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Silent Hill 2 images in 3D for VR and Anaglyph glasses

Post by Utada on Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:36 pm

Do you ever wondered how Silent Hill 2 would look if it was updated for Virtual Reality?

With the possibility of moving the camera (with difficulty) I took images in-game to be able to make the 3D effect, getting more immersion for the game. I put music from the game according to the scene that is being showed, except the track at 32:30 which is a personal composition.

Those are the best images I could take because it was difficult to control the camera how I wanted, besides I don't know how to change the point of focus because depending of the scenario it is either fixed to focus 1 meter in front of James or its just static and focusing in one axis (I even couldn't run SilentFly in my PC), so the results couldn't be better, is also the reason why there are some scenarios absent (Maria's cell for example). There are a few images from cutscenes because most of the time the characters are moving and the camera doesn't move in just the X-Axis.

To correct some images I used the free program StereoPhoto Maker which I highly recommend to download if you want to get more 3D options for different devices/glasses such as Interlaced, Gray Anaglyph (red, cyan, green, etc.), Color Anaglyph (color, Dubois, Suto, etc.), Side-by-side, Sharp 3D, and more.
If you use Android or iPhone there is an app "3DSteroid" which is basically the previous program I mentioned.
Here are some examples:
Color Anaglyph DuboisImage
Gray Anaglyph Blue-YellowImage
Sharp3D LCDImage

I noticed that the immersion was affected by the noise effect of the game. I put it on because I wanted to make feel the images as if you were actually playing the game, but when I ended playing the whole game I saw the images. I hope to take more images with the noise filter off.

I also would like to make 3D images for Silent Hill 3, but my laptop has an old NVIDIA card so is difficult to run the game, but hopefully in the future I will do it.

So enjoy! If you want to download the images in High Quality check the description of the videos ;)



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Silent Hill 2 images in 3D for VR and Anaglyph glasses

Post by Otherworld on Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:14 pm

Wow. Do you think it would be possible to do the entire game if you had better control of the camera?


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Silent Hill 2 images in 3D for VR and Anaglyph glasses

Post by Utada on Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:41 pm

Images of the entire game? I was only able to control the position of the camera with CheatEngine (with the annoying stuttering/magnetism it has) but if there is a value or a tool that allows you to control also the focus of the camera (where we would be talking about degrees and not about x/y/z axis anymore) then it will be possible to get images from the entire game.
Now if you could add a 2nd camera in-game (which I think is far for being possible, although I don't know anything about modding lol) then a complete VR experience in real time would become a reality.

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