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Song Analysis

Post by Rodox_Head on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:13 am

Hello again. Time for another chapter in my ongoing analysis of Silent Hill: 0rigins. This time I'd like to discuss the four vocal songs featured in the game's soundtrack as they always seemed the most convoluted and strange out of the rest of the series' vocal tracks. I'm open to any constructive criticism and would like to see if there are any other thoughts on the subject.

Below are my thoughts on each of the songs.

Shot Down in Flames:
You're afflicted Swear at the walls
They make fun of me
Day after day
Eyes that follow me
Is it you again?
Can this be the end forever?

The song begins with a patient in an insane asylum awaiting a staff member. This can be directed towards either Travis or Helen as they have a shared mental instability.

See for your eyes
Child's heart that cries
Raven flight, flies
And the meaning dies
As it was before
It will be no more
Time does that

This may be coming from a third party perspective. Either Helen is being questioned about her son or Travis is being reminded of his lost innocence in his current state. Ravens are commonly used to foreshadow danger or other ominous concepts. Travis/Helen is warned about their degrading mental state but pay no mind to it due to their prolonged insanity.

Say it again, like you said
Does it sound like you?
Where are you now?
Does the young one know you're here?
Breath on the glass
Once again, feel her pull you in
Nobody leaves, you won't let you
You're afflicted

This first half of the verse is Helen being questioned about her son's knowledge of her mental state, while the second half is towards Travis. "Breath on the glass" and "feel her pull you in" refer to Helen beckoning her son into insanity, and following in her footsteps. Travis, however, holds onto the pain he has been afflicted and won't let himself "leave" the pain behind.

Can you hide who you are?
Take a look at yourself
Can you stop what will be?
You think running will help?
Can't give up on the past
When the past never ends
Now the dead that you raised
Live in me

This is a third party comment on Travis' repression and how he chooses to run from his problems rather than facing them, but doing so would prove to be his downfall. The last line may suggest the town of Silent Hill itself is speaking to Travis.

What have you done?
You're insane
Can you bring God down?
Plans that you make don't include me
One more time
Fire will dance on the wind
Bringing in your heart
Your sacrifice wasn't wanted
Still you try

This brings up another similarity in the bahavior of Helen and Travis, their seemingly vain efforts of a religious sort. Helen tried to kill Travis whom she sees as a demon child, while Travis was called to assist Alessa in regaining her powers. This line may be from Travis' point of view and is commenting on the actions of Dahlia, while in the second half of the verse he recieves a response that his actions may seem unwanted, but his determination signifies a more subliminal effort.

Say it again, like you said
Does it sound like you?
Where are you now?
Does the young one know you're here?
Breath on the glass
Once again, feel her pull you in
Nobody leaves, you won't let you


Is it lonely where you are in there, Dad?
Does the darkness know your name?
Does Mom?
What's it like?

To Travis, Richard's spirit is still in the motel room, this is what he is referencing. He wonders if anyon truly knows of the troubles he caused Travis as a child, and what would his mother think of it. Keep in mind Travis was unaware of Helen's psychopathic state and was told that she was dead.

Can you feel?
She said her blood turns to ash
Dad, do you know what you've done this time to me?

I think this can best be explained as Travis saying something along the lines of "mom just died, how could you leave me alone like this?".

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Lonely moon drives on
And deep in me
Your illusion
What you see in me is

Travis is unable to forgive his father for his actions and keeps muscling through life, driving along with the lonely moon. Although he sees Richard as a monster, he is unaware that the outside world may also see him as one as well.

Did you have that dream again?
You're receiving what you said
Said she
Never mind
Emptiness, dead eyes and lost what you found

Travis starts having "the bad dreams" that keep him awake, but he brushes them off. He is continiuing his obliviousness to his violent nature sprouting from his hate. All he is left as is empty and lost.

Maybe there on the edge is your hope
But you don't look down

He is so close to being able to resolve his issues, but he continuously ignores the opprotunity

There you go saying nothing
is my mind unclear?
could it be?
maybe something has a hold of me

Travis starts to realize that maybe his attitude has left him with not as much control over his life as he thinks.

Blow Back:
Dark light
Blinds me
Am I fading in light?

Daylight and dark light represent the two sides to Travis. His blindness to both leads to him becoming unable to distinguish which one is becoming the real him.

I can see through the fear, nice try
Just a matter of time, it's another lie
When the fire turns cold, who's here?
It sure looks like it's me

His journey through Silent Hill has given Travis a new perspective on himself and hope for change, that it was just a matter of time for this to be resolved. He now knows that the benevolent side of him is his true self and not his malevolent side.

