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How to get Cheryl is in Denial ending?

Post by predxeno on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:29 am

Meeting Ver 3 – Cheryl is in Denial

Unlike the other two meetings I found that this one was most difficult one to get on accident. For Cheryl to be in denial you have to really drive home that you aren’t paying Dr. K’s therapy any attention. This means you must contradict yourself often while answering his questions and refuse to meet his gaze.

How to get it:

•Answer “No” or “False” to anything Dr. K asks and only saying “yes” to confirm your answers or completion of an activity.
•Do not look at Dr. K. Stare at the the lamp to the left.
•When given an activity put in no effort in completing it:
– Do not color in the ‘Happy Family’ the picture
- Put all the pictures in either the sleeping or dead category
- Do not move any of the figures on the guilt line
- Make two gay couples
- Say all the abstract images are not sexual

I pulled the above from a SH Historical Society but I am having some difficulty acquiring this ending. I tried to combine this with the "Drunk Dad" ending but I got the "Guilt Ridden and Angry Cheryl" ending instead. I don't want to have to do extra playthroughs of this game if I can help it so I'm trying to combine this ending with the "Wicked and Weak" ending. Is this possible? What other ending types have people gotten while trying to get "Cheryl is in Denial" ending?

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