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Post by Whitney on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:53 pm

Hey guys, I was thinking we should have this sticky topic for member who have reached a special rank status :)

First I want to say congrats to our first rank recipients!!!

Silent Hill Experts
I've noticed that any time there's a story/theory/question discussion in any of the SH threads she's usually one of the few who always takes the time respond. She's one to give long explanations with in game sources other Silent Hill reference material. Also I thought it was really cool of her to copy over some old theory threads. In my opinion she's really helping the topics flourish.

Simply review his post history and you'll know what has created or continued discussions about SH theories and ideas while providing sources and material, when possible, for his discussions. He has engaged himself deeply with the SH series' history and provides topics about aspects of the games others may have never even known about.

Posts by firecrest can be seen in a lot of the hotly-discussed Silent Hill topics found on these boards. What makes his posts shine is not only does he show a great understanding of the games and their developmental history, but he responds with an opened view on the more subjective Silent Hill topics and considers/discusses all sides to a debate in his responses.

Silent Hill Prestige
Even though she is already a site partner I'm really impressed by how many SH related topics she's bought into the community in such a short time. Everyday she's started a new topic about something new she's uncovered or noticed and she makes sure to share it with the whole community! She's started a lot of cool SH discussions so I feel she should also get this rank!
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Community Ranks

Post by Xuchilbara on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:48 pm

Hey wow. This is an honor. :)

I know what its like to be new to SH and the new SH's have brought in many new fans. At HD I remember 2 years ago people didn't know what Lost Memories was, when most SH communities did. I always want to take the time to help someone and no one should feel bad because they don't know.

With theories, I love debating them. There are productive debates, believe it or not, where both parties can learn something even if they disagree.

Anyways, thanks. ^_^

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