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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by jam6i on Tue Oct 21, 2014 5:48 pm

So, I've been able to infinitely clone a number of items in the game using various out-of-bounds gun clipping time-traveling techniques...however none of those cloned items have been really useful (garage remote, cassette tape, a health drink or two, et cetera)...yet...

You can infinitely clone the serum kit inside the fan puzzle room in the hell descent level, using gun clipping tricks. I found this about a year ago, uploaded it a few months ago, and am now posting it here.

Make no mistake, cloning this serum turns Alex into a GOD. There's a lot of info to share, so I'll repost the info i have on the youtube video.

How to clone the serum:
1.) Pick up the serum, complete the fan puzzle, and get to the save point (you also want to go open the door to Scarlet's chamber, this will permanently despawn Josh on the catwalk below. He gets in the way if you don't).
2.) Save the game, quit, and then reload the file.
3.) Go back up and use your gun to clip through the fan blade. Aim for the right edge of the steel pillar, and turn to face the left as you slide into the fan room. With a little practice this becomes extremely easy.
4.) To get back down to the save point, you can either solve the fan puzzle or clip through the wall at the back of the fan room to drop to the catwalk below. Your choice.
5.) Repeat as many times as you wish.

Why does this work?
The reason that this works is that the fan room actually resets itself whenever you save the game, quit, reload, and go back. While the serum case still appears open, the prompt to take the serum comes back, allowing you to take the serum anyway.

How many serums can you hold?
154. If you are not carrying any health drinks and first aid kits, the maximum number of Serums the game lets you stuff into the serum slot is exactly 154. If you are carrying drinks or aid kits and max the serum slot, the game probably will crash. Don't mix serum cloning with aid kits and drinks in your inventory. Really, you don't even need either drinks or aid kits at this point, so don't bother with them.

What happens when you go over 154 serums?
Not much. If you collect that 155th serum, it will show up in your inventory as "155"...however if you save the game, quit and come back, you'll see that the game simply defaults back to 154. Technically you can carry more than 154, but you will default back to 154 if you reload or restart.

Do the serums actually work? Do they still give Alex super-health?
Yes. Every serum you inject will increase Alex's life bar a small fraction. After like 8 serums the health bar will stop visibly increasing, but the serums will still increase your health by continuously jamming more and more health into the full bar.

Is there a health increase cap?
The truth is, I don't know if there is a cap. I've been collecting serums on and off for around 6 months in my spare time and stopped at 666 serum injections. And the health increases never stopped. I don't know if there is a limit. I would assume it's "less than infinity", but can't give an actual number as to how many you can jam into Alex's body before it stops being effective.

How did you measure to see if the serums still worked?
I would collect 20 serums at a time, then beat Scarlet and get back to Shepherd's glen. I would then get a Feral to knock me to the ground, use all of my serums, use a stopwatch to time how long it took the Feral to drain all of Alex's health, and then compare that time to my last round of 20 serums. I would continue to do this every additional 20 serums until I stopped at 666 serums. The time it took the Feral to kill Alex always increased every 20 serums.

Was there a pattern to the increases?
Yes. On average, I was measuring an increase of between 15-20 seconds in the Feral attacks per 20 additional serums.

What was the difficulty setting of the game while you were doing this?
I did this all on normal difficulty for maximum serum effectiveness.

So, this is basically invincibility?
Absolutely. If you have the time and patience, you can collect enough serums to make it impossible for any enemy to kill you (unless it's an insta-kill, which you'll still die then)

Are you going to continue collecting serums?[b]
Nah. The only reason I would continue is to find out what the health cap could be. But I have no desire to see what that cap is. It could be a thousand...it could be ten thousand...it could be one hundred thousand...I just don't have the time and patience to find out. Besides, once you reach the 100+ serum mark you're already quite invincible. Everything beyond that is just "more invincibility".

[b]Does maxing out your serum slot crash the game or cause issues?

From my experience, there are two or three loading screens that sometimes won't come up if I'm carrying 154 serums. It's an issue that gets resolved by just using a few serums to reduce the number in the inventory slot. That's about it. There were no major side effects besides a few crashes. I've been able to easily beat the game with 154 serums in my serum slot.

