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The Silent Hill Retrospective: Homecoming

Post by firecrest on Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:14 pm

^This is not a good example of showing how broken a game is. Speedruns purposely exploit glitches to shorten the overall runtime. People wouldn't normally run into these kind of glitches in their regular playthrough.

An example of a broken game is where the game constantly dips below 10 FPS when it's supposed to be a steady 30. Or a game that fails to load a level when it's supposed to. Or a game that continues to segfault if you hold too many items in your inventory. Basically, things that make playing the game close to impossible.



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The Silent Hill Retrospective: Homecoming

Post by jam6i on Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:40 pm

Yes that is me. Yes, this game is broken. Exploiting glitches aside, the game is still broken.

-The game has a propensity to crash in certain parts (more specifically, in the hell prison and hell house levels. Speedrunners hate these levels for this very reason)

-Rose Heights cemetery often struggles to load in on time when you are running through it (in particular, the level divisions near the crypts and near the alley entrance often don't load on time, and the best solution for speedrunners is to open up the inventory to reduce the amount of active elements to help boost the loading speed).

-There's a section of road in Silent Hill (the curve near the bait shop) that, if taken too quickly, can lock the game up (loading the next area too quickly can make the game mad).

-In the hotel, if you run into the elevator and mash on the button panel too quickly (as soon as you can) it can crash the game. It's best to wait a second before activating the elevator). What will end up happening is the audio of the game will continue but the screen will stay locked on the control panel view.

-In most open places, if the enemy count is more than 2 or 3, the FPS starts dropping and stays low until either you kill some of them or leave the area and they despawn.

-Alex's character model is known to have completely vanished in some cutscenes. In fact his character model can be purposely removed from the entire game by spamming the zoom function after exiting the shepherd backyard.

-If you attempt to shoot Sepulcher instead of using melee (like the game wants) this can force a changed perspective in the arena and create some multicolored x-axis/y-axis lines near Alex's head, and remain there for most of the game when you aim the gun.

-In Scarlet's battle, if you stand facing the closed door (preferably on the left) when Scarlet is supposed to jump on Alex for the QTE, the door's collision will interfere with Scarlet landing on Alex and, as a result, she will propel above the room and get stuck up there. She'll scurry along the roof forever, and the battle can't be won since she has left the arena.

-Of course, most common enemies can be stun locked with the default knife, and enemies are programmed to wait in line until Alex is done with the enemy currently engaged, meaning entire groups can be easily defeated with a knife stun lock.

There's one speedrunner by the name ufotekkie (who I've worked with/assisted in the past) who also runs the game on twitch and he uploads crashes/freezes to youtube. There are...a few of these videos. Anyone who runs the game can tell you the game is, at best, frustrating to run because of the crashing. And a crash that occurs late game during a good run sucks.

I mean, I wish the game weren't broken in the sense that it crashes and freezes and has FPS drops when enemies are on screen, because that would make it a hell of a lot more fun to speedrun. But as it stands, it just isn't a good game to enter for a live marathon because the probability of it crashing/dying is too high.

ufotekkie used to be heavy runner of HC but I think the game's propensity to live crash made it an undesirable game to run. I've personally recommended him to just stick to the ones he enjoys running like Origins and SM and the originals, games that are not programmed badly.

I think, if you are a casual player, you won't notice these things. But someone who runs it a lot (even running it vanilla without exploiting mechanics) will have these problems and notice why it is "broken". That's probably where the split in opinion comes from.

So I guess whether or not it is broken depends on how much you play it.
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The Silent Hill Retrospective: Homecoming

Post by firecrest on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:57 pm

jam6i wrote:So I guess whether or not it is broken depends on how much you play it.

I think it's a matter of how you play the game, not the amount of time you put into it. Speedruns are fun if I'm playing Doom or Quake, but I like to take my time playing Silent Hill.

I can agree that Homecoming is buggier than the other games; we can call it alpha or beta if you're so inclined. We know Homecoming could have used a lot more polish.

When you call something broken though, it basically can't serve its original purpose: a vase that has cracks all over or a window that has been smashed. It's obvious to everyone that thing is broken. It doesn't matter if you're casual or hardcore.

There are quite a few Let's Plays of Homecoming, many of which are played to the end. Yes, some will occasionally comment on glitches and such, but if the game were truly broken, none of them would have played it just like no-one would intentionally pour water into a cracked vase.

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