All characters, pics, etc. belong to Konami. This site is just a very unfinished attempt to preserve the storylines of SHPN. Translation by Toby Normoyle. Put into html format by Valtiel. This is a translation with pictures, not a game, so no puzzles are playable, etc. If you wish to play the game, you will need to buy the game. I lost all my files so I am re-doing this. Right now, there are only beginnings and endings and very little in the middle.

I am working on it now but this takes quite a bit of time. I will eventually add more animations and things, probably gif or flash format because the videos are usually quite short, things like harry just sitting up or things fading out. I killed the typing effect because people were saying it made it go too slow. I will put the intro video back eventually as well. If you want to see what it'd look like with music, you can view the ending videos on the SHPN page.