Q: Who did the translation?
Toby Normoyle translated sHPN and you can find his files on gamefaqs. This was meant to be put into a flash executable file with his permission, but I didn't have the time to finish it and then my hard drive crashed and I lost all my files. An old version in Flash with music and videos exists with translations done by various people from SH forums and some filler parts taken from SH1, but I don't have that anymore. I may redo it in the future.

Q: Who cares?
I do, obviously. As stated elsewhere, this exists to preserve the SHPN storyline and to make it readable by people who can't speak Japanese, since no plans have been made to release SHPN in other formats or languages.

Q: Why is there no music/video? Why aren't the puzzles playable?
Due to the small size of a GBA cart, there wasn't much video on it to begin with. When I get a chance, I will put the videos back in. Lack of music is due to this being all HTML format, and it would be a pain to make the right music play at the right times. If I get a flash version done again, I will remedy this situation. The Cybil soundtrack is downoadable from the main SHPN page, and SH Media has the Harry soundtrack in the SH1 section, if you are curious about those.

The puzzles are not playable because I am not a coder and this is not a game, it's a translation. I would have no idea how to code the game parts or what format to put them in. Therefore, all puzzle parts are just screencaps that you click through.

Q: What is the deal with Andy?
I wish I knew the whole story, he is one of the mysteries that has been largely lost to most SH fans. There were 4 Andy scenarios, which are not on the cartridge, but rather, had to be downloaded and were only available in Japan. They seem to not exist anymore. The only remaining portion of these is in the official guidebook, and it is incomplete, only telling us what happens in the Spring Scenario. There are a couple of teaser images that could be from other scenarios, and the other cards ("Love" and "Escape") are sort of intriguing.

If there are any Japanese SH fans reading this who had the opportunity to download and play these, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in a summary or at least more info on them.

Q: Why isn't it done yet?
Partly because of a hard drive loss, partly due to lack of time. I am working more on finishing up Cybil's scenario first, however, because it strays further from the SH1 storyline so I find it to be of greater interest.