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Glitched "Attract Mode" Trailer

Post by jam6i on Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:22 pm

So yea, you probably know by now I've been glitching Homecoming for awhile. This is another little thing I've been working on.

What I did was I took the "attract mode" trailer at the beginning of the game, and replaced every single scene with the mirrored in-game footage. And that includes any glitches that can be found within those scenes.\

The result is this pretty cool trailer in which Alex is (for the most part) missing. And there are a number of other differences too. Wanna play a game? See if you can spot them all, and list them below.

The winner gets...I dunno. A can of pickels?


No York. No pickels for you.

If you need to cheat, here's a link to the side by side comparison video I made:

There was a SIGNATURE here. It's gone now.

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