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My Review for Silent Hill Homecoming (Spoilers!)

Post by Lobsel Vith on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:38 pm

I finally purchased an XBox 360, and rented out Silent Hill Homecoming. I beat it for the first time today. So now it's time for my review. I'm dividing the review by graphics, sound, control, challenge/gameplay and story.

Part 1: The Graphics.

First of all I want to add that this is the first game I've played for the 360, so my expectations weren't quite so high. I was also playing on an SDTV, and that might have been a factor in this. So, where to begin? If there was any shortcoming with this game it was in the graphics, or rather the graphics in some areas. The misty world was, much to dismay very boring, and harkened back memories of Silent Hill 4's stale, bluish tint. On the other hand the nightmare levels were quite well done, and examining the little details in the nightmare world lent to finding some rather disturbing things. It's almost as if though the developers focused a lot of their creative energy on the nightmare world, but neglected the misty world.

Now, there was one aspect of the misty world that I found neat. Have Alex walk too far in a certain direction he's not supposed to, and he'll completely disappear in the fog. He will turn around, and face the correct direction.

As for the character models: Alex's model was very good and so was his animation. The way his eyes moved really impressed me. Unfortunately, the rest of the characters while they looked good, had some things wrong with them. Judge Holloway looked like Elle's slightly older sister, and not her mother. I suppose that we can just say that she's not adverse to getting plastic surgery, and botox.

Graphics - 7/10


I have mentioned quite a while ago that Akira's music is not the type that you really put on to listen, and to absorb. It's the kind of music that you want playing in the background, or while something is happening. With that said, the music kept the mood of the game, but never went overboard. But, what impressed me the most were the other ambient sounds. After Alex turns off the power in Silent Hill, suddenly you'll hear the sound of wind howling, and dogs howling. In the prison after Lillian's death you can hear the sound of people crying. Little things that quite unnerved me.

Sound - 8/10


While not as clunky as the previous Silent Hill installments, this game is obviously no God of War. I had no trouble with the whole, 'move Alex forward with the one stick, and turn the camera (and Alex) with the other stick.' Fighting monsters required a bit more strategy, but once you realize it's about doing the dodge and slash dance, killing them is rather easy.

There were some areas, mainly during the boss fights that the controls would seem to freeze up for a couple of seconds. Definitely annoying. Another major gripe was making Alex get right back up after being knocked down. Ironically the game tells you when to press a certain button, but for this you have to watch for a cloud of dust, and press the dodge button at the right moment. I could never quite get it to work.

Control - 7/10


A lot of players seemed to have problems with dealing with the monsters in this game, and a lot of people were disappointed in the lack of health items, and ammunition. I didn't see the monsters as being all that challenging once you learn how to deal with them. For once in a Silent Hill game you can't really barge in and beat the shit out of the monsters. You do infact have to have a strategy, and then use it. Of all the monsters I found the Smog, and Siam to be the most challenging. The Order soldiers were not that challenging, since they rely way too much on dodging and not actually attacking.

The boss battles on the other hand were a challenge, with Asphyxia giving me the most problems. However, once I knew exactly what to do, defeating her was a piece of cake.

If players can utilize a decent strategy then they shouldn't be lacking in health items for the boss's. When I reached Amnion I had 2 health drinks, one medkit, and one serum.

Challenge/Gameplay - 9/10


A dividing point for many fans, but in my opinion the best part of this entire game. While the twist and turns of the story seem to invoke the twist and story of Silent Hill 2, it seems more rather that they took their cues from Silent Hill 1. On the very surface we come to realize that Alex was never a soldier, he accidentally killed his brother, and three children were sacrificed. However, examine the details of the game even more closely, and you'll find little things that may seem to be plot holes, but with the right examination you'll find out they're not.

Silent Hill: Homecoming's story reminded me of Silent Hill 2's (but with 99% more cult lore.) While it's story structure reminded me of Silent Hill 1's story. Brilliant in it's ambiguousness, and sure to cause some major thought, and theorizing for years to come.

Story 10/10

In a nutshell. Silent Hill Homecoming is different from the other Silent Hill games, but is also the same in many regards. It's story is much deeper than Silent Hill Origins, and far more interesting that of Silent Hill 2's. This is one Silent Hill game that I'll be playing quite a lot of.

Final Score.


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