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Pyramid Head's existence in Homecoming. (SPOILERS)

Post by Lobsel Vith on Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:13 pm

In SHHC the entity known to fans as Pyramid Head appears twice in the game. (three times if you get the Bogeyman ending.) But what exactly is his purpose? Well, Silent Hill Chronicles states that Pyramid Head was born from the town's idolatrous affairs. At first I could never quite grasp this exactly, but now I think, what if the towns people started to idolize the town's executioners? The town with it's power took the townspeople's ideas and formed the creature known to us and Pyramid Head, the Red Pyramid Thing, and now Bogeyman. So thus this entity becomes a staple part of the Otherworld's makeup.

We also learned from Silent Hill 2 that Pyramid Head represents not just guilt, but a person's desire for punishment.

The first time we see PH in Homecoming is in the hotel. PH sees Alex, but continues on. Why appear in front of Alex in the first place? I think that unconsciously Alex was experiencing some guilt over killing his brother, but because he had no desire to be punished, Pyramid Head couldn't do anything to Alex. Pyramid Head leaves.

The next time we see Pyramid Head is when Adam is chained up. During this scene PH comes, and kills Adam. What's amazing is the fact that Adam is not killed by members of the Order. He's instead killed by an entity formed by the town itself. An entity that represents guilt and self punishment. So with that in regard, PH appears to Adam, because of Adam's guilt, and kills Adam, because Adam felt the need to be punished.

Now, for the Bogeyman ending. I once thought this idea a joke, but thinking about it, it makes sense. To get the ending you have to allow Lillian to be killed by the device, not forgive Adam, and not save Wheeler. By doing these things Alex is condemning each of them to die either slowly and painfully (Lillian), with no hope for forgiveness (Adam), and to just die (Wheeler.) With these events, Alex is trapped in the nightmare world, and transformed into another Pyramid Head. Basically he's shown the traits of being an executioner.

I hope this made sense.

ETA: It also appears that the name Bogeyman was given to this entity by Joshua. This now gives a reason for the name, because a little boy gave PH another name. However, in order to do so Joshua would have to have seen PH too. The question is why, and more importantly when did Joshua do these drawings?

If he did them before his death then it's probably just a case of Adam telling Josh scary stories about the executioners, and Joshua having nightmares about them. Unfortunately, if all the drawings occur before Josh's death then that would mean that Joshua has some level of psychic power. (one of the drawings depicts a stick figure tied between two poles.) With that in mind. Josh knows about PH because he learned about it.

The other idea is that Joshua after death becomes a part of the Otherworld. As a part of the Otherworld and also being linked to both Alex and Adam, Joshua also sees Pyramid Head, although Pyramid Head never punishes him.

There's also the idea that Joshua holds a small amount of guilt for being the favorite son, but not enough to be punished by him.

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