
camera function. However, our first ghostly image is of a young Cheryl on a
swingset, followed immediately by an echo message asking for help from Harry.
The young girl on the swings makes her seem young; the call shows she's in
trouble. It is like the opening movie; she's the damsel in distress. She
wants Harry to save her. Another interesting thing is that two of the ghost
photos are of young Cheryl, while all the others are older or seemingly
unrelated. There is also the photo of Cheryl and Harry with their heads
through the board thingy in the park later in the game.

When you reach the last lodge and go in, you notice a shadowy figure
kneeling on a sheet or blanket with a pool of blood in the middle.
This could mean a lot of things. Blood is used more in the forest
than anywhere; there's the "Joel" messages, where the boy's father
is berating him for being a sissy while taking him hunting. The bear
is all bloody in some playthroughs. There is the ghost image of the
dead deer over the sink in the lodge. Blood represents death, the
deer is dead, Joel shot him in the "cycle of death" messages.
Depending on the message, it might also say how proud grandpa
will be, and that he's now a man. I find this particularly
interesting, because blood may not only mean death. Recall that
Cheryl isn't really 7 years old, and that sexuality and womanhood
is also a prevalent theme. The figure is kneeling over a sheet
covered in blood. Could this be a metaphor for womanhood as well?
Traditionally, a sheet with blood on it would be hung out after a
woman's wedding night, not only to "prove" she was a virgin beforehand,
but also to mark the transition from childhood to a new status as a
grown woman. Joel becoming a man = Cheryl becoming a woman, growing up.
Blood represents rebirth as well, death of childhood and rebirth as
an adult. Joel "becomes a man" by killing a deer as a rite of passage.
Cheryl becomes a woman, not necessarily by killing anything, and not
necessarily related just to menstruation, but I think the blood still
stands for both death and rebirth. The game shows that sexuality has
been a major problem of Cheryl's. That's why blood, not just a more
obvious metaphor for menstruation, but also for sexual maturity in a
more general sense (puberty -> sexual maturity) takes place at the
beginning of a nightmare sequence; becoming a woman and having
relationships and sexual experiences isn't something Cheryl thinks
on fondly. Similar: the paintings in the bordello of scantily-clad
women with butterfly wings. Butterfly=grown version of caterpillar,
mature version. Cheryl starts out as a 7 year old, immature,
caterpillar-like and struggles with sexual maturity, represented
by things like the scantily clad women. Joel apparently doesn't
like hunting much, he's crying and his father is screaming at him
for being a sissy. It's a traumatic experience for him. He's been
pushed into it by his father, who apparently can't be proud of him
for other things he's done. He wants his son to go hunting and bring
home a deer. He's the one who insists that it's a rite of passage
and needs to be done to "become a man." Cheryl certainly wasn't
pushed into adulthood by Harry in precisely the same way; he died
long before she hit puberty. Still, it could be said she had to
grow up faster due to the stress of her parents fighting and then
Harry dying. And then, after puberty, she ended up mixing sexuality
into it by sleeping with older men/father figures. I thought maybe
it could be something like miscarriage/abortion, but I'm not too sure
about that.

Additionally, it could just be taken at face value: blood in a hunting
lodge probably means someone slaughtered an animal there. Certainly,
there are plenty of slaughtered animals nearby in the Orion hunting
lodge: the bear, the deer, a rabbit. There's a ghost deer above the
sink and a dead deer under the back porch. When you enter the last
lodge in the area, you see the ghost figure kneeling over the blood
pool in the middle of the floor. This could mean that Joel slaughtered
the deer here, or just serve as a reminder of animal slaughter (which
is also a "loss of innocence" theme in Joel's case).


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Plot/easter eggs/memos guide

Post by nur_ein_tier on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:11 am

The room with the music box puzzle has a message about the vacation
going badly. The child has cut herself. The father is busy getting
drunk and not looking after her.
The mother is busy talking on the phone and can't be bothered,
either. I think this only shows that Cheryl felt neglected and traumatized
by the problems in her parents' marriage.

This sets a scene of a woman parking with a man;the photo is of a
crying girl in the passenger seat. He wants to have sex; she does not.
This ties in well with the Frigid messages. She threatens to tell her
dad. When you take the photo, it shows Cheryl crying. This probably
represents a scene of her and her boyfriend.

The general gist of these messages is that the father is spoiling her,
feeding her chocolates, taking her toys, and also trying to make the
mother feel bad (because she is not there). Like the song you have to
request from the radio, Cheryl is "daddy's girl." Harry is the one there
with her in the hospital.

It is interesting that the nightmare sequences start out very complex
and similar to reality, then they begin to break down and become more
confusing, yet more simplistic and dreamlike. The first nightmare part
in the city streets looks a lot like the same city streets do normally.
The mall seems a lot like a mall, etc. Eventually, though, the sequences
start to become weirder and more repetitive. Repetition is a big theme
in the game though, even the opening video. Consider the labyrinth part.
You start out going down, and you are descending further and further
into Cheryl's mind. This part has images of Cheryl and Harry, repeating
pictures and rooms across from where you are running/floating down.
Then you reach the area with the chair, lights, and broken glass. The
room is huge, yet black and it has very little in it. When you reach the
broken mirror, you teleport into the next area, which has a mirror, which
also teleports you. These next areas resemble a home. The labyrinth has
hallways with ice over them, and then a repeating area with a couch and
a television playing the opening video. Clearly, this is supposed to
remind us of Cheryl sitting around in front of the TV, watching home
videos over and over. Later, we come to the part with the invisible walls,
ending with a frozen statue scene of Dahlia sitting on the bed, just like
in the scene where Harry meets her.

This is the weirdest nightmare sequence, probably, because there is almost
nothing there, and you can't survive it (!). Why include a place you can't
survive? Well, SH1 and SH3 both did this in the opening, but I don't think
this is referencing those. I think the reason Harry dies again here is
to drive home that Harry is dead. It's also a fairly sparse area; just some
statues and water. It's interesting that the Raw Shocks get frozen here.
Previously, people (Cybil, Lisa, etc) would get frozen after a scene that
revealed some information on what was really happening, in order to keep
Harry from his goal. Then a nightmare sequence would start, further
distracting Harry (and you, the player) from thinking too much about things.
Here, the Raw Shocks, the very same creatures that always chase you in the
nightmare sequences, are the things getting frozen. As Harry says to Dahlia
on the phone, it's too late to turn back now. The Raw Shocks are useless now,
Harry has come too far and learned too much.

I think the sparseness of the sequence reflects how Cheryl's delusions are
becoming less powerful and breaking down more and more. Harry can see statues
of Cheryl and himself at the bottom of the lake; more memories of better
times. However, these statues are at the bottom of a frozen lake.


(1) Operator: Thank you for calling silent Hill Customer
Service Center. How can I help you?
Harry: My daughter is missing.
Operator: Okay sir, I will transfer you straight
through to the police line
Harry: No, wait... Damn.

(2) Operator: Thank you for calling Silent Hill
customer service.
Harry: I...
Operator: Can you hold for one moment?
Harry: No, I ...
Harry: What?

(3) Operator: Sorry, all of our operators are busy on
other calls. Please hold...

(1) Please hold for directory assistance.

(2) Please hold for directory assistance.
What city please?
Silent Hill.
Silent... Hill?
[dial tone]

(1) Operator: 911 What is your emergency?
Harry: My daughter.. my daughter is missing.
Operator: 911 What is your emergency?
Harry: My daughter, my daughter is missing.
Operator: Hello, caller, please speak up so
I can hear you.
Harry: My 7 year old daughter is missing.
Operator: Caller, I'm having trouble hearing you.
Please stay on the line.
Harry: Shit.

(2) Operator: 911 What is your emergency?
Harry: My daughter.. my daughter is missing.
Operator: 911 What is your emergency?
Harry: My daughter is missing.
Operator: Is there anyone there? Is this a prank call?
Harry: No! No my daughter is missing.
Operator: Okay, I'm going to hang up now

(3) Operator: 911 What is your emergency?

Alchemilla Hospital - 555-9400
Welcome to Alchemilla. Your call will be answered in the order
it was received. Health care is about more than just science.
Here at Alchemilla, we are about the art of healthcare,
putting the patient first.

Bodkin Insurance - 555-3800
(1) Thank you for calling Bodkin Health Insurance. At Bodkin,
your family is our priority. We are currently experiencing
technical difficulties and cannot answer your call at this
time. Please try again later. Ensure your family is protected
and safeguard their future with a comprehensive Bodkin Health
Plan. Because life is too precious

(2) Thank you for calling Bodkin Health Insurance. At Bodkin,
your family is our priority. This office is now closed.
For sales inquiries please call back during office hours.
To make a claim, call the number in your starter pack.
Ensure your family is protected and safeguard their future
with a comprehensive Bodkin health plan. Because life is
too precious.

Brodie Insurance - 555-3900
(1)Thank you for calling Brodie Mutual Home Insurance.
With Brodie, you're covered. This office is now closed.
For sales inquiries please call back during office hours.
To make a claim, call the number in your starter pack.
At Brodie we replace all items with exact replacements.
So when the worst happens, you won't miss a thing.

