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Heads up STEAM users!

Post by Vestige on Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:16 am

Just a little warning, a couple days ago I had a random person add me on STEAM and trying to infect me with a malicious .scr file, classified as a trojan.

Read about this problem here:

Here's the text from the message I got from this person:
Hi man
i am trader and i have very RARE M9 Bayonet Slaughter (FN) i checked your items and i think what we can trade with you
check my offer at screenshot http:/

The link redirect me to a direct download at a google drive with the malicious scr file, I download it and made a scan with AVG, which took it as clean, so you can't really trust your AV on this, in my case, I've known for years that viruses can be executed via a screensaver file (.scr), so I always ignore them, obviously more when they're unrequested, and not the file they were supposed to be.

One big danger here is that if a contact of yours is infected they take over the account and use it to infect friends, so just avoiding random people is not enough in this case.

Hope this information is helpful. Eyes peeled.



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Heads up STEAM users!

Post by PinentidHead on Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:02 pm

So the game escaped the STEAM console?

I'm using steam lately, I decide to give a shot in some cheap games, most of them, horror games. My problem is the demanding of these games. I don't have a gaming PC, because I already have PS3, so our machines are configured for work. I'm playing "The Vanish of Eathan Carter" in 640x480, hard to read the messages…

So for now I think STEAM is a regular console (the console is already heavy) with interesting and / or cheap games, but you'll need to spend some money in the PC anyway. I see in the community that even fast machines have problems with old hardware, drivers, etc.. Is not a company that think about keep old machines working, and I don't like that. Even Apple will support you for a longer time.

I'll try a bit more, but if they don't want me with my regular PC's, I'll walk away.

By the way: there is a steam game called "Neverending Nightmare" that SH fans might find interesting.

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