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No One

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Just A Note

Post by NoOne on Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:51 pm

I really do not want to start a flame war or whatever they are called.

I just want to be here and discuss Silent Hill.

I feel I have just be ousted by some of you guys over my opinion on Twin Perfect.

If you are against them wholeheartedly to the point where I cannot be here. Then I will have to go, I suppose.

Even though I really do not want too, I enjoy the debating, the depth in which you guys explore the games, your theories, your likes and dislikes, your thoughts in general really. I still want to be a part of that.

Am I just making a big deal over nothing or have I really kicked the hornet's nest, over Twin Perfect, on this one?

There is your stamp of approval.



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The Red God

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Just A Note

Post by Xuchilbara on Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:13 pm

No one in the thread was being mean to you. Having a dissenting opinion is fine. The way some of your posts were made wasn't productive and you refused to discuss it. This isn't within the rules here. We have a rule that members post with quality and productivity.

Other than that if you have a personal problem with somebody please PM them, if you have an issue with a post violating a rule click the report button. There's not a need to make threads like this.

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