(2)Thank you for calling Brodie Mutual Home Insurance.
With Brodie, you're covered. We are currently experiencing
technical difficulties and cannot answer your call at
this time. Please try again later. At Brodie we
replace all items with exact replacements. So when
the worst happens, you won't miss a thing.

Brookhaven Hospital - 555-9300
Brookhaven Hospital. Mental health care with a personal touch.
Please call back during office hours to speak to a care representative
or staff nurse. At Brookhaven we know the brain
is more than just an organ.

Superintendant (Nightgale Apt) 555-4139
(1) Superintendent: Sorry, sorry, my kid's been acting up.
Haven't had much sleep. What can I do?
Harry: Sorry if I woke you.
-It's fine, it's fine. What can I do?
Harry: I don't know. I guess... I don't know.

(2)I'm not able to take a call right now. Please note,
if you are calling to request maintenance or an
inspection that has not previously been scheduled by
your landlord, I will require your tenant repair
contract number... found in your tenant's package.
If you have lost your number, you must receive a new
one from your landlord before any work can be booked.
Thank you for your help in keeping Nightingale Apartments
in great condition.

(3)Hey, this is Gary. As of last Monday any and all
requests for maintenance work or non-scheduled inspections
must be delivered to the building superintendent, myself,
in writing. This complies with the small print in your
lease agreement. If you are calling to ask about the
elevator repair, rest assured we are investigating the
matter but have had trouble locating spares and ask
that you continue to use the stairs.

(4)Get off my back!
This is important.

-I'm calling because-
-You a tenant?
-No. No, I just..
-Ah, Christ. Do you know what time it is?
-Why don't you go wake up some other prick.

How am I driving? - 555-7243
(1) Hi. You've reached HOW AM I DRIVING? Have you witnessed
erratic or aggressive driving? All incidents of
offensive driving will be reported to the vehicle
owner. If you wish to report an incident please state
the license plate now.

(2) Hi. This number has already reported an incident
today. We can only log a single incident per caller
in a given twenty four hour period. We have this
restriction in order to safeguard our systems against
prank callers or malicious complaints. If your complaint
is genuine, please call back within office hours when
an operator will be able to assist.

(3) Hi. You've reached HOW AM I DRIVING? To report
incidents of drivers sleeping at the wheel, driving
too slowly, or dangerous lane behavior, please state
the highway on which the incident occurred.

(4)You've reached HOW AM I DRIVING? If you have witnessed
aggressive driving, drunkenness, or other incidents,
please state the location where the incident occurred.

(5)Hi. You've reached HOW AM I DRIVING? Please state the
incident you wish to report: Offensive Behavior,
Illegal Parking, Curb Crawling, Tailgaiting.

Woodland Properties - 555-6128
Woodland Properties… Vacations in the great outdoors.
Please call back during office hours and our sales
agents will do their best to provide you and your
family with the best vacation package for you. Vacation
time should be quality time. Enjoy the wonders of nature
in the luxurious surroundings of a Woodlands Properties Lodge.

The Cat House - 555-5477
(1) Man: Hi this is the Cat House. Gentlemen, do we have some nasty
females for you. They’re caged and in heat. Yours to do with
as you want. Forty five minutes with one of our cats is just
$200. For $300, she’s yours for one and a half hours. Your
money assures her obedience.

Cine-Fone - 555-3663
(1) Welcome to Cine-fone. Take a listen to the forthcoming features
in your area. Together Forever. True love against all odds. Two
star-crossed lovers fight to be together. Thei passion, their
story. [woman's voice] “Kiss me. Kiss me like it’s the first
kiss you’ve ever tasted.” [man] “Your lips are all I know.”
Movies audiences across America have taken this couple to their
hearts. A romance for our times. Together Forever. Rated PG 13.

(2) Welcome to Cine-fone. Have a listen to the forthcoming
features in your area. Dearest Mother.She was the was the
perfect mother, in search of the perfect opportunity to
shine. "You've been the best mom.
Now it's your turn too live your life."
This heartwarming take will lift the spirts of
families everywhere, with a story of love and
strength in the face of
adversity. Rated pg 13

(3) Welcome to Cine-fone. Have a listen to the forthcoming
features in your area. The Dancer. She had a body, and she
needed to use it. Sweat. Tears. Lipstick "the way you dance.
It's like you wanna screw everyone in the audience."
"You wish. Dancing is better than sex."
"You've never slept with me."
"You've never danced with me."
Audiences across America are sweating in the theaters watching
The Dancer, one of the hottest movies ever to be screened in
public theaters. The Dancer is this week's major movie turn on.
Rated R.

(4) Welcome to Cine-fone. Take a listen to the forthcoming
features in your area. Good Poison. After the first taste,
you're hooked. "It's like nothin; you've ever tried before.
It's 0 to 60 in a second!"From an early age, Stevie Moss
found himself surrounded by bad influences - "Go on stevie,
let's get high then get nasty!" - and he made the most of
them. A tale of our times. A story about being bad and getting
away with it. Audiences around America are getting buzzed on
Good Poison. Rated R.

The operations center is closed right now. Information
regarding hunting dates, zone demarcations and the purchase
of hunting and fishing permits can be found on our website.
In the event of an out of hours emergency, please call local
emergency services.

Mr Gordon - 555-5464
Is this another prank call? [breathing] You speak up! Do you
think this is scaring me? I don’t deserve this! [hangs up]

Honey Trap - 555-5477
(2) Woman: Hi, this is Candy at the Honey Trap. If you're
looking for a once in a life time experience,
every night of the week, this is the
place to be. Our girls are handpicked for their
unparelled beauty and their dedication to the art of
pleasure. For 45 minutes with a Honey Trap beauty,
the charge is $200. This does not include drinks.
We offer a member's deal with
awards discount and priority booking.
Ask about it your next visit.

Job Ad (Mall) - 555-7872
(1)You are through to the voicemail of Susan
Ford, H.R. Administrator at Toluca Mall Enterprises.
Here at Toluca Mall, we are proud of an organization
built on tradition. We offer our employees security
with health plan enrollment, and a sworn duty of
care to our staff and their families. Our organization
rewards hard work and is proud of its community
initiatives. If you are interested in seeking
employment with Toluca Mall Enterprises, please call
back during office hours or come by and visit us at
the management suite of Toluca Mall.

(2)You're through to the voicemail of Susan Kennedy,
H.R. Promoter at Toluca Mall Enterprises. We're
always seeking new and bright staff to help us
take The Experience to our customers. We are looking
for natural performers, people who understand that
commerce is as much about the experience as the product.
Do you have a drive to entertain? Are you creative
and a natural communicator? We have many interesting
opportunities here at the Toluca Mall. Call back
during working hours, or come by and visit at the
management offices on the first floor.

(3)You're through to the voicemail of Susan
Jefferson, Head of HR at Toluca Mall Enterprises.
If you are calling to inquire about vacancies or
other positions within our organization, please
direct yourself to our website. Fill in the simple
referral form there with your details, attaching a
resume and a reference form from your current
employment. Once the form has been processed we
will contact you. Thank you.

(4)You're through to Toluca Mall Enterprises
HR department. Susan Spencer is no longer employed
by this company. For all HR inquiries please
contact us by mail.

Join Tookie - 555-8665
(1) Hi, this is Jeri. If you are calling regarding the forthcoming
Tookie production, unfortunately this has been cancelled. We
apologuize for any upset or inconvenience this may have caused.
I know many of you have cancelled plans and made special efforts
to make sure your children were free to participate. Unfortunately,
changing corporate priorities have meant the funding previously
available to our Tookie community projects has been cut and we
cannot afford to proceed as the cost of insurance is prohibitive.
Thanks again for your interest.

(2) Toluca Mall will be shooting an exciting series of
educational videos teaching children about the joys of shopping.
We are looking for children aged four to ten years old,
capable of performing and speaking to camera. All participants
will get to keep their clothing from the day as a bonus. Toluca
Mall Enterprises reserves all rights to the footage and the use
of all likenesses and name of participants in any, and all
future promotions, videos, marketing literature, and artwork.
Please leave a name and number after the beep and we'll
get back to you!

(3)Toluca Mall will be shooting an exciting series of
educational videos teaching children about mall safety.
We are looking for children aged four to ten, of Caucasian
descent, with blonde or brunette hair. Children must be clear-
sighted, or be able to perform without eye wear. Toluca Mall
Enterprises reserves all rights to the footage and the use
of all likenesses and names of participants in any, and all
future promotions, videos, marketing literature, and artwork.
Please leave a name and number after the beep and
we'll get back to you!

(4)Hey, Tookie here! I'm looking for happy young kids
to star in an exciting video all about me and the place
I call home, The Toluca Mall! Tookie here... I'm...
Mall!... kids... call home... video,video…

Konami Customer Support Line - 220-8330
(1) thank you for calling Konami Customer Support. How may I assist
you today? Um, hello? Hello? Our caller ID shows that you are
calling from Silent Hill. I regret to inform you that you are
beyond even our help.

(2)Thank you for calling Konami Customer Support. Due to an
unusually high call volume, all of our agents are currently busy.
Please hold and your cry for help will be answered in the
order that it was receive

(3)Thank you for calling Konami Customer Support. Hello?
Oh, is this the call about the UFO hunt? Sorry, you must
have gotten disconnected! Okay, so 13 UFOs have been scattered
throughout the game. If you find one, photograph it with your
cell phone. If you take a picture of all 13, you'll unlock
the bonus ending. Good luck out there!

