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Onefreeman’s Review of Shattered Memories (Spoiler)

Post by Princess Kenny on Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:36 pm

From the get go I kinda new that I would like Shattered Memories. The video footage that played at the beginning told me that. The Snow and Ice really set a unique atmosphere. While the atmosphere was as strong as other Silent hill games it didn't damped my enjoyment of the game. Although I have to say that it the game wasn't scary or creepy.

The story I loved. Adored even. It evolved at a really nice steady pace. I really liked the idea it all being about memories. I loved the voice mails you would get. The therapy sessions really added something to the game and they were wonderfully intertwined. The mini games you would play were rather entertaining. My favorite was drawing the house.

The characters are strong. I would say my affection for them is on par with the the characters from the first SH. With the exception of one. Cheryl. I actually love her over the original. I'm not entirely sure why. I guess its because your essentially playing her. I love Harry as well as Cybill and Michelle who I felt was a nice addition. Lisa appearance was a little to brief but for he short time she was there I still liked her.

There was really only two things that I didn't like. The monsters and the chases. They did dampen my enjoyment of the game. When ever there was a chase I would groan is annoyance. Which is a shame because if it wasn't for the chases, Shattered Memories was near perfect. They at best a hindrance while the monster were most bland. Sure they changed there appearances but that's it. The game would be so different if I was actually given a choice. To fight or run. Because I wasn't given a choice I couldn't explore the otherworld. Which for me is a key part of enjoying a Silent Hill. But instead of exploring I would run and run and run and run and run and you get the picture.

My first ending I got love lost and as the credit rolled I did feel sad not only because it was the end of the game but also because I had completed all of the silent hill games. Besides that there was really only one other ending that I liked and that was Wicked and Weak.

So in closing I really loved Shattered Memories. The story ad it character were the best thing about the game. When the game ended I was left wanting more which is something that any piece of art should do whether it be a book, a film or a video game.
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