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Silent Hill 4 Scans thread

Post by nur_ein_tier on Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:45 am

Since I am scanning things, I am making threads for other games other than SH1. I know I have articles and things for all of the games, but I am just posting this demo for right now. Still trying to finish scanning my SH1 stuff before I get into other games. I'm making pages for the demos on my site right now and that's why I am scanning all these demos and stuff. ^_^
Official Playstation Magazine demo disc with SH4 demo

And here are screencaps from the demo disc itself:


Some of the puzzle stuff was left out. Basically what you do is wake up at the beginning, trigger the cutscene by looking at the face, look around until you hear the crash, get pipe, go through bathroom wall hole, meet Cynthia, go back home and get call from Cynthia, get Lynch St. tokens, open the door in the train to let Cynthia out, run around through the cars a while and then Cynthia calls you on the intercom and tells you to go to the exit, then you just go to the exit and find her dead. Then a screen comes up telling you it somehow took you 39 minutes to fuck around in the subway without even doing any real puzzles. Wait no, that's just me. I'm sure you could beat it in 10 minutes. You can't examine the red save book in the apartment. Unlike in SH3, nothing seems to unlock if you beat it once and play again.

Konami Style SH4 ad

I found this in the booklet for Sword of Etheria.

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