(4)Thank you for calling Konami Customer Support. Unfortunately
our office is closed at this time. Our hours of operation
are Monday through Friday from 9am Pacific Standard Time to
5pm Pacific Standard Time. Please call back again during our
normal operating hours.

Lakeside Amusement Park - 555-3253
(1) Expand your mind at Lakeside Amusement Park. Step off the
lakefront and let your imagination run wild as you enter our
fantasy kingdom. The possibilities are endless as you and your
family are drawn into our make believe world.

(2)Lakeside Amusement Park - the park of he future! The
latest rides and attractions are waiting for you and your
family. Step off the lakefront and into a world of fantasy
and technology!

(3)Lakeside Amusement Park has been a standout feature
of the Silent Hill lakeside for over two decades. A world
of fantasy and adventure, the park has a commitment to
safety and value, making it the ultimate family day out!

(4)Lakeside Amusement Park welcomes you to a world of
freedom and excitement! Step off the street and into a
fantasy playground where everyone is born again as a
child. No family vacation is complete without a trip to
the fantasy kingdom on the lakefront.

Lakeview Hotel - 555-2502
Lakeview Hotel is closed for the season. Isolaated in the lush
surroundings of the Toluca Lakefront, the Lakeview is Silent hill's
premier luxury hotel. Yeares of service have established the
Lakeview as the choice for the important occasions in life. Visit
soon and make the Lakeview your "special place."

Lost Children - 555-5678
(1) Lakeside Amusement Park is closed at present. We are committed to
creating a safe and responsible environment for your family to enjoy
and have taken several steps to help protect visitors young and old.
Our visiotor information kiosk can provide smart tags to attach to
children’s clothing, allowing their whereabouts to be monitored
whilst they are in the park. We have also produced a leaflet
outlining all safety factors on our rides and have instituted
a health=first policy in jour restaraunts to ensure the food
served in the park is healthy and allergen-free.

(2) Lakeside Amusement Park is closed at present. The protection
of our little guests is our utmost concern and we are always
on guard against threats to safety and well-being. Should your
child become separated do not shout out to find them. Doing so
may alert potential child predators to the fact there is a child
alone in the park. Inform park staff who will initiate a
search and alert the front gate.

(3)Lakeside Amusement Park is closed at present. The safety
of the children who visit our park is of utmost concern to
us and to our staff. However, it is the responsibility of
parents or guardians to take care of the children in their
party and to ensure they follow the safety guidelines and
regulations posted on site. Lakeside Amusements cannot be
held responsible for accidents or injury relating to improper
use of park equipment or behavior that violates safety guidelines.

(4)Lakeside Amusement Park is closed at present. The safety
of our young guests is something we care deeply about. We
recommend that visiting children be dressed in bright clothing,
making them easier to spot should they become separated from
their family. If your children have a special amusement park
outfit that they wear for trips out, it will be easy for you
to recall what they are wearing in the event they become lost
and you are panicked or confused.

Lotus - 555-5477
(3) Man: This is the Lotus Health Club. We offer many services to our
clients, who wish to get world-class relaxation and healthy
treatments. Forty-five minutes with a masseuse will cost $200. For
$300, you get a premium massage and service. All rooms have showers
and privacy is assured.

Midwich School - 555-5122
(1)You've reached Midwich High School. With facilities that
are at the cutting-edge of education, we are preparing the
next generation of achievers. Midwich High School is currently
closed due to severe weather. Snow day conditions apply.

(2)You've reached Midwich High School. With cutting edge
technology and a modern learning environment, Midwich is
empowering students to lead the world of the future. Midwich
High School is currently closed due to severe weather. Snow
day conditions apply.

(3)You've reached Midwich High School. Here at Midwich, every
student feels special. Our students' emotional well-being is as
important as their academic achievement. Midwich High School is
currently closed due to severe weather. Snow day conditions apply.

(4)You've reached Midwich High School, a learning environment
where students are encouraged to find their own achievements
and make the school their own. Midwich High School is
currently closed due to severe weather. Snow day conditions apply.

Midwich School Newspaper
(1) Midwich High News Desk. We're out of the office right now. If you're
calling to be interviewed for the bullying feature in our next issue,
leave the details and we'll get back to you.

(2) Midwich High News Desk. No one is here right now, guess there's a really
important story breaking somewhere. If you're calling to be interviewed
for the forthcoming feature on recreational drug use, uh, please leave
your contact details and we'll get back to you.

(3) Midwich High News Desk. We're out of the office right now. Oh, if you're
calling to tell us about the spelling mistake on the poster,
thanks, we got it.

(4) Midwich High News Desk. We're out of the office right now. If you're
calling to be interviewed for the features on STDs, leave the details
and we'll get back to you.

Tour of the universe - 555-2264
(1)Midwich High School presents the origin of life! Gaze at the
stars and listen as we explain how life as we know it came to
be: the big bang. Around twenty billion years ago, the universe
consisted of a nothing but compact ball of hydrogen, protons,
neutrons, electrons and their anti-particles... plus radiation.
There were no planets or stars. No suns or galaxies. No people.
Five billion years ago, the compact hydrogen soup exploded with
huge force, and matter shot out in all directions. The universe
doubled in size. The expansion of the universe continues today.
The explosion caused a great decrease in the density and temperature
of the universe and no new particles were formed. Now particles
and anti-particles battled in a frenzy of self-destruction. This
left the universe with a much reduced collection of positively-
charged nuclei and negatively-charged electrons in what we
call a "plasma soup." Everything we see in the world today was
created in this incredible explosion five billion years ago.
Just as life and death rule on the human scale, so are these
the forces that dominate on the galactic scale.

(2)Hi there! My name is Star and I'm here to give you an
overview of the Solar System. What's the Solar System? The
Solar System is what we call our sun and the planets that
orbit around it, including our own Earth! The Sun is a star,
like me, but much bigger. The Sun is the source of all energy
in our solar system and really hot - eleven thousand degrees!
The planets orbit around the Sun. There are eight in all.
Wait... what was that? Yes, you might have heard that there
are nine planets. But not anymore! The ninth planet Pluto,
an icy rock at the edge of the solar system, is no longer
counted as a planet. Sorry, Pluto but you're just not big
enough! That leaves eight planets, including our own. They
are, heading out from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I like Earth the best,
I bet you do too!

Mr Gordon - 555-555-5464
(1)Is this another prank call? You speak up. You think
this is scaring me? I don't deserve this.

(2)This is Mr. Gordon. For the sake of my wife and my
kids, please stop calling my house. And while you're at
it, stop spreading these vile rumors. None of it is true.
The kids made it all up.

(3)Hello. Hello. Have the guts to say something.
Are you one of my kids? This is not funny.

(4)This is Officer Bailey from the Silent Hill Police
Department. We are monitoring calls to this number
after a harassment complaint. Your details have been logged.

Tammy - 555-7588
(1)Yeah.. Tammy. Who's that. Craig? Nate?
That you Steve? Okay, I'm hanging up. Get your
rocks off somewhere else.
[phone number written on school wall]

(2)-Drunken Fun 101. It's Tammy. Someone there?

(3)This is a voicemail. I've changed my number, so I don't
have to listen to you losers anymore. You think it's funny
- it's not. Oh, whoever it was who spoke to my mom, screw
you. You sick bastards.

Toluca Mall
(1)Toluca Mall has ceased operations. Debtors and creditors
of Toluca Mall Enterprises should contact the Hayes Bader
Bank for details of the foreclosure and liquidation of the
company. Toluca Mall Enterprises has ceased to do business
and can no longer honor prior contracts. Those who have
purchased Toluca Mall V.I.P. Memberships are unfortunately
not entitled for compensation for the unused portion of
their membership. Questions about warranties and refunds
on purchased goods should be sought with individual retailers.

(2)Welcome to Toluca Mall. Welcome to The Experience. I'm
wearing a daring black mini-dress, diamond earrings to die
for, and I'm dripping in the fragrance. I'm on my way to
take in a movie, then having dinner with a gentleman who
looks great in tight jeans. This is The Experience. This
is Toluca Mall. What's your experience? Come visit today
to find out.

(3)Welcome to Toluca Mall, home of The Experience.
All under one roof and within five minutes of beautiful
Toluca Lake. All the shopping, dining, and entertainment
you need... in one place. Call in today to enroll as a
Toluca Mall VIP and help yourself to our amazing value
store card with low, low rates of eighteen percent APR
on all purchases. Enroll today and receive a free gift
as well as access to exclusive events and promotions!

(4)Welcome to Toluca Mall, home to The Experience.
Step off the streets and into a carefree shopping,
dining, and entertainment experience. Leave your worries
behind and bask in the relaxed ambiance that is our specialty.
Toluca Mall... your sanctuary from the stresses and
strains of everyday life.
Toluca Water Tours - 555-2628
(1)All our tours are currently suspended due to the weather. This includes
our Toluca Party Cruise. At this time, we cannot refund ticketholders.
We’re sorry but the weather is outside our control and our insurance does
not cover us. We know, it sucks.

(2)Toluca Water Tours are currently suspended due to the weather.
Any tickets for our Nighttime Romance cruise will be refunded at
our kiosk lakeside. We're really sorry, but we don't want to be the
next Titanic. Stay in and cuddle up in bed instead.

