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The Positives of Silent Hill Homecoming.

Post by Otherworld on Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:44 am

The level Hell decent and boss Scarlet are my two favourite things about HC.

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The Positives of Silent Hill Homecoming.

Post by Royal Fizzbin on Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:55 pm

The level hell decent without question got the visual presentation right. But the level desperately needed the addition of more enemies. If I remember correct the entire level had 1 smog, and a 2nd smog would appear but only if you examined a doll, and there may have been a spot with some bugs (if you even count the bugs as enemies). And this was weird to me, because at times the fog world seemed littered with enemies, but the nightmare world often feels much more vacant. For instance, leading up to hell decent the fog world police station, sewers, and towns streets are all littered with creatures. Even the little clinic just before hell decent throws like 5 or so nurses at you. But once the nightmare kicks in and you start heading down, the creatures dry up. Hell decent also could have benefited from some additional rooms with puzzles and/or notes and such that helped add something to the narrative of what was going on.

There are a number of spots like this where the game was on the brink of hitting it out of the park--but for some reason it didn’t quite get there.

Edit: Plus on a positive note, the game runs well. Never had any problems with it on the PS3.



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The Positives of Silent Hill Homecoming.

Post by Naroon on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:09 pm

That was one thing I noticed as well about the enemy density in the worlds. I haven't played the game since 2009 I believe, but I have a vivid memory of me fighting against one or two enemies in the fog world streets when I was headed to the police station from the Shepard household. I was handling them, but then more and more enemies started appearing, until I was pretty much getting gang-raped by them. I had to fucking just book it and run my ass off (whilst still getting hit every now and then due to the insane speed some of them could lunge behind you) until I got to the level changer boundary. Fucking nuts.

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