And what about mixing the health drinks and first aid kits with cloned serums?
If you are running through the game with a high number of serums, don't pick up any health drinks or aid kits. It can cause the game to crash. Just stay away from those items if you are cloning serums. Like said earlier, if you are cloning serums you don't even have a reason to pick up health drinks and aid kits, so don't.

[b]Can you clone any other serums?[b]
No, this is the only serum that can be replicated in this manner. All other serums are one-time only. This is a time-travel based out-of-bounds gun clip trick that applies only to the serum in the fan blade room. No other serums can be cloned.

And just for kicks, here is how long it takes a feral to kill Alex when his veins are jam-stuffed with 666 serum kits (a long time):

I have been able to do this for both 360 and PS3 versions.

Yes, it does take a lot of practice being able to consistently clip through the fan blade to grab the cloned serum. But with time and effort, you can learn.

Like i said above, I don't know if there is a health cap for how many serums you can stuff into your bar.

Actually, since I posted the video, I collected additional serums to push me up to 720 serums, and of course the health bar kept going up.

I may sometime eventually pick it back up to clone more, but there's no reason to, honestly. With 720 serums, it's just impossible to be killed by an enemy.

I may upload more videos with things like "666 Serums vs. Scarlet" and "666 Serums vs. Swarm".
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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by CrazyCatLady on Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:38 pm

To be honest, I don't think I ever used a serum before except for when I'd accidentally select it (that gets really annoying, really fast). Is there a limited amount of health drinks you can carry because I don't think I've ever reached it?



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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by Otherworld on Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:54 pm

Wow, Alex is jacked up big time! :lol:



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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by jam6i on Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:03 pm

Oh yea, its more of a novelty than anything else. I doubt anyone has ever had so much trouble with Homecoming that cloning serums would save the day. It's an incredibly easy game.

About dem health drinks though..since you asked...

There are two health drinks in the PD that can be cloned infinitely, and there are two different ways to do it with gun clipping. I spent a lot of time researching health drink storage limitations, these were my ridiculous findings (that seem very confusing, i know. I may have to go back and rewrite the rules to make it less confusing)

1.) The limit seems to be placed not on number of drinks, but on total sum of health restoration. Each health drink carries 50% restoration. You can only safely carry 36 1/2 lives worth of restoration (73 drinks)
2.) Do not mix and match health items. You CAN, but it creates confusion because different items carry different restoration values.
3.) If you exceed the limited value of health restoration,the game will eventually crash.
4.) 73 health drinks is the highest you can accumulate without worrying about the game crashing. If you acquire more than 73, you are treading thin water.
5.) If you acquire 78 health drinks and save, upon reloading the game will remove one from your slot, leaving you with 77.
6.) 77 health drinks is the maximum you are allowed to leave the police station with without the game crashing
7.) If you acquire 77, you can grab the 2 in the lobby and 1 in the safe to make an even 80, but the game will crash. 80 is the maximum that you can carry (without actually playing the game). If you do anything with 80, the game crashes.
8.) 74-76 health drinks is pushing it, but you may get by for awhile (eventually, crash)
9.) If you have 73 drinks, DO NOT collect any first aid kits or serums. This may crash the game.
10.) If you have more than 73 health drinks, do NOT attempt to save the game at any save point.
11.) If you have more than 73 health drinks and try to save the game,the game may either crash, or will let you save and then crash upon reloading.
12.) If you have more than 73 health drinks some cutscenes will crash (it's very picky. Some cutscenes you can get by with, some you can't).
13.) 73 health drinks or less is 100% fine.
14.) These totals are all assuming you have NO first aid kits or NO serums.
15.) You can use health drinks and pick up other ones later, as long as you don't surpass the 73 mark (doing so may crash the game)

And this was my conclusion:

1-73 health drinks: totally fine
74-76 health drinks: really pushing your luck, the game will probably crash sometime
77 health drinks: the game will definitely crash sooner or later
78+ health drinks: guaranteed game crash, 100%

I have not been able to clone a single aid kit. As far as I know, there is not one that can be cloned.
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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by Silenthill4life on Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:36 pm

I used this. I just liked having the surplus. It made me feel more confident in clashing head-on with the monsters :P


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Infinite Serums Glitch

Post by Neurotic on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:01 am

I know I'm quite late for the party but.. jam6i? Any chance you can use the time-travelling glitch to go back in time and restore those glitch videos you deleted? :P

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