(3)All Toluca Lake tours are currently suspended due to severe weather.
We've had to cancel the Wine & Dine cruise but will refund ticket
holders fully for the price of their ticket and any pre-booked drinks.
We're sorry, but a frozen Lake Toluca is not a good place to be.

Towing - 555-0719
(1)This office is closed. To reclaim a vehicle, please report to the
tow lot on Cotter Street between eight am and seven pm. Drivers will
need to bring the vehicle title and a valid state driver's license.
Personal checks will not be accepted. All outstanding amounts must be
settled in cash or with credit card payment.

(2)This office is closed. To reclaim a vehicle, please report to the
tow lot on Cotter Street between eight am and seven pm. Drivers will
need to bring the vehicle title and a valid state driver's license.
The state parking office is currently implementing a safe driver
immunity scheme, which will waive some of its tow fees in situations
where the vehicle owner has exceeded parking restrictions in order
to avoid drunk driving. These cases are reviewed at the discretion
of the Parking Citation Review Manager.

(3)This office is closed. To reclaim a vehicle, please report to
the tow lot on Cotter Street between eight am and seven pm. Drivers
will need to bring the vehicle title and a valid state driver's
license. If you wish to dispute the legality of your vehicle seizure,
you may obtain a review from the Parking Citation Review Manager.
Good luck with that.

(4)This office is closed. To reclaim a vehicle, please report to the
tow lot on Cotter Street between eight am and seven pm. Drivers
will need to bring the vehicle title and a valid state driver's
license. If you do not retrieve your vehicle within fifteen days
from the issue date of your tow notice, it will be sold or destroyed.

Toy Car Recall - 555-7325
(1) Hello, and welcome to the Evans/Schelle toy recall line. To determine
if your product is included in the current recall, please listen to the
following information. The affected toy is the red hot racer miniature
car. The affected toys were assembled by a specific subconrtracto during
a limited time frame. Please look on the underside of the toy and look
for a six digit alphanumeric code on the bAse of the car, such as 3255rx.
If this code beigns with the numbers 42, 43, or 46 then your product is
included in our recall program. Please store the toy in a safe place and
call back during office hours to arrange a refund. Here are Evans/Schelle,
of paramount importance to us is the safety of the children who play with
our toys. We value the trust of the families who have chosen to make our
toys part of their lives, and always respond immediately to any issues
that pose a potential threat, however small.

(2)Welcome to the Allaby toy recall line. To determine if your product
is included in the current recall, please listen to the following
information. The affected toy is the Red Hot Racer miniature car. The
affected toys were assembled by a specific subcontractor during a limited
timeframe. Please look at the underside of the toy and check for a six
digit alphanumeric code on the base of the car, such as 3255RX. If this
code begins with the numbers 42, 43 or 46, then your product is included
in our recall program. Please store the toy in a safe place and call back
within office hours to arrange a refund. Here at Allaby, the safety of
the children who play with our toys is of paramount importance to us.
We value the trust of the families who have chosen to make our toys
part of their lives and always respond immediately to any issues
that pose a potential threat, however small.

(3)Welcome to the Big Boy Toys recall line. To determine if your
product is included in the current recall, please listen to the following
information. The affected toy is the Red Hot Racer miniature car. The
affected toys were assembled by a specific subcontractor during a limited
timeframe. Please look at the underside of the toy and check for a six digit
alphanumeric code on the base of the car, such as 3255RX. If this code begins
with the numbers 42, 43 or 46, then your product is included in our recall
program. Please store the toy in a safe place and call back during office
hours to arrange a refund. At Big Boy Toys we know you have a choice when
you spend your hard-earned money on your children's toys. Big Boy Toys works
to provide inexpensive, entertaining and safe toys for your family. We will
always act quickly when our quality control discovers a defect in a toy we
have manufactured.

(4)This is the Tomo Biru toy recall line. To determine if your product
is included in the current recall, listen to the following information.
The affected toy is the Red Hot Racer miniature car. The affected toys
were assembled by a specific subcontractor during a limited timeframe.
Please look at the underside of the toy and check for a six digit
alphanumeric code on the base of the car, such as 3255RX. If this code
begins with the numbers 42, 43 or 46, then your product is included in
our recall program. Store the toy in a safe place and call back during
office hours to arrange a refund. Here at Tomo Biru we know you have a
choice when you spend hard-earned money on your children's toys. Tomo
Biru toys works to provide inexpensive, entertaining and safe toys for
your family. We will always act quickly when our quality control
discovers a defect in a toy we have manufactured.

(1)You've reached Valerie. I'm not here right now, or I can't make
it to the phone. Ah, what the hell - you got me. I'm screening my calls.

(2)You've reached Valerie. I'm not here right now. Or if my pencil
dick ex is to be believed, I'm too drunk to come to the phone. Due
to my problems with alcohol.

(3)Hi, this is the voicemail for Valerie. Please leave a message.
Is that's you Herman? Yes, I am seeing someone else. Lots of
someone elses. Buh bye.

(4)Hi, this is Valerie. Please leave a message and I'll get
back to you. If this is Herman, please stop calling. I'm not
ready to talk yet.

Waitress Wanted - 555-6649
(1) Hi. We have plenty of positions open for new waitresses. Work is hard and
demanding, but the tips are good.
You get a burger lunch on the house, too.

(2)Hi, we're still looking for new waitresses. The work includes
waiting tables, but will also include dish washing and some cleaning
work. The hours are long, but flexible. If you're a hard worker, stop by.

(3)Hi. We're still looking for girls to wait tables. If you've
got experience working in a bar or club, know how to mix drinks,
give us a call.

(4)Hi. We are still looking for waitresses. If you're pretty,
a people person and know how to serve drinks, drop by. If you
need a place to crash, I have a room upstairs that's yours.

Weather - 555-7669
(1)Winter storm warnings remain in effect until 7 pm tomorrow. Freak
weather has created a deep storm system moving across the state.
Unprecedented north to northwest winds of 75 to 85 mph with gusts
to around 95 mph will result in substantial blowing and drifting
snow... and sharply reduced visibility. Near white out conditions
are expected. A winter storm warning for snow and blowing snow means
severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring.

(2)Winter storm warnings remain in effect until 7 pm tomorrow.
North to northwest winds of 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 35 mph,
will result in substantial blowing and drifting snow... and sharply
reduced visibility. Localized near white-out conditions are expected.
A winter storm warning for snow and blowing snow means severe winter
weather conditions are expected or occurring; you are advised to
remain inside for the duration of the warning. If exposed, seek shelter.

(3)A total storm accumulation of 14 to 20 inches is expected by late
today. Temperatures will fall to near 10 degrees above zero this
morning resulting in wind chills of near 10 below zero, snow and
blowing snow along with the coldest air of the season... A deepening
storm system will push across the state this morning, strengthening
north to northwest winds that will pull arctic air down across the
state. These winds will be gusty through the day. The result of the
gusty winds will be areas of snow and blowing snow that will reduce
visibility. In addition, the combination of brisk winds and falling
temperatures into the single digits above and below zero will
produce very low wind chills in the single digits and teens below zero.

(4)Winter storm warnings remain in effect until 7 pm tomorrow... A
winter storm warning for snow and blowing snow means severe winter
weather conditions are expected or occurring. Snow and blowing snow
will make travel dangerous. If you must travel... use extreme caution.

Wonderland - 555-6328
(1) Welcome to wonderland. I’m the Cheshire Cat and I’m here to
help route your call. Unfortunately, at this hour, there are
no customer enrichment agents here to speak with you. Please
call back tomorrow. Wodnerland is committed to ethical business
practices and has a commitment to using meat products sourced
entirely from the United States. We are currently reviewing
all of our recipes to ensure they are not only value optimized,
but healthy too. Last year, Wonderland was voted 23rd most
forward-thinking food service company by Business Press Magazine.

(2) Welcome to Wonderland! I am the Queen and I'm here to help
route your call. At this late hour, there is no customer enrichment
agent to speak with. Call back tomorrow, or it's OFF with your head!
wonderland has many school programs in your state. We offer
excellent career advice and our locations are keen to sponsor
local athletics and sports events. Speak to your local
wonderland franchise manager to find out more.

(3)Welcome to Wonderland. I'm Alice, and I'm here to help route
your call. Unfortunately it's passed tea-time now, and there are
no customer enrichment agents here to speak with. Please call back
tomorrow and we will do our best to help! Many of our Wonderland
locations have exciting restaurant opportunities for new team
members. This is a fantastic opportunity to get in at the ground
floor and gain valuable experience in customer care, food
preparation, and modern hygiene procedures.

(4)Welcome to Wonderland. I am the Hatter and am here to help
route your call. It being tea-time, we have no customer enrichment
agents to speak with you. Hey, hands off that teacake! Time
to change places... Wait, you still there?

Here is a list of some of the variations in scenery and
text in the game. More to come. Character and clothing variations
are not included as of now, but you can find info on those in
other FAQs.

-beer cans in the puzzle
-soda cans in the puzzle

-sports theme
-Irish theme

-brightly lit
-dimly lit, reddish lighting

-male standup sign with microphone, holding menu
-topless woman cardboard standup sign, hands covering breasts,
menu between legs.