Closer to the source of my pain
Mirror knows

Pretty self explanatory of how the mirrors within the game represent the duality of Travis' life and are the key to conquering his inner demons.

Oh, I'm not myself
My God, what have you done?
Oh, the memories of them keep coming home

Travis is reminded of his past wrong-doings fueled by his feelings toward his parents and is regretfull of them.

And the nightmares are good, so good
Will I ever wake up?
Am I here right now?
Was the question too hard?
Dad was right
He said nightmares are good

Travis understands the good that came of his nightmarish experience in Silent Hill, but is left wondering what will become of him, and whether it's worth worrying about. I'm not too sure about the last line, but it may relate to Richard telling him t "face up to what happened", therefore the saying the nightmares were worth it in the end.

Mommy, am I dead now?
Tell me why do we

Again, not too sure, but it may connect to Richard telling him that he and his mother would see him in Heaven, perhaps Travis wishes to see them again in the afterlife.

Hole in the Sky:
Oh yeah, I've been here before
I can see it with eyes closed
Shadows that look like blood
Dead as far as the mind goes

This refers to the murders that took place at the Riverside Motel, a place Travis explicitly states he remembers visiting before. The bloody shadows are the murders he left behind but he does not remember.

Fear that comes from my head
Lives in the mirror
Why won't you let me out?
Does the evil excite you?

A reference to his fear coming out in his second life as a killer. A life seen in the represented in the mirror otherworlds. Travis keeps going on unaware of this life which keeps the bad side of him inside unable to exit his psyche. Either the good or bad side of him is personified by questioning him on if he enjoys being a killer.

Haven't you had enough?
Does the feeling control you?
Just when I think I'm okay
Shadows surround me

It goes on to question whether he is control of his actions or not, and just when he thinks all is well, the bad side comes out.

All of the monster you are
I can feel in my head

Let me out, let me out
Let me out, let me out
Let me out, let me out
Let me out, let me out

Either Travis's good side is pleading to be expressed, or his bad side is wanting out all together.

No more, I'm through
You win, I'm dead
You're sorry, sorry
No, you're a lie

Unable to balance both sides of his life, Travis' good side surrenders to his bad side. He may be sorry that this was his fate, but it does not mask his actions

It's over
Nothing here left alive

In the end Travis is left an empty, soulless killer.

In conclusion:
Shot Down in Flames = Travis and his mother
O.R.T.= Travis and his dad
Blow Back = Good prevailing
Hole in the Sky = Evil taking over
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Song Analysis

Post by Naroon on Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:18 am

So far only read the ones for O.R.T. and Blow Back (since those are my fav. tracks from the game) and your thoughts seem spot-on. Funny how much of Travis' characterization comes not from him, but from external sources (the songs, some of the notes and drawings found in the game, etc.)



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Song Analysis

Post by Rodox_Head on Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:21 am

Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to what you have to say about the others.
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Song Analysis

Post by jam6i on Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:48 am

I liked the analysis of the songs. Lyrical meaning is always subjective, but I like what I read here. Good stuff.

It's either really funny or really sad that more plot can be found in the lyrics of the vocal tracks than what's actually in the game.
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Song Analysis

Post by Otherworld on Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:12 am

I enjoyed the read. And agree with pretty much the entire analysis. I really wished that Travis's struggle as far as duality is concerned was much more prevalent throughout the game.

I would have also liked to see the contrast between both Alessa and Travis play out in much more detail using the fact that Travis inner struggle was what seemed like a constant fight for him and I think it would have helped the title if Travis's inner struggle was a much larger part of the storyline. I was a shame that it seemed to be lost in the background.



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Song Analysis

Post by Silenthill4life on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:06 am

Another very impressive analysis on your behalf, HoneyandtheBear!
I'm glad you linked this thread for me to read and I agree with everything you wrote.

I wish the game had explored Travis' past as a serial killer more profoundly. In particular I would have like to have seen a stronger connection made between the butcher and Travis than that displayed in-game.
It felt to me that the butcher was under utilised, coming across simply as a stronger enemy for Travis to kill than a personal executioner or punisher (manifested by the otherworld to force Travis to confront his darkness and past as a killer).

In SH2 James comes to an epiphany regarding the PH's role, even declaring PH to be redundant after accepting his darkness and past.
Similarly in HC the bogeyman ending shows Alex outwardly transforming into his inner "punisher" (from having punished his mother and father, whom were ordained by the order to be punished for their "sins") by a ritual involving the order's executioners.
But in Origins, no symbolic connection is distinctly made between Travis and the butcher in-game (or at least I can't recall any. Sorry if there is).
Travis just kills it like a stronger enemy and that was it.

This was a great thread

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