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Cheat codes, etc.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:53 pm
by nur_ein_tier
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Move Through Walls (Hold L2 and any direction)
D1F12EC2 0000FEEF
30200014 0045a58A
D1F12EC2 0000FEBF
30300014 0045a58A
D1F12EC2 0000FEDF
30200014 0045a582
D1F12EC2 0000FE7F
30300014 0045a582

If you are using PCSX2 emulator with a copy of SH4, you can use these RAW codes. They are from: ... 4-the-room

Here is a zip file with a pnach file you can just unzip into your cheats folder:

Will add more as I try them, haven't tried any others yet. I got a new Code Breaker and Gameshark, ps2 versions, though. Their codes are encrypted but there are converters.