-Bodkin Insurance
-Brodie Insurance
-United Fruitcake Outlet (not seen until 2nd playthrough)

-Bloody bear on the table in first room, darker wood, more
bloody and messy in general
-stuffed bear in the corner in first room, mounted animal heads
on the walls, more organized looking and lighter wood

-Cat House: Outside has some signs with cat eyes and "cat House" written on
-Honey Trap: Purple neon "The Honey Trap" sign on black rectangle background.
-Lotus: Sign has white background, "Lotus" and a picture of a lotus flower.
Inside is pretty much the same except for some green lighting and green walls.


The mural on the wall, visible if you're standing
in the middle of the courtyard,
reflects the classes you chose on the psych test.

Statues outside School Gymnasium
1 - Lion
2 - Running headless boy
3 - Virgin Mary

Inside Gymnasium
-blue and yellow with balloons
-red with candles and flowers on table
-darker, reddish tablecloths with 3 large candles on each

-blue with lots of neon
-hardwood/brick, more brownish color scheme.
-red lighting

-shutter you crawl under later in level reads "Girls love shopping.
Come inside. We work you good." on top of a black dragon (I think).
-shutter reads "Burn this shithole down. Burn all you people" over
a red skull and crossbones.
-shutter reads "Foreclosure Notice" and a bunch of text I can't
quite make out.

-poster above couch is abstract painting
-poster says something in French about "la meme chose.."

-playing "Together Forever"
-playing "Good Poison"
-playing "The Dancer"
-playing "Mother Dearest"

-Cupid's Bow sign
-Hot Rod Racers sign
-Wild Horses sign
-Pirate Pete's Barrels of Grog

-"Cinema Obscura" poster is green with three pictures on it
-"Cinema Obscura" poster is brown with four pictures on it


Neon sign
1 - red nude woman below text "PAWN SHOP"
2 - dollar sign with "checks cashed, money orders, PAWN SHOP"
3 - "PAWN SHOP" then two dollar signs, then "HARD CASH"

Taxidermied animal
1 - female lion
2 - large dodo bird
3 - peacock

Sign outside
1 - red
2 - green
3 - purple

Display window
1 - scantily-clad mannequins in a bondage scene
2 - television, gas masks and a sign reading "Hard Cash, instant money"
3 - maybe lamps and candle holders? I can't tell.

DOCK AREA (left dock)
1 - dead deer
2 - a boat called "Der Oswind"
3 - fish and birds


I'm not entirely sure what influences these, and in some games,
I have gotten more than one type. There name may be taken from
Rorschach inkblot tests, which you can see in Dr. K's office and
on the back of the cards in the sex test.

Sexy raw Shocks
These ones have no features except huge lips on their faces,
they have breasts and feet that look like they are wearing heels.
They also have sort of scars/gashes around the thigh that makes it
look like they're wearing thigh high stockings. Small waists.
Questions about sex seem to influence you getting these.

Older woman raw Shocks
These are similar to the sexy raw shocks but plumper and less
shapely, the breasts sag and they have large (pregnant?) bellies.
They seem to be a subset of the Sexy Raw Shocks.

Cancer raw Shocks
These ones look like they are covered in tumors like the elephant man.
Lumpy and misshapen.

Abstract raw Shocks
These look like cubist raw shocks or raw shocks made of lego bricks,
they have holes and look like they are sliced apart. There are empty
spaces in them. The "abstract thinking" question seems to give you
these ones.

Wasted raw Shocks
These ones are emaciated looking and it looks like their spines
are coming out of their back. The questions about alcohol seem to
give you these ones.

Purpose of Raw Shocks
Now that we know there are several types of raw shocks, we might also
wonder what their purpose is, other than making the nightmare sequences
a bit of a pain in the ass. When they overtake Harry, you will notice that
they don't hurt him. They don't injure Harry. There purpose is not to kill
him, but rather, to keep him from the truth. They slow him down. They serve
as a device in Cheryl's mind to allow her to keep deluding herself and
living in her fantasy world. That's why they stop Harry. When Harry reaches
the lighthouse, Cheryl has to face the truth about him and about herself.
Part of her doesn't want to do that. The longer Harry is delayed from
reaching the lighthouse, the longer Cheryl lives in her fantasy world.


A Winter Beacon
“Covering Himself with light as with a cloak.
Stretching out the heavens as a curtain" is on a
sticker on the bottom.

Lighthouses are everywhere in this game. For those of
us who played SH1, we are led to believe that we'll
probably end up at the actual lighthouse where Harry
sees Alessa in SH1. This doesn't happen; the lighthouse
is The Lighthouse Clinic. The lighthouse also helped
James get across the lake in SH2. Regardless of whether
it's an actual lighthouse or not, the lighthouse is
still Cheryl's actual, physical location. Everything
points to the lighthouse. And what is a lighthouse for?
It helps people find their way in the dark or in storms.
It points ships in the right direction. Harry is confused
and he's unsure where he's going, so it makes sense that
he's pointed toward the lighthouse. When he's finally close,
on the frozen lake, Dahlia calls and says. "Turn back!
For our daughter's sake!" This is because the lighthouse
is where the truth about everything is, all is revealed
there. The whole delusion falls apart when he gets to the
lighthouse, that's why Dahlia tells him to turn back
for Cheryl's sake. If he gets there, Cheryl will finally
have to face her feelings about her father's death.

Hidden Fire
This is a pack of Hemingway Ultra Lights cigarettes. There
are a few Hemingway references, and when Ernest introduces
himself to Maria in SH2, she says, "Ernes Hemingway?" (On
a related note, compare when Harry introduces himself to
Lisa in SHSM: "I'm Harry." "Harry Houdini?"). It may also
be because Heather interacts with the cigarettes in SH3,
saying she quit. Cheryl smokes in SHSM, also, if you go by
the problem child messages about smoking in a nonsmoking zone.

Frozen Waters
There is ice everywhere in the game, obviously, and icy
imagery. There is also the frigid messages, referring to more
sexual problems, as well as Cheryl being stuck in a state of
not dealing with Harry's death.

A Broken Ward
Andrea LeMay suggests this refers to antirape wards.Flashlights
and whistles have been used for this purpose, and this
fits in well with where it's found: in the lodge, where
the partiers were. There are condoms and clothes strewn
about. Why a "broken" ward, though? It didn't work.
Probably this isn't in any literal sense, but rather,something
bad happened at the party. This changes depending on your
actions, but it's clear that all is not well. There are
drugs and there is drinking, there's the bloody sleeping
bag in the snow, and the other lodge with the shadow kneeling
over a bloody sheet. I discussed this elsewhere, but kneeling
over a bloody sheet could mean a lot of things, and the
bloody sleepingbag and talk of Cheryl removing all her clothes
while on drugs reinforce the possibilities.

It could also just be symbolic of Cheryl feeling less
protected without her father.

A Moveable Feast
"All stories end in death" is engraved on the knife
handle. This is also another Hemingway reference.
Hemingway commmitted suicide, which could be connected
to the words on the handle. It also brings to mind
Angela and the knife in SH2. It's found in a hunting
lodge, which also brings us back to death; there are
slaughtered animals all around, which could be
connected to the idea of a "feast," but also with death.
It's also worth noting that there was a Cafe in SH1
called "A moveable Feast" in Central Silent Hill.

Pinned Beauty
This has an extinct butterfly pinned to it, and Harry
talks to Lisa about Cheryl collecting butterflies. Lisa
thinks it's creepy to collect dead bugs, even butterflies.
Harry emphasizes that they are "pretty bugs." Themes of
butterflies were important in SH1 and SH2. Here, I think
it refers to sexuality more than anything. Caterpillars
makes cocoons and emerge as butterflies; butterflies are
the mature, transformed state. When Harry died, Cheryl was
a young, immature, prepubescent girl. Now she's a grown
woman. The butterfly may be beautiful, but it's still a
bug to Lisa. I think this shows Cheryl's ambivalence about
growing up and becoming a woman, and being unsure about

Suffocated Forever:
A bug in a bead of amber. I think this represents how Cheryl
has trapped her image of Harry in her mind, she's preserved
him. There is a lot of suffocating and choking in the game,
as well, but I think this is more about preservation. When
you think of bugs trapped in amber, you think of bugs that
may have lived with the dinosaurs, yet they are still
perfectly preserved in their original state. Cheryl's memory
of Harry is preserved likewise.

My Plastic Perfect Girl
This appears to be a naked Barbie doll with pigtails. I think
it refers to womanhood, like the butterfly, and to sexuality.
She has pigtails like a little girl, but the body of a woman,
emphasized because the doll is nude. The pigtails echos talk
about a girl in a wig, a prostitute, who variously looks like
the man's daughter, or she's wearing a wig but not actually
very young, or that he hit her because he's angry with himself
and she looks so much like his daughter. A contrast between
the appearance of youth and one's actual age, as well as the
themes of Cheryl with older men.

Heavenly Protection
St. Christopher, who apparently has something to do with
transportation, and Harry died in a car crash.

A Frigid Jewel
"Ice Queen" is written on the band. More themes of being
frigid! Cheryl and her frigidity? I also find it interesting
that the "Jock" outfit for Harry says "Kings of the Ice."

An Eternal Rose
Just as one of the movies playing at the cinema is called
"Together Forever," there are a lot of themes of love, marriage,
and beauty and how long these things last or don't last.

Infinite Jest
Hamlet reference.

Synthetic Femur
This is a dog toy. Cheryl apparently had a well-loved dog
at some point. The principal thinks his dog is his one true
friend. I think in the context of the game, dogs may be a
symbol of unconditional love, or even good relationships
gone bad. The photos of the dog show happier times with
Cheryl and the dog, just like the video shows happier times
with Cheryl and Harry. In both cases, death caused these
happy times to end too soon, and now she only has photos
and videos to remind herself of them.

Memories Undeveloped
Roll of photos. Photos and videos play a large role in the
game, because they are Cheryl's way of keeping her father
alive. She replays old home movies endlessly.

My Flying Lizard
"Lost World Terry" is written on the tag. I think some of the toys
here merely represent childhood, but it's worth mentioning that
it's another extinct animal. The Xerxes Blue butterfly is also
extinct. While I don't know what kind of bug was in the amber,
it's possible that it's extinct as well. Extinct animals aren't
alive anymore; Harry is not alive anymore. One version of the pawn
shop has a taxidermied dodo bird, also extinct. I think the fact that
there are several taxidermied animals in the game is also related.
All versions of the pawn shop have one (dodo, lioness, peacock). There
is also the stuffed bear and several other animals in the hunting
lodge. Like the dead butterfly or the bug in amber, they are preserved.
Just like Cheryl's memories of Harry. Probably has nothing to do with
anything, but this reminds me of the green pterodactyl named
Pterry on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

There are two books that this could refer to. One is Lost World by
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which is about an expedition to the Amazon,
where dinosaurs and other extinct creatures still live. This
could refer to Harry living on in Cheryl's mind.

It could also be a reference to Michael Crichton, since there
is a Crichton St. in Silent Hill. Crichton's book The
Lost World, a sequel to Jurassic Park. It's been a while since I've
read these, but the premise was that scientists were using DNA matter
from dinosaurs to genetically engineer living dinosaurs on a
remote island.

In either case, dinosaurs, as well as Harry, are not around anymore.
In Crichton's books, the experiment goes horribly wrong. Dinosaurs
are strong and dangerous. It also brings to mind the Frankenstein
references, with dead or extinct things being reanimated.

The Modern Prometheus
Frankenstein doll, won from a machine in the cinema. Dr. K refers
to Cheryl's memory of Harry as Frankenstein-like, which is to say,
she's stitched it together from many parts to make something
which is different from what the real Harry was, it is part
reality (memory) and part fantasy. Frankenstein's monster was
made of parts of dead people and then reanimated with electricity.
Harry is dead, but he lives on in Cheryl's mind.

We, Ouroboros
"Love is a hungry drug" is engraved on the ring. This is probably
partially referring to the Ouroboros puzzle piece in SH1, but it's
noteworthy that it has two snakes and emphasizes "we."

Poetry as Precise as Geometry
"Everything one invents is true" engraved on a pen.
I think this tells how important memories are to Cheryl.
She lives inside her head, her memories, real or not,
are more real to her than anything. She may embellish
her memories of her father, but that doesn't make these
fantasies any less true and important to her.

A Happy Bond
This is a friendship bracelet discovered by making a fish
throw up. The ambiguity of emotions here is important.
"Sweetie" is written on the bead. Cheryl has a lot of
ambiguous feelings toward people, and probably her
relationships with others have suffered a lot from it.
She villifies her mother, who may not deserve it.
Harry calls her "sweetie" sometimes in the game, yet
the idea is not completely sweet, because of the vomiting

A Beacon, A Key
Another lighthouse. Because it's a keychain, it may refer
to the idea of what's really happening being unlocked, in
a sense, when you get to the Lighthouse.

Your Diamond Heart
More reference to marriage.

The Dragon
A red dragon, purchased at "Myths and Legends of
Lakeside." It refers to the videotape, where Harry
and Cheryl are being taped with their heads through
the board with the picture of a princess and a knight.
Harry explains that knights slay dragons. Cheryl is
the princess; Harry is the knight. The dragon, I think
is cheryl's personal demons, her not confronting
Harry's death, and allowing her denial to negatively
impact her life. Dragons are fantasy creatures, and
the game is a fantasy/delusion.

These two lockets have photos of Dahlia and Harry,
respectively. To a child, parents are like Adam and
Eve. The mother is the model for what a woman should be
like; the father the model for a man. If you bring Freud
into it, the opposite-sex parent is the model for one's
future mate. Cheryl seeks out older men who remind her
of her father. (If you go by the Lisa dialogue, she then
regrets it the next day.) "Never forget" is written on
Adam memento, obviously referring to Harry. "True
Happiness" is written next to Dahlia.


sm $2.60
med $3.15
lg $3,55
Flavored Lattes
sm $2.85
md. $3.40
lg $3.80
Get your favorite drink FroZen
just $3,50
Extra expresso .75/shot
Extra flavor .25/shot

Menu 2
Daily Specials
Market Price
Steak & Fries
cherry Pie 3.99
Rae's Clam cakes
Flounder Dinner
includes soup or salad
fries or baked potato
+ vegetable
"Meat the crab heah!"

Cream & silk
a night of r&b house and
soulful grooves
Club Vertical
Random Access Records
DJ Cadillac
Kraft Nation Records
MC Siren
wet Plastic Records
Mega Wax Records
DJ Monika
DJ Bubbles
Lil' Sister Records
dress code: Gentlement: Sharp fashion
ladies Sexy Fresh
Management reserves the right to change DJ billing without notice

Posters in Clear Picture
-Memorial Game: she never forgot
-Night Drive
-Frankenstein 90: the monster is loose
-Les fleurs du mal: et mon espirit, toujours du vertige hante,
halouse du neant l'insensibilite
-Voyear in Eden: one bite is never enough
-Beacon 13: they're showing us the way
-Freshly legal young flesh 2: the new sex ed. They're
learning fast!

Pussy Galore
[cat food?]

Derma Revive
stops ageing in its tracks
[outside, near the bar]

Signs in Wonderland Burger

Wonderland. Praise? Comments? Complaints?
Interested in what goes into our food?
Want to hear about our latest offers and
promotions? Or just want to speak to Chesh
the Cat? Call 555-6328 The Wonderline!
Cheshire Cat's Kids Menu
Alice's Favorite $1.60
Pancake filled with Mushroom 1.35
Pancake filled with chocolate 1.43
Desser of the Heart Queen 1.22
Joker Brownie .56
Honey Boney .80
Monaco .70
White Rabbit's Quick Solo Meals Menu
Rose Red Double Angus 4.55
White Rabbit Wonder Burger 3.23
Footman Fishburger 4.36
Mock turtle Chowder 3.92
Eat Me Cheesecake 1.32
Mad Hatter Tea Party Bucket Menu
Wonderburger 3500
Wonderburger with Cheese 3.65
Mad Hatter Burger 3.62
Wonderfish Burger 3.75
Wonder Dish 4.55
Rabbit Crunch 4.36

plus support
Local singer songwriter
one night only
sensual ballads and sexy beats
8pm till late
[on wall in hallway before you meet older Dahlia]

Lost children?
Lost children?
Call 555-5678 for assistance.
[on wall in amusement park]

First Aid Procedures
Lakeside Amusement Park
First Aid Procedures call 911

Major Injury
Breathing difficulty or suspected Heart Attack
When a person cannot breath or should not
be moved.

Emergency Instructions
Call 911
when calling for assistance, state Lakeside amusemtne park
and give building/zone name
Seek help from the nearest trained park representative.
Once they are on-scene, go to the vehicle access area
to direct emergency personelle when they arrive

Reporting Injuries
Report to your supervisor or ride manager
Complete Riverside Incident Report
Send request to the Safety office

Call 911 Immediately
[in amusement park]

Hydraulic Ramp Safety Notice
The owner and operator of this
equipment shall have an understanding of this and jack and
safe operating procedures before attempting to use.


1. Verify that the product and application are compatible.
2. Assemble handle, ensure spring clips align with slots.
3. Use the notched end to engage, turn release valve.
a. Clockwise until firm resistance is felt to
further turning. This is the Closed release valve
position used to raise the ram plunger.
b. Counter-clockwise, but no more than 1/2
turn from the closed position. This is the Open
release valve position used to lower
the ram plunger.
4. With ram fully retracted, locate and remove
teh oil filter plug/screw. Insert the handle into
the handle sleeve, then pump 6 to 8 strokes,
Ensure the oil lovet is just below the oil filer
hole.Reinstall the oil filter plug/screw.
5. Pour a teaspoon of good quality air tool
lubricant into the air supply inlet of the lift
control valve. Connect the air supplu and
distribute lubricant.
6. Replace worn or damaged parts and
assemblies with Stant authorized
replacement parts only.
[in warehouse near mall]

freshly legal
freshly legal
young Flesh 2
The new sex ed
They're learning fast
[clear picture, back room]

DVD Transfer
DVD Transfers!
Copy your old video tapes
to DVD
Your old home movies
on DISC!!
Ask for details
[in Clear picture]

Silent Hill useful phone numbers
Silent Hill useful phone numbers

in an emergency dial

Fire/Police/Ambulance 911

Police station 555-6358
Alchemilla Hospital 555-9400
Brookhaven Hospital 555-9300

Riverside Motel 555-4340
Lakeview Hotel 555-2502
woodland Lodge 555-6128

southside Salvage 555-2212
Fir Tree Garage 555-4341
East Gas 555-5612

for further information plase call
Silent Hill Customer Service center on 311
[warehouse near start of game]

Cammie Boone
Cammie Boone was spit roasted by the entire Cuckoo's offence here.
Cheerleader whore!! Cuckoos rule! 5-1 [drawing of nude woman]
Sept 6, 2006

This is your lucky day!
[men's room near beginning of game]

Sorry! Closed due to severe weather.
Will reopen when town thawed!
[tv shop]

Big Ray's Auto Sales
Big Ray's Auto Sales. The real deal.
Yesterday's Models
at today's prices.
[poster in town]

Camera Obscura
Moments in time captured on film. A century of life in
Silent Hill through the lens.
[poster in town]

The key is in Jane's jacket.
[Theresa's dress shop]

Cuckoos News (on wall outside of school)
End of season charity drive
EVeryone is invited to attend the charity drive on Nov. 14.
Participate in the games and entertainment to raise money
for our chosen charity, 555 tALK, the suicide prevention
helpline. This fantastic charity provides a great service
to teens statewide , so please come and spend spend spend!

cuckoos Trick and Treat Oct 31
by Troy Taylor, magazine sports editor

Instead of dressing up like ghouls and spooks this Halloween,
the Eagles traveled to Brahms to play the Falcons on Oct 31.
Leading with a powerful 1st half performance and boosted
by several strong juniors, FC prevailed 38-26. Josh Stevens,
#12, threw for a season high of 122 yards with a 78%
completion average. The quarterback also rushed 5 times
for 30 yards and a touchdown. On the defensive end, juniors
Rudi Valdez and Todd Ramsey led the way with 14 and 16
tackles respectively.

Drawing (on wall in school)
When I grow up I want to buy a motorbike
and drive along the road.

Magic Steps
Magic Steps
Dance School
Begins Octoner 14th
open evenings weekly every thursday at the
Kelly Memorial Sports HAll.
Annual show. Tickets on sale for the annual
student show on November 12th and 13th.
Recent graduates [photos of 6 students]
[in playground]

Playground rules
Playground rules
NO adults except in the company of children.
NO littering and glass bottles.
NO bicycles, rollerskates, scooters, or skateboards.
NO pets.
[crossed out] No use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or smoking.
NO disorderly conduct.
NO entering the playground after it is closed.
[in playground]

United Fruitcake Outlet
United Fruitcake Outlet
Protect your family! Enlist today and expose the conspiracy
at the heart of modern America. Call 555-3825
[billboard on side of bar after you've played through at
least once and started a game with the same save file]

Help save our lighthouse
Help save our lighthouse.
[some small print that I can't read]
Harry comments that it's a good cause.
[in cafe or bar]

County Weather Service
County Weather Service
Daily weather reports by phone. Updated every 6 hours.
Severe weather warnings. Short range forecasts. Call 555-7669

Friendship by Catherine Anderson

I have a friend
Perfect as can be
She hears my problems
And listens to me

She likes me for me
Loves me for my faults
Says "always be yourself"
"Promise never to change."
[drawing of hands]
[in school]

TALK (suicide line)
We won't judge.
We won't scold.
We won't hang up.
We're here to listen 24/7
Call 555-8255
[in school]

Join Chess Club
Join Chess Club
White to play
Mate in two?
[in school]

Alchemilla Radio
Alchemilla Radio
Healing through music
tune in to 101.6 FM
[in hospital room]


“The important thing is not to stop questioning;
curiosity has its own reason for existing. One
cannot help but be in awe when contemplating
the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous
structure of reality. It is enough if
one tries merely to comprehend a little of the
mystery every day. The important thing is not to
stop questioning; never lose a holy curiosity.”

-Albert Einstein
[in school]

In events of suspicious activities, theft, or violence
Call Toluca security
[in mall]

Will ....for $$$ or
[in school]

Lost cat
Mr Milkie

Have you seen my cat?
He is brown with black stripes.
If you see him, please contact
Bobby Ashton
1104 Arcadia Avenue
[alley near beginning of game]

Sounds fun?
Tell that to the 50 people who have died while
“playing” this game in the last ten years.
The Choking Game is dangerous and can lead to
permanent injury and, in many cases, death.
[in school]

Projector (1)
The Natural World
Why did God create mosquitos?
Mosquitoes are a type of fly whose females suck
blood. They are the deadliest spreaders of disease
in existence. People ask, "Why would God
create such a creature?" The original humans,
Adam and Eve, were not vulnerable to
malaria or other diseases. It was only when they
disobeyed God that they lost their strength
and become weak. God did not design mosquitoes
to harm us, but because of our sin
against his will. We suffer in his way.
Mosquito bites are a reminder for us all to obey God!
[in school room 4d]

Projector (2)
[handwritten on board] TEACH HIM RITE!


[handwritten on board] IF HE CUM BACK

Die Mr Gordons!
[in school room 4d]

Projector (3)
drawing of Samael from SH1
[in school room 4d]

Projector (4)
[STD message]
[in school room 4d]

The Albatross
Baudelaire's The Albatross
translated by class 5 French students
To pass some time at sea, the sailors
will catch the albatross, the big bird
who absentmidely escorts a ship
across the black depths of the sea
[in school]

I can't stop thinking of you in class. you are so
beautiful. I will never stop loving you - Herb
[handwritten note in classroom with drawing of
a heart. Harry comments that it's cute.]

School Paper

Have an urge to write?
Want to get to the truth of the matter?
Want to get free tickets to movies?

Join the school newspaper team and begin
a life of adventure!
Interested? Call the editorial staff
on 555-7857
Also, we have an URGENT need for
photographers to help out the picture desk.
[in school]

Midwich High School Senior Players
Present a production of
The School of hard knocks
Midwich Sports Hall
[poster outside school]

Schooner Miranda
Schooner Miranda
Sailed from this shore on November 13th 1869
capsized in the winter storms.
She was ost with all hands.
This plaque is dedicated to their memory.

J. Barnhill P. Hopkins
N. Brown A. Court
K. Ford J. Court
M. Jarman JC Gale
H. Stewart P. O leary
J. Lane M. Burne
M. Navidson PO Bryan
[plaque on the statue near the souvenir shop]

Casting Call!
Casting Call!
Actors to play parts in local movie.
Look for enthusistic, outgoing people. Experience of amateur
dramatics, radio plays, modeling or dance a bonus. Don't just
watch movies, be part of them!

Before your time
Before your time
A precious song cut short
never lived the life you ought
out dearest, dearest little one
we love you even now you're gone
[on bridge near mall entrance, with a flower]

Balkan Poster
The Balkan.
Dance. Drink. Live.
Every night of the week!
[seen while walking with Lisa]

Alchemilla Radio
1. Night driving
2. What did she say?
3. My magic guitar
4. Daddy's Girl
5. Crying tonight
6. My Love for You
7. Rockin rabbit
8. Up all night
9. Never again
10. Happy Returns
[list of song titles in the hospital room]

River Fishing Regulations
River Fishing Regulations

1. Season length. From 3rd Saturday in June to Dec 31
2. Anglers must have a current fishing license.
3. Daily bag limit is 4 fish. Note that the bag limit
for fishing about the Paleville Confluence is 1 fish per day.
4. Minimum size limit is 12". All fish caught below
this size must be released.
5. Jug and snag fishing are prohibited.
Penalties apply under law.
This waterway is ranger patrolled.
State Department of Natural Resources. (SDNR)
Telephone 555-3474
[near lake, fishing cabin]

Jobs in your area
Jobs in your area

Retail loss prevention assoc. needed
Primary duties.
Maintain safe environment for store employees and guests
Greet guests in an exceptionally friendly manner
Monitor all store entrances for safety control and
guide customer traffic when needed

Weekend work is required

call Susan 555-7872
[in mall]

Burn this shithole
Burn this shithole
Burn all you people
[graffiti of skull and crossbones on red background]
[mall shutter]

Join Tookie
Join Tookie

Toluca Mall is looking for children aged 4 to 10 years
old to feature in a forthcoming promotion!

To receive an application pack
call 555 8665

Applicants will need permission of a parent or guardian
and proof [can't read] to qualify for entry
[in mall]

Toluca Lake
Toluca Lake

Almost 1 000 000 years ago, glaciers 5 000 feet thick
covered most of the Eastern coast of the United States.
As these gigantic ice formations clawed their way across
the continent that gouges huge holes in the earth.
The melting ice filled these with water and created
the Great Lakes that we know today.

The first Europeans to see Lake toluca were German
traders and explorers in the 1600s. It was Jens Heinrich
(1567-1635) who first "tapped" the lake and surrounding
area, calling it Bodensee. It was later named "Lake of
the Foul Water" or "Lake of the Puants" after the people
who occupied its shores.
[plaque on street near park]


52 Diner
SH1 had a Cafe 5 to 2, also where you meet Cybil for the first time.

There is a fast food place called Wonderland, which has a giant
mushroom, pictures of the Cheshire cat and Mad Hatter, and a
maze on the wall telling you to "follow the white rabbit."

Additionally, there is a store in the mall called "Tweedledum's"
which sells children's clothing. "Newborn to infant - Latest Styles"

Besides the references to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it may
also refer back to SH1, which had the Alice in Wonderland puzzle
with the colored plates.

Balkan Club
SH1 had Balkan Church, but in SHSM, it's a nightclub. This is also
sort of reminiscient of SH2, where Maria works at Heaven's Night.

SH1 had the memo "A tale of birds without a voice," referring to the
piano puzzle. SHSM has a puzzle incorporating both birds and a piano
of sorts as well.

Debatable, but when Cybil has the shoulder-length dark hair, she
looks a lot like Mariska Hargitay's character on SVU.

In SH1, there were a lot of butterflies in Alessa's room.
Butterflies and moths were also a theme in SH2. In SHSM,
Harry sometimes tells Lisa that Cheryl loves bugs and
collects butterflies. The photos on the wall of the bordello
show women dressed in leather and wearing butterfly wings,
taking Cheryl's hobby of collecting "pretty bugs" and
sexualizing them. There is also a memento called "Pinned
Beauty." When you enter the bordello, you will also notice
a bunch of child's drawings on the wall. Harry comments that
everybody loves their kids. They are vaguely sexualized in
nature as well, pictures of women's legs in fishnets, women
in lingerie, etc.

Butterflies are also on the poster outside the Honey Trap.
A woman from the back, looking over her shoulder, 2 butterflies,
blue and purple.

The drawings in the brothel (upstairs room, end of hallway).
The most obvious are the drawings of semi nude women in lingerie,
sort of a childlike take on the pictures on the wall in the
main area of the place. There are also dogs, though. One has
what could be a dog being run over and a child screaming nearby.
The other has a large happy dog with wings, flying over clouds.
A reference to the dog being killed, perhaps going to heaven?
The other figures in the "run over" drawing are odd. One is
a stick figure, one is a female stick figure which is nude and
has breasts. It doesn't look like a car, though, it looks like
each is on a table of some sort; it almost reminds me of the
end boss in SH2 or something, but more like a table. Another
drawing is of a snake.

Butterflies mounted in a frame in the bear room. If you get
the less-bloody lodge, the first room has a frame to the left
with 8 butterflies mounted on it, just like the butterflies
on Alessa's wall. There are also butterflies in Cheryl's
room in SHSM.

There is a Contra arcade game in the cinema. If you look
at it, Harry will comment about "some real classics here."

Dangerous Chemicals
There is a cupboard with chemicals inside which you can't pick up,
possibly like the ones Harry used in SH1 (Hydrochloric acid for the
Old Man's Hand Puzzle).

This is graffiti scrawled near the playground, and probably refers
back to SH1, where a dog's decapitated head was being used as a
basketball behind Cafe 5 to 2. It's possible that it only refers to
the dead dog referenced in this game, though, I suppose.

Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway brand cigarettes in Cybil's glove compartment.

Green Lion
In SH1, there is an antique shop called Green Lion. In SHSM,
there is a pawn shop with the same name.

Holes and very long staircases or ramps into the abyss have been used
a lot in the series especially in SH2. James jumps into a lot of holes,
and there is a very long green hallway leading from the Historical
Society to the prison. This resembles a long, winding blue hall in SHSM,
which is followed by 2 leaps into the abyss.

There is a drawing of the Incubus from SH1 on the wall in the school.

Indian Runner
This store is in SH1 and SHSM.

Infinite Jest
This memento, which you find in the box in Lisa's apartment, has
"Ophelia" written inside. This refers tothe character in Hamlet,
who drowns. The memento is an ugly green ring with a skull and
crossbones, which also reminds one of the ugly ring in SH2.

Lakeview Hotel
If you call the number for the hotel, it will suggest that you make
Lakeview your "special place." (SH2 reference)

In SH1, Lisa mentions drugs in her diary, when she is hallucinating
and feeling sick. She says she needs the drug. In SH0, she also seems
to be on drugs and to get them from Dr. Kaufman. She also dies and
bleeds a lot from the head in both SH1 and SHSM. When Harry goes to her
apartment, she asks him to get her a pill from the medicine cabinet,
mentioning that one of the perks of being a nurse is self-medication.

There is a cat food box called "Pussy Galore."

Mother Dearest
This is the name of a movie playing at the cinema (though it changes based
on your actions. This is one of the possible titles, though) and I think it
has to refer to "Mommy Dearest," the book about Joan Crawford written by her
daughter. There was also a movie version starring Faye Dunaway.To summarize
these, Joan Crawford was having trouble concieving and ended up adopting her
daughter, Christina. She alledgedly abused her, slept around a lot, drank a
lot, and put her career before her daughter. How does this relate? In a few
ways. First, the obvious: Cheryl villifies Dahlia to a great extent.We can't
be completely sure of all the reasons for this, but their relationship
is not the greatest. Second, the alcohol themes. Harry may be an abusive
drunkard, depending on your ending; Cheryl probably drinks and uses drugs.
They both apparently sleep around a lot.

Mr. Gordon
The teachers in SH1 were named after members of Sonic Youth. The teacher in
SHSM takes his name from Kim Gordon, as well. The house you go to after leaving
the school in SH1 is the K. Gordon house. It refers back to SH1. Interestingly,
it is this teacher in SHSM that's being harassed. In SH1, Alessa was harassed
by students, and the teacher felt bad for her. Here, the teacher is getting
harassing calls from students because of rumors regarding Cheryl.

Snow White
SH3 had some fairy tale references, and SHSM has billboard signs for "SnoWhite,"
which appears to be a tooth-whitening product, near Wonderburger.

Tookie is the Toluca Mall mascot, and looks quite a bit
like Toucan Sam, the Fruit Loops cereal mascot. You see
him a few times in the game. There is an outdoor billboard
with him on it, then a giant statue inside the mall. He is
referenced in the phone conversation in the voicemail you
get near the gumball machine puzzle. The child's favorite
colors are the colors in his beak. There is a plush animal
of him on a shelf. He is on a sign telling you to report
suspicious activity to security.

There have been a lot of TVs behaving strangely in the series as well.
When Harry enters the Shopping Center in SH1, he sees Cheryl and a lot
of occult symbols on a wall of televisions. You also have to use a TV
and VCR to view a tape in SH1. TVs/VCRs feature in a very important
scene in SH2 as well, when James is in the hotel room. In SH3, there is
a TV that turns on in the mall. SH4 has a TV haunting.

SHSM also uses TVs to good purpose. There is the floating down into the
abyss scene where you see a lot of videotape images of Cheryl and Harry,
and then the TV/couch room in one of the nightmare areas which plays a
tape, and of course the opening segment at the amusement park, which is
being constantly rewound and replayed throughout the game. There is a
strong connection between memory (or loss of memory) and videotapes in
the SH games. SHSM also has a store where you have to interact with a
TV to solve a puzzle (security monitor). The endings show you taped
scenes after the end credits.

The scene where Michele is in the High School gym singing in front
of red curtains is reminiscient of Twin Peaks, which had a lot of
scenes of red curtains and many dream-type sequences had stages with
red curtains. It especially reminds me of the bit with Julee Cruise
on stage, singing in front of red curtains.

Diner 52 has Cherry Pie as a special, listed on the green chalkboard,
possibly as another Twin Peaks reference. There is something else
about fish specials, and a drawing of a guy in hat saying something,
but I can't read what it is yet. It also has a neon sign for Cherry

The red curtains in Lakefront Souvenirs also remind me of Twin Peaks,
as well as possibly the two sets of legs near Valtiel in SH3's Chapel.

After pulling Harry out of the Lake, Cybil revives him and puts him in
a wheelchair. SH1 and SH3 had a lot of wheelchairs, in reference to

Starting with the original game, all the Silent Hill games have
had street names referring to famous authors, etc., usually
horror writers. The Book of Lost Memories gives some insight into this.

Pharos Tower
"Pharos" is Greek for lighthouse, so this is just another
lighthouse reference.

Shelley Rd.
Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. There is also a Frankstein
toy memento that you can get from the machine in the cinema.

Levin St.
Ira Levin. Best known for writing Rosemary's Baby and Stepford Wives.
Levin Street was also an important area in SH1, because it was the
only unlocked house in the first area with the doghouse in front of it.

Matheson St.
Richard Matheson. He is best known for writing I Am Legend and
several episodes of the Twilight Zone.

Bachman Rd.
Richard Bachman was a pen name used by Stephen King.

Navidson St.
Navidson - reference to House of Leaves, which deals with a
family of the same name.

Harris St.
Thomas Harris, author of Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon,
Hannibal, Hannibal Rising.

Sagan St.
Carl Sagan, astronomer and author.

Hawthorne St.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, gothic fiction writer.

Midwich St./Midwich High
Silent Hill 1 had Midwich Elementary and Midwich St.; SHSM has
Midwich High School. These all refer to John Wyndham's novel The
Midwich Cuckoos and its film adaptation, Village of the Damned.
SHSM also has the football team called the Cuckoos as well as a
statue of Wyndham in the center of the school courtyard.

Simmons St.
Dan Simmons, horror/scifi author.

Wilson St.
Colin Wilson, British writer who has written a lot of true crime
and occult-related books.

Craig St.
Lillian Craig Reed, who uses the pseudonym Kit Craig and has
written several psychological thrillers.

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