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(SPOILER) a video playthrough of SH1 (PC version)

Post by masterteo89 on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:42 am

Hi, i'm doing a video playthrugh of Silent Hill 1 for who needs help with the game. PC VERSION

Check my youtube profile for the other videos...for now, i covered all the Midwich Elementary school.

A few notice :

1- youtube makes the videos darker. That means that the first one (while i was getting Harry from the dog house to the school) was very dark. So i had to add contrast. The result is still nice i guess.

2- Second video (part 2 of my playlist) has a problem with the audio.

3- About the gameplay, i have turned the radio off. Why? I like to hear the sounds of the town. Also, i played Silent Hill 1 on pc and psx on hard so much times that i almost know all the positions of the monsters. This means that i really don't need a radio static.

4- is better this way (looking for the other links in my youtube profile) or do you prefer if i post here all the links?

5- Feel free to leave